Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Americans Hit With Surprise Fees After Getting COVID-19 Test | NBC News NOW

The coronavirus relief bill promised free COVID-19 testing, but some Americans are getting hit with hefty fees after visiting clinics and emergency rooms to get tested.
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Americans Hit With Surprise Fees After Getting COVID-19 Test | NBC News NOW


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  1. It has basically come down to this. First negotiate the price clearly about almost anything before you take any sort of service. Question one when visiting a doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, banker etc. is "What is the service"? Followed by "How much is it in total incl. taxes"? Followed by "Can I have that in writing"?

  2. I was mandated by the state to get the test before returning to work as a hairstylist. I made sure to go to the city hospital where on tv they stated it was free and even listed that particular hospital. I called them to confirm that it was free so I went. Now I received the bill from them for almost 400.00. They billed me for an office visit almost 800.00 that I did not get and with all insurance discounts it came down to about 400.00. The person who took the test did not even ask me two words and just did the swab and then the nerve to bill so much. They keep advertising on tv that the test is free. What lies! Now I have the pain in the butt trying to deal with fighting this bill. I had to pay from my unemployment money almost a 1000.00 per month to keep my individual job insurance and then on top of everything I am now stuck with the bill for something I did not even need but since it was the state requirement to return to work I had no choice. Also two weeks later I got tested again because of being exposed to protestors on the nyc street and people with no masks on the subway and once again I went since I work with people so closely I wanted to make sure. The commercials say it’s free from ny gov but according to my bills it’s not.This is very upsetting.

  3. Thank gOD I no longer live in the US!!!! THANK GOD!

  4. The background music is annoying in this video

  5. When I hear these things I am so glad I don't live in the greatest democracy on earth

  6. Nothing is free. Pay it with your stimulus check. That’s what they get for being a tad bit paranoid. Graduate student my butt lol pay up sucker

  7. It's simply CRIMINAL what they are doing to people!!! =@

  8. Unbelievably disgusting. It's always about profit above all else all. Do not ever come between me and my Cats… Beware

  9. why get tested then
    go to the mall………….

  10. What's with the music ?

  11. why get tested if u feel fine? i dont get and if u feel-u should call emergency

  12. America is not a country it's a business!

  13. She got hustled! Send the test results back with a notice of dissatisfaction.

  14. Of course they want to charge for the test. That's the only way they can make money right now lots and lots of money. The swab is free but you're paying for all the lab work, shipping and handling, Hazard pay for the staff. Same old BS

  15. This should be paid by Chinese people from Wuhanthat started this whole thing just like y'all want Mexico to build the wall and have them pay for it but that didn't happen they should be paying for all this stuff is freaking sad

  16. Coved-19 should’ve been tested only but I can see why

  17. I would cite Trump for a reason to not pay. Contracts aren't legal according to him. And he repeatedly said it was free. False advertising even from the president. So many reasons to not pay.

  18. This is Bull s**t! they should not charge anyone to have testing related to COVID19! Make sure you follow up on any bills that you get in regards to COVID19!

    Bankruptcy from medical expenses is going to sky rocket after this pandemic!

  19. This is why America is going down the toilet

  20. People are so stupid. First of all, just because you are tested today and come back negative, doesn't mean tomorrow you won't be exposed and become positive. Which is why testing everyone is meaningless. Second of all, nothing is "free". You will have to pay one way or another. Wow, I can't believe how dumb people can be.

  21. The virus stimulus to gdp and that's democracy.

  22. With this Pandemic and the huge loss of jobs has made me feel that universal healthcare is needed.

  23. If only there was another way. Like something catchy, maybe call it Medicare for all. But that would cost to much. Even thought we already pay more then anybody else for healthcare. You tell me how that adds up. Oh yeah corporations want to make a fortune off of us and Americans are so stupid they agreed with the corporations making the profit over Bernie who would make $0 on it. Leaving the Box empty this time. Votes are Earned not expected.

  24. Hospitals are expensive they took me in one day cause of a car accident never once said they would charge me of the visit the doctor prescribed me Ibprofin some u can get at heb but then i get a bill in the mail for 1000 dollars for the visit ridiculous dont go to the hospital unless it's really an emergency lesson learned

  25. In Malaysia… its free if you have symptoms or suspected. Even if you are non citizen. America should love it's citizen more.


  26. If we lived in any other Western country this wouldn't be an issue, the American health care system is truly a joke

  27. I just walk it off hehehe Haha

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