Thursday , September 16 2021
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America needs modern infrastructure: Build Together co-chair

Build Together co-chair and former Dow Chemical chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris weighs in on China and corporate America supporting the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure package. #FOXBusiness

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  1. I was with him UNTIL he mentioned "clean infrastructure" that's just BS language for "Green New Deal"

  2. No we don't need a bill. Stop spending money we don't have.

  3. Funny they have been stealing our tax payer money for "infrastructure" for over 70 years now. These same politicians have made claims that they are using our money in the way we want them to. Only to find out that they have enriched themselves and their wealthy donors. Yes with our money, the USA is the biggest scam of slavery this world has ever known. And we have done nothing to stop it. Why do you think they are doing it in our faces now? Every single person in this country can do one thing before they die, fight! We together will not lose and we can gain real freedom for our children.

  4. Why build infrastructure when our politics don’t agree? How will China pay for what they caused?

  5. Not a f…n' dime. Nobody believes you.
    To blazes with you and your schemes. Do less. Far far less.

  6. Every.knee. shall bow and every tongue shall confess JESUS CHRIST is Lord. His blood is the only way to the Father

  7. Let’s get the garbage out of the bill and only be true infrastructure. Then I’m not sure the GOP can still trust the Democrats. I wouldn’t trust Pelosi or Schumer farther than I could see them. And that may be to far.

  8. Did they juz realised that the highways & infrastructure are the arteries of an economy. The state and advancement of urban planning or the lack of it is showing. It’s so outdated. Have you seen the planning in countries like Singapore, Germany or Japan. Why do you think China is growing so fast. Well, let’s be honest, we could have spent (look at defence), but whether we want…

  9. Not with that cancerous "Reconciliation" bill

  10. Not with offering free money and free housing to illegal immigrants Biden is letting in the country ..while our veterns are homeless and starving on the streets .

  11. All we need is 10 million units of subsidized housing for illegals.

  12. If you voted for Biden……
    Regret it forever 🤣

  13. no need, just wait for President Trump to come back

  14. Use the covid money! No to taxes!

  15. Pure stealing from the US Treasury. This is all baloney. 90% of infrastructure is private. there isn't even a private-public split or municipal bonds in this thing so we get paid back. It/s just a big payoff to Fortune 500 companies so their CEO like this guy can earn more money and golden parachutes when they blank it up. What did the states do with the 1.9 trillion?

  16. Why not let the public vote on all this debt?

  17. Well it’s not going to happen. So deal with it. AOC and Jussie Smollett do not approve of this. And if you dip shits truly want it, then pay for it yourself.

  18. These companies should put their money together and donate some of the bridges ect…

  19. The problem is the liberals want their wish list included in the infrastructure package and that just cannot happen!

  20. First Reconciliation nonsense should be rejected.

  21. The problem with doing anything with the democrats now..give them a inch..they take a mile

  22. LOL, if these companies want a 3T dollar bill passed, maybe they should try contributing BILLIONS OF THEIR OWN MONEY!! Stop putting your needs on the people!

  23. If the bill that he pushing is infrastructure only we Americans are for it, sent we Americans are the ones ,who are going to paying 💰 for it
    Don’t you as American 🇺🇸 agrees .

  24. After Sandra's rant yesterday…is Fox gonna force the stupid Olympics on us? Cut your nose off to spite your face. My family is insisting Fox and affiliates cannot be on ever anymore.

  25. Are we going to use Chinese Steele and other supplies to build these bridges? No backlash of poor quality construction desired!

  26. Infrastructure is not free college, its not free daycare, its not federal voting mandates, its not vaccine propaganda, its not money handouts to minorities, and is sure as hell not payouts for Washington representatives and the media. The states can do infrastructure better than the feds. And for the love of god the dollar will be worthless in 5 years if this spending keeps going on…starting to think maybe that's the plan because you money loving jerks want to sell us out to china.

  27. They are going to throw poor people out of old buildings & “build back better”. Of course it’s bipartisan. The politicians are ALL criminals on both sides. They are passing all these things to take away OUR rights. Don’t be fooled people. They all work on the same team & have the same globalist agenda..”you will own nothing & be happy. That’s their communist plan for us.

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