Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Andrew Yang On Growing Up Asian American, Being ‘Bullied’ With Racial Slurs | NBC News

2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang joined the Asian American Pacific Islanders Democratic Presidential Forum and spoke about his experiences growing up as a child of Taiwanese immigrants and why he believes he has the best shot at beating President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.
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Andrew Yang On Growing Up Asian American, Being ‘Bullied’ With Racial Slurs | NBC News


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  1. Narcistic self centered people are lonely, they dont really like other people. Chang is not mature enough to understand he is a self centered child he thinks people dont like him. Chang dont like people chang dont care about others and everyone knows. Example Bruce Lee loved life and he had no racial prejudice the world and the US welcomed him he loved everyone. Bruce gladly shared his skills with anyone of any race. Bruce had no racial boundries. People who love to hate will hate. Why waste time on cry babies who stoke the flames of racism. I grew up with every culter known. In grade school, my best friends were Mark and Randy we were neapolitan ice cream. Mark was black Randy was pumpkin red I was blond, I had native Indian friends from the Cherokee reservation, I had some gypsy children I made friends. Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese, Cuban, my mother and father helped some of the Cuban refugees in the sixties. They stayed with us until they found a home. Fools fan the flame of hate. Anyone and everyone who keeps talking about racism is being controlled by demons. Chang grow up.

  2. Taiwanese immigrant? Yang: being a Chinese kid. LOL

  3. It's interesting that the only Yang supporters are the bottom-feeders in society that don't work and want everything handed to them for free.  What a bunch of low lifes!!

  4. I am a republican, and I will vote for yang

  5. One of only 2 candidate that trump supporters would vote for. Alternatively Tulsi Gabbard?

  6. Poor Yang. He was teased in school…aren't half the kids in school teased? He went to elite Phillips Exeter Academy (50k/yr tuition) then into an Ivy League school. His 1st job out of school paid 125k+sign on bonus. Then went from an associate at a lawfirm to President job…sounds like the silver spoon life of a smart guy with every advantage. Yang's last job: CEO taking a BIG salary from his NON-PROFIT to "help people" in desperate cities like Detroit. 2017 6M budget=122k in grants (service to those in need); 3.5M payroll; 1M travel; .5M food, etc. Scam artist.

  7. Is it true black people in America are the most racist?

  8. Shame on you #NBC for quoting the word Bullied.  If #AndrewYang were a demographic you recognized with care you would look to rephrase the title.  You give him no coverage, then little coverage, then incorrect coverage, never speak of how he is a Minority running, and now you downplay how he was viewed in this society while growing up.  I guess the checks you get is worth inaccuracies on this NEWS STATION.

  9. It’s been fun to watch the rise of Yang! Love his demeanor.

  10. I think it is the time to discuss the mental health of those median workers, and how the American democracy and election system was completely destroyed by those medians . Even now the Democratic party need to lower the voting age so their candidates can have a chance to win, I think they need to lower the voting age to 10 , because from now on no more reasonable adults will ever give their votes to democratic candidates anymore. Look at Biden, Sanders, in the debate, even they are given most of the debate time , they spend most of their time on the verbal attack of each other, seldom talk anything about their policy if they were elected. Are those American really want ? I doubt it

  11. Thank you Trump for giving us #Yang. Yang's mouth is a machine gun of facts, he's mind is loaded with knowledge. This is going to be awesome.

  12. The West Excersising It's Oppressive Colonial Powers. Evil Western Colonialism Oppression Still Exists And We All Still Suffer.
    They've been destroying countries forever.
    Malcolm X – How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself and Your People and your Culture

  13. What about the "you're not cool enough to hang with us…what was your name, John or something?" type of bullying? He's faced a lot of that, recently, despite his climbing polling numbers.

  14. Awesome thanks NBC! John Yang for President!

  15. where is the full interview?

  16. Great video. Andrew is the real deal. His ideas are revolutionary. They focus on helping the common man. If you have time to watch his Joe Rogin podcast it covers many of his ideas and policies. If you really have time listen to or read his book” The war on normal people”, it will change your life.

  17. I'm Indonesian-American split between Bernie and Yang ! #BernieYang2020

  18. Yellow black man hates whites

  19. Don't stand a Chinaman chance.

  20. IAM A TRUMP VOTER LOUD AND PROUD. Nbc mabye you should listen to the people. I will now vote for YANG!Only yang has numerous trump voters on his side
    People dont like the other candidates. PLEASE DO MORE YANG VIDEOS

  21. If you want high ratings, just keep covering Yang!

  22. “You feel like your spot in this country is somewhat in question” — Best euphemism for the experience of racism yet.

    Yang is a gentleman, and a reminder of how much upbringing matters.

  23. As an Asian, I know how it feels like to be harassed with racist insults.

  24. Tell all kids that all kids get bullied for something, because kids can be cruel. So don’t take it personal.

  25. I see a lot of lowly jealous peckerwoods commenting below! 😂😎

  26. msnbc is a disgrace with their racism and biased coverage

  27. Yang will be the greatest president in US history

  28. NBC Thanks for covering Andrew Yang!

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