Sunday , November 29 2020
Home / News / Amber Guyger Sentenced To 10 Years In Murder Of Neighbor Botham Jean | NBC Nightly News

Amber Guyger Sentenced To 10 Years In Murder Of Neighbor Botham Jean | NBC Nightly News

The jury’s verdict caps off emotional punishment phase, as Botham Jean’s brother embraced former Dallas officer Amber Guyger after the sentencing. Guyger was found guilty in the fatal shooting of Jean, her neighbor, inside his apartment last year, saying she thought he was a burglar in her home.
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Amber Guyger Sentenced To 10 Years In Murder Of Neighbor Botham Jean | NBC Nightly News


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  1. This was a mistake nothing more.

  2. West Indian Black worship white people,
    It’s their culture.

  3. Ignorant black people all across America are desperate for this to be a classic “white racist kills black” case.

    But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
    She was convicted and sentenced by blacks and minorities.
    Black people hugged and forgave her.

    Ignorant blacks don’t want to face those facts.
    All they see is the skin color of who died, and the skin color of who did it.

  4. Lol a hug …..please 🤔🤔 cheque pending

  5. Throughout this disgusting, pathetic, shameful demonstration of virtual black alliance to white supremacy, I try to take solace in these things: 1) at least they bothered to convict her; 2) that Amber Guyger will have a permanent murder conviction; 3) that she cannot ever legally own a firearm and; 4) that she will be one less voter for trump.

  6. Texas murder conviction is 5 to 99 years if it's not Capital Murder. So the actual degree is not defined like some States. I think Vermont's second degree murder charge can be what the jury decided. When mitigating factors outweighs aggravating factors which carries 10-20. With that said the murder window inTexas is out of whack. Minimum 5 years and no degree of murder are defined. If she was convicted for murder in Alabama minimum 20 years like Texas no degree is defined however minimum time is 20 years. Manslaughter carries minimum 2 years in Alabama.

  7. 10 year for murder??? Handed by a judge who is black herself? I mean look at at judge, she is sobbing. We don't need judges who hands down sentences based on their own emotions! Leave your emotions at home!

  8. What in the Casey Anthony is going on here?

  9. She is not a Caucasian but the Media refers to light skinned Middle Eastern Negroids from North Africa as white due to a genetic defect known as Albinism. That is why she hugged the darker Negroid it is her race like her mother.

  10. Utterly unfair. A young man loses his life and she get 10 years. If it was the opposite he would have got 30 years. A total farce and the feminists are probably celebrating this injustice.

  11. If a Black person, Muslim, undocumented alien, or poor person with a public pretender lawyer – commits murder he or she would be sentenced to death or life. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. I think it was a fair sentence. I was predicting 5-15 from the very beginning.

    Was she reckless? Yes. But my all the evidence she really thought she was in her own home. There is a clear line between her horribly reckless act and someone murdering a man for money. She had no motive here. And although I’ve criticized her from the beginning, there really doesn’t seem to be any racial angle here other than her actual race. Those with pitchforks are turning this case into a racial issue when there’s really nothing here. If she had real racist dirt on here, it would have been unearthed by now.

    Mohammad Noor shot a white woman that called for police assistance and got 12.5 years. Fairly in line with this case.

  13. I always debate this with atheist that say religion is no good this judge ends the young men are two extraordinary people we may never know if this was a mistake or she meant to do it but remember Jesus died on the cross for us to forgive our sins everyone deserves a second chance you do not fight fire with fire

  14. What the brother said, and NBC cut out (shocker) was the most powerful witness for Jesus Christ I think I've ever witnessed…and they just cut it out.

  15. There’s no hope for this system, this will incite outrage and rebellion. This privilege they have must come to an end…

  16. And not 1 male cop convicted.
    It’s interesting that of all the shootings, ones that were clearly on purpose by police, it’s a woman who goes down! Children shot! Chocking! Fathers unarmed. People on their cars. Folks with disabilities; all killed by men, non convicted.

  17. John’s Brother; Like that!! May he continue a path of compassion, and choose leadership as part of his gift to the world! ❤️🙏🏾

  18. People saying 10 years is not enough have never been in jail before. Try it for a month.

  19. I can’t tell someone when or when not to forgive.
    So, speaking for myself, I wouldn’t have forgiven her, not to such an extent anyway.
    People need to go to jail so they understand the consequences of their actions.

  20. Not enough evidence to prove she murdered him. Fair sentence.

  21. All your life as a young Black Man your told not to do this not to do that a whole separate list of rules than your classmates have why is that because that's what this country wanted inbeded your brain even when you dont see physical signs

  22. Him and the judge completely disgust me!!! I Dam near dislike them more than I dislike her. I can't even bring myself to look at this footage ever again😫😤

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