Wednesday , August 10 2022

America is united in wanting law and order on the streets: Gamaldi

Fraternal Order of Police National VP Joe Gamaldi says Democrats jumped on defund police without thinking about its impact to communities on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. Gascon is being paid off… so he’s super happy taking the money & he’s turning a blind eye to the issues. Now he blames others….or the system.

  2. Can anybody see a pattern here maybe they`re trying to depopulate to make room for the illegals

  3. Energy POWERS every other industry. ALEX EPSTEIN 's "Fossil Future" on sale now June,2022.

  4. How can you stop crime when you have the democrat party in coursing violence because they don’t get their way

  5. How about in the white house?

  6. My only vote goes for peace, prosperity, law, and order. It's a de facto and de jure failed federation with legal chaos no matter illusions/delusions. I'm not going to vote for further corruption, prosecutors not performing their job, etc. Personal boundaries and financial security are sometimes a priority.

  7. Since Fox news is so concerned about" law and order "' how come they ain't showing on their Fake news channel the January 6 insurrection investigation hearing?? Good thing it's all over YouTube ..

  8. There are still safe places in the USA, but every Democrat city is a complete disaster. It takes a year and a half to train new police officers and none with a brain will sign up to work in a community with a broken justice system. You can't just throw a $20K out there and expect officers to sign up. They see the system is completely broken.

  9. homicides? were there guns involved Joe? the police aren't being defunded. STOP LYING. if they are offering jobs, where are the cops? how can you defund and hire at the same time? why don't cops want to work? THE POLICE ARE NOT BEING DEFUNDED. you are lying to your viewers…….cops are so out of shape they couldn't catch anyone!! hahaha maybe the cops should get in better shape and take some training.

  10. I didn't know felon indicated a person's race….. ?

  11. Law and order in this country needs to be restored all these crimes are uncalled for and unessisary it's ridiculous.

  12. The supreme court like the gop are a bunch of fascists.
    This looks like more diversionary nonsense as gop support falters.

  13. Our government is purposely breaking down America in preparation for devious multimillionaires and foreign governments to proceed with their plans for control 🙄 of EVERYTHING!!!

  14. No, America is NOT united in wanting law and order. That is a LIE. The left, and their media lap dogs, are perfectly happy to let the streets run red with blood, and to allow the use of murderous violence to further their agenda.

  15. The biggest problem is the people that were coddled by their parents and our government. If the government would let parents raise their own children and keep their BS out of our families business we would be better off. The politicians need to stay in their own lane and let parents do their job as parents.

  16. America would also like to see our former president held accountable for his crimes.

  17. Why do CA folks keep electing idiots like this to positions they cannot handle???

  18. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  19. "Hey Joe, what ya doing with that gun in your hand"?
    Jimi Hendrix, right?

  20. Law and order, yes.
    Blue line gang members who think anything they say is law, F no.

  21. CNN Media never had felt the amount of pain that they deserve for what they've done into our society

  22. CNN Media never had felt the amount of pain that they deserve for what they've done into our society

  23. we had law and order until you turned the natives loose

  24. It's working perfectly here👆 i was able to withdraw successfully

  25. It's working perfectly here👆 i was able to withdraw successfully

  26. Kennedy I'm your number one fan !!!

  27. If you want crime to drop, arm to populations of these cities.

  28. Cops: A badge and law enforcement credentials
    Violence Interuptors: A bag of swishers, skittles and some stimulus checks

  29. Ah, Fox Business. Home of the bottom 20 percent. Home of the undereducated, underachieving, whining white middle aged slob. There's a reason people like you have to use the service entrance in life. 🤣

  30. How about law and order in Congress.

  31. Welcome to your woke policies world

  32. No worries the productive Americans are waiting for mid terms!! They can and WILL migrate out of the USA NO PRODUCTIVE WORKING HUNAN WILK LIVE IN FEAR DAILEY OTHER COUNTRYS WILL WELCOME US THE STAMPEDE WILK COME LET A SMELL GROUP OF SELF HATERS have it !! There is a world where this is not the way civilized hard WORKING PEOPLE LIVE

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  34. The people will vote for those that will bring law and order and the powers that be will steal that away and continue to do this. Until you deal with voter fraud we aren't voting our way out of this.

  35. And the dumbass voters in D.C. and Chicago will vote Democrat as usual. 🤡

  36. Democrats are ruining everything they touch ! Only a small segment of the population is still dumb enough to believe those idiots are doing anything right!

  37. Who killed cops on january 6th?
    Rightwing foxviewers?

  38. People talk about climate tipping points.. but there is a tipping point when there are so few police, that no one will take the job. There is also a tipping point whereby we inflate our money so much that people stop using it, etc. Lots of inflection curves to be mindful of.