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  1. All in the name of violent content/public safety! while FB Twitter allow child porn,pedos, and groups like al qaeda and isis are allowed to operate un checked! WTF

  2. money is about to flow from the techs to many people once the precedent is set.

  3. They fail to mention aws services Twitter which has much more agreigous violations

  4. I hate trump and biden, but im cancelling my 20k dollar amazon cc, my prime, and blocking amazon on my server.

  5. Go Trump we support you and stand with you 💯 ❤

  6. Yet Amazon did nothing ahead of time to have stopped insurrection to incite violence by domestic terroris on their platformst Sediation is a federal crime. No negative reporting by media no outrage by politicians on those facts!! Independent investigations warranted!

  7. Amazon is going to have a REALLY hard time explaining why it hasn't suspended other accounts which to this very moment continue to host content which promotes violence. Heck, I'm curious if Facebook uses Amazon, because the riots in DC were organized in Facebook groups! Amazon doesn't have a leg to stand on. They are pushing a wholly unenforceable standard. They are unable or unwilling to apply it across the board, and because of that it won't be allowed to stand.

  8. Thank you FOX for continuing to report.

  9. I've already cancelled my amazon prime and won't be doing much shopping on there anymore.

  10. Sue them for every cent they have!!

  11. U should see the violence and aggression from left wing radicals on Facebook!
    Its all hate trump
    Beat his supporter's

    & their app is ok still.

    We will sort all of this, even of its in a new America 🇺🇸

  12. Amazon can you say Racketeering

  13. Don’t buy apple products or Amazon products leave Twitter pass it on

  14. Amazon has 0 right to control content. They are only the host by contract.

  15. not buying even a lolly from Bezos, no way, not from him,

  16. Good! Parler a forum for scumbags and traitors. Ban them!

  17. Parlor doesn’t have to use Amazon… arent ya for CAPITALISM?? Ohhh nobody wants todo business with a platform for terrorist?? WHO KNEW ???

  18. I wasn't aware that the FCC died & left AMAZON KING?? Who gives them the Power to OVERRIDE THE FCC.?????

  19. Sue for all they are worth and more. Scumbags.

  20. Time for a civics lesson. "Congress shall make no law". If you site the first amendment at least use it correctly.

  21. Big tech is owned by communists and supported by the chinese communist regime. The same people that have murdered millions of people around the world with their china virus that came from a china lab.


  23. Parler obviously hasn't read the fine print of their contract.
    Good luck with all of that.

  24. What Amazon failed to say is that parlor is not, "not willing unwilling or unable to pull content," rather they're unwilling to use algorithms to invade our privacy and collect our dat to do so. Big difference. Honestly, the only way to be heard is to stop using Amazon services. Do they assume that all of their customers are fascists and extreme leftists who support the silencing, and disarming the flow of information? Everyone should be concerned about this type of censorship, regardless of what "side "you're on!

  25. Get off FB, whatsapp, Google, Amazon Twitter. Twitter allows Italian to threaten the US thats ok.

  26. If Parler ran their own servers, instead of depending on Amazon, they wouldn't be having this problem.

  27. Amazon are pieces of Sh***. I just deleted my account with them.

  28. When trump is breathing he’s lying and fox is complicit.

  29. Lmfao,, no more hate speech, conspiracy theories or a place to plan terrorists actions. Bye-don.

  30. Remember when they called Trump a "conspiracy theorist" for calling out big tech censorship for the past 3 years?

  31. I’ve been boycotting Amazon and trying to encourage others to do the same because they’ve BEEN on the wrong side Of history.

  32. So gross what is happening with big tech

  33. Communism begins when politicians and big tech quiet their critics. Only a matter of time before they create blacklists on citizens, corporations and small businesses who don’t align with their views.

  34. You pro private business and capitalism snowflakes really don't stand for anything other than selfishness

  35. When is Reddit coming down?

  36. Take away Section 203 and they will be gone!

  37. Sounds like Amazon deleted the comments by paid agitators. Do they still have the evidence?

  38. You mean they parler will not spy on its users

  39. No not accusing. Pointing out the obvious you idiot

  40. Book burning 2021… what anti americans.

  41. Now all of those QAnon pedophiles will go back to 8chan. A big group of child porn traffickers actually has people following them around behind conspiracies. Congratulations America: you're stupid.

  42. I have watched videos on YOutube of Democratic congress people inciting violence, telling people if they see a republican congressperson to physically attack them, why isn't youtube shut down?

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