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An Etiquette Masterclass, Tea with Bulgari & Blogger Photoshoot BTS! Fashion Mumblr VLOG

A 2 Day Vlog ft behind the scenes at a Lookbook Filming & Photoshoot, Afternoon Tea with Bulgari, an Etiquette Masterclass, Getting my hair coloured AND MORE!!
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  1. I've begun following you-you have very nice taste. This appears to be an earlier video. You've evolved quite a bit into a softer look. It becomes you. No heavy lashes needed

  2. Dearest Josie, This video is absolutely glamorous…Very, very elegant. I share your video on my Facebook Page. It's incredible !!! Stunning !!!! WOW ! WOW ! WOW !!!! Congratulations, beautiful friend !!!!!

  3. Your eyeliner/eye make-up looks excellent

  4. Yes, I would love to see an etiquette video!
    Did you already make one?

  5. do they mind you using the house? did you have to ask?

  6. I would love an etiquette video!

  7. Yes please on etiquette video!

  8. Love you, great video. I prefer you with less makeup though, your naturally beautiful!

  9. Please do a December Vlog Josie, u sooo would put me in the holiday mood 🙂 xoxo

  10. That changing outfit scenes was just too real haha! The glamorous life of blogging right? Haha, lovely vlog Xx

  11. Loveeeeee your bag ! And the blue one looks pretty to !

  12. Do a video on what you have learned at the etiquette masterclass!

  13. I would love an etiquette tag. I am going overseas soon and know etiquette is different in Europe.

  14. Would love an etiquette video and accompanying blog post. Also, what book were you using in the master class? Love your vlogs!

  15. i simply adore you !!! you re such an inspiration for me ! love you

  16. your hair & style is to die for, absolutely stunning

  17. Yes please, would love an etiquette video!

  18. I would love to see an etiquette video. I love your vlogs and your style. You are such a good inspiration to me! So sweet and chic! Kisses from Italy

  19. hii where can i find ur brown coat ?? let me know plz thnku

  20. I recommend 'The Fabulous Girl's Guide To Decorum' on Amazon. I've read lots of Debretts books too and there is one for young women too,math at would prefer to have more ladylike manners , which is so lovely and elegant.

  21. was the bulgari bag a present from the company?

  22. I really love watching your blogs, and I don't watch many others but I just find yours always so nice to watch because you just seems genuinely lovely! I would also like to see an etiquette video 🙂

  23. you are so so so beautiful Josie!!!! ACTUALLY YOU ARE GOALS!!!! I wish I could look like you !!!!!!!

  24. Oh and would love to see an etiquette video xxxx

  25. Hi Josie
    Such a beautiful setting for he photo shoot! Where was it please as looks amazing to visit
    Loving your vlogs and blogs !
    Elaine x

  26. Please make an etiquette video !!

  27. Yes please do a video on etiquette. It will be very useful with Christmas parties coming. 🙂

  28. Best vlogger on you tube, xx can't wait to c what u get up to in November xxxx

  29. Yes would be really interested to see an etiquette video 👍

  30. When some people talk about designer things it sound like they are bragging or showing of. But when you talk about designer or high end things you can clearly see that you talk about it out of a genuin intresset and passion for it. You simply show us the things you love and sometimes those happen to maybe cost a little more and that is why I really like you and your videos your genuin and humble and those are two amazing kvalités to have 🙂 <3

  31. You look so much better with straight hair! Wow beautiful!

  32. You looked so different in that end clip it really suits you x

  33. 31st August? Lol, something I'd say by mistake as well lol

    The location for your shoot is absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see the pictures. ☺️

    And thumbs up for the Etiquette video too 👍🏾☺️

  34. yes the etiquette video 🙂 Love the grey coat, couldn't find where is it from 🙂

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