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Andrew Yang joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang tells ABC News Live that “if all of our attention is focused on Donald Trump, unfortunately that’s going to be to his advantage.” READ MORE:

The fourth Democratic primary debate in Westerville, Ohio, featured a number of tense exchanges and again highlighted the major policy rifts that continue to divide the field with less than four months to go until the first votes are cast.

While there was relatively little disagreement on the issue continuing to dominate Washington — the impeachment of President Donald Trump — the debate, hosted by CNN and The New York Times, featured pitched exchanges on health care, taxes, foreign policy and the candidates’ governing philosophies.

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  1. I've watched a hundred Yang interviews, that was one of his best. His confidence is growing like the YangGang

  2. 1:32 Fan boy taking a vid bottom left?

  3. Why is the lady in the red there?

  4. I want him as my president

  5. He has completely changed the conversation and is going to win because he knows the FACTS

  6. Hopefully Yang wins and makes Tulsi his VP

  7. Andrew Yang is my President.

  8. I want an Andrew and Tulsi team. Please let this happen!!!

  9. Making false accusation on Donald Trump already sounds like fake news not including Andrew Yang trying to buy votes with bribery on basic income. Basic income still needs to pass a bill through Congress and most likely it won’t fly! I’m Asian and I wish for a Asian President someday but not Yang. Vote Donald Trump 2020

  10. Only it isnt a dividend.  It is a redistribution of wealth – primarily from the upper and middle class – that will be funded by a VAT – which is a tax on consumers, not on businesses.

    Dont want to feel like your efforts are under valued by the economy? Then find a way to make your efforts valuable.

    There is a guy on YouTube who made a 7 minute video that earned him $33,000.00 in ad revenues in one year.

    Dont expect people to pay you to clean your own house and raise your own kids.

    Have A Plan If You Plan To Have.

  11. Every match has a contender and a pawn. Andrew Yang , contender or a pawn?

  12. Blasted away jobs?

    Yang. Haven't you been saying all along that we AUTOMATED away 4 million jobs?

    What changed your mind?

    We did not automate away 4 million manufacturing jobs.

    Economists have been misreading the statistics.  A new study proves this.

    "Foreign competition, not automation, was behind the stunning loss in factory jobs."


    Read the entire article.

  13. M ake
    A mericans
    T ake
    H andouts

  14. Andrew Yang has a grasp and understanding at what is the underlying forces that are causing the effects. The negative perception of UBI has been conditioned and stigmatized by the wealthy for generations. It is perceived as a handout, charity something that should be shameful. The reality is it the most practical solution that kills multi birds with one stone. It should appeal to both the Left & Right. Let me explain my understanding that it not only makes sense, but it vitally necessary!

    Everything revolves around the concept of LEVERAGE. Leverage is the SUPER POWER that enables and multiplies ones ability to carry MORE with LESS. The UBI (Freedom Dividend) really represents LEVERAGE. The $1000 allows one to gain a foothold and foundation to financially leverage the situation. Once leverage takes hold it begins to gain momentum. As we know leverage is the key ingredient that enables the ability to carry multiple times your weight. This enables and minimizes the probability in burdening others in helping to carry that weight. Some people like Chump have been fortunate to have won a golden ticket in the birth lottery, essentially they were born into an extreme level of leverage. Their leverage foothold is the equivalent of being on top of the mountain. As everyone knows he who hold the higher ground will generally prevail 9 out of 10 times. Their leverage position allows for 1/10000th the amount of energy to exert than one who is at ground level. So the larger the gap the more extreme the leverage becomes. The wealthy which hold the higher ground have little incentive to circulate that wealth back into the system which may compromise their leverage.

    Can anyone deny that $1000 will not make a school teachers job much easier and fulfilling. To teach without the stress of survival occupying a place in their mind. In Fact the dividend may provide the leverage for someone to pursuit the noble profession of teaching. And for the growing homeless population across this country, what could $1000 a month do to those who are living in their car or the streets because the cost of living is beyond a minimum wage job. Raising the Minimum Wage will not even come close to the impact of a $1000 a month will do. If fact employers will cut hours and try to hire people under the table to avoid the higher payroll tax they need to match per employee. This helps both Business owner and provides more money in hand to support that business with patronage.

    The time has come to break the STIGMA and MYTHS which we have been conditioned to. Especially The Trickle Down Economy Myth. The WEALTHY ARE NOT JOB CREATORS!!! CUSTOMERS ARE!! No Business can exist without CUSTOMERS. You may have the Greatest Products or Services and it still will not make a difference without CUSTOMERS. So if people CANNOT AFFORD your goods or service, then guess what? You will go OUT OF BUSINESS! If you are a Company or Businessman then it would be in your own best interest to support something like UBI. Otherwise, to support these Wealthy Pricks with TAX BREAKS and SUBSIDIES is beyond short sighted and will ultimately work Against your interests. A greater wealth gap will only cause DESPERATION and ANXIETY which will build even greater Economic Instability and lead to Crime. A real Powder Keg which can have negative consequences across the board from rich to poor a virtually guarantee of Civil Unrest. Your GREED AND SELFISHNESS has left you Blind to the obvious. The Obvious move is you will receive a greater amount of wealth if it is spread out and not concentrated; instead of choking and Killing the golden goose up front. It would be much wiser to feed and look out for the Gooses best interest, you will be rewarded with a flow of Golden Eggs.

    The biggest criticism to UBI is the cost. Again this is Short sighted blinded by the massive positive effect on the economy across the board. Starting with the release of pressure and anxiety that scarcity brings. It allows ones mental health to thrive in conditions of abundance instead of scarcity. With a scarcity mindset you feel constricted needing to save income by holding on to every penny reducing spending to just the essentials. This effects businesses with less patronage. With less desperation creates less need to commit crimes. With economic despair many commit crimes to purposely be locked up to gain food and shelter. A burden on the tax payer. Huge amount of money saved by minimizing the welfare bureaucracy system. And as Andrew Yang suggest a value added tax of fraction of a percent per purchase would not even be noticed.

    And for all you champions of CAPITALISM.

    It's time to receive our our dividends from our other Capital ventures we have invested in. Like the Military Arms Industry and Financial Industry. Starting the for profit military arms manufacturing Industry. This Industry is Technically a damaging type Socialism. A Socialism that does not serve society, instead it uses society as a means of CAPITAL. It is called Subsidized Capital. "We the People" subsidize the industry through government contracts. Contracts which are financed through the capital provided by taxes. Thus if this was truly a Capitalist venture then "We the People" are investors and should share in the profits gained from that capital. That capital enable the means of the production. As investors not only did we not receive a dividend when arms are sold to other nations. The US sells weapons and Military equipment to many Nations around the world. Creating huge profits. Profits which were enabled by the Peoples Capital. If we are a true Capitalist system then those who provide their Capital to risk should receive a dividend for their investment. And it time to receive our dividends for providing the bail out CAPITAL to the Wall Street Financial Industry.

  15. “To me, it would be in addition to” he is flip flopping on min wage.

  16. Why is this clip hashtag #klobuchar when it's about Andrew Yang. #yang2020

  17. The man with the solution to America's problem #yang2020

  18. He is careful not to answer the impeachment question. Usually answers questions straight. Clearly careful not to distance himself too far from Trump voters.

  19. I like Yang. I'd vote for him.

  20. Love the energy and the solutions this man has he got my attention

  21. Yang wants to buy your soul for 1000 bucks a month – of MY money – so you can sit on your fat a** all day. Ain't happening bro.

  22. Yang has Warren "thinking hard" she wants the "DATA" its working.

  23. President Yang isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Gotta love it.

  24. Why is this video tagged Klobuchar? It should tagged #yang or #yang2020 or #andrewyang or #johnyang 🥴

  25. yangs got a blonde chick on his team, damn

  26. YANG GANG take to conservative and other comment sections and drive some cold hard data into other people’s minds!

  27. FJJ pays other people to watch your kids, FD pays you to watch your own kids.

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