Thursday , January 28 2021
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Andy Biggs: House has the votes for impeachment

Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) weighs in on House Democrats’ plans to impeach President Trump.

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  1. Impeach pelosi. Quit wasting money on impeachment it's silly not enough time don't tear the country apart anywhere send you have Democrats sorry demon crats

  2. All Right Mr.Trump Keeps raising the Bar ! No other President has ever been IMPEACHED TWICE
    SWEEEEET , HISTORICAL ! What a Legacy.

  3. Have you watched the videos from the capitol?

  4. Impeach Trump! Did Joe Biden win the election fairly?

  5. No that's what they're hoping to do but we Patriots won't react to their crap because that's all it is is crap and they're such a waste of space and a waste of money and a waste of time

  6. What of Desaster, tramup has the best Personslty, and he is best, democrats are the worst ideal ever

  7. So do americans. Political suicide

  8. My Biden mug is overflowing with the tears of Trumpkins

  9. The real traitors to the democracy in this country are making themselves known with this impeachment push. Watch carefully.

  10. They should all be removed
    Get your damned hands off our money

  11. this guys a RINO. He never liked trump

  12. Turns out that hundreds of these Trump QAnon/MAGA terrorists are off-duty cops. It also turns out that Antifa & BLM were right all along😲

  13. No surprise there because this Government is corrupt.

  14. Prepare to meet bunking buddy at club fed.

  15. 386,590 deaths 23,186,395 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after the shutdown.

  16. They were in no hurry when Americans were starving. Don't they understand why people hate them. I guess it will take more proof?

  17. Let them pour gasoline on the fire. Its is just proving more to the American people, what TRAITORS they all are. Coup..

  18. TRAITORS dont have the right to impeach OUR president. Time for them to GO to GITMO!

  19. Nancy Pelosi is the only deranged house Speaker who tried to impeach a president twice for political purposes

  20. May GOD be with you mr president Trump….amen 🙏🙏🙏

  21. "I believe"…"probably"? LOL! Nope! Wrong again!!!

  22. People who have families died in the bs protest and those family members need justice!

  23. Get on with it and stop dragging your heels!!!

  24. If they Impeach our President there will be a Civil War and you can thank the Left for starting it and they will have to Pay.

  25. By impeaching or doing the 25th amendment is only calling the cause fire to all of this chaos just let it be and do the correct thing for the United States and that's by not giving us Joe buying as our president nobody can't catch the Griff this is all going on because y'all trying to give us Joe Biden nobody wants Joe Biden we all want to keep Donald Trump and y'all trying to keep pushing Joe Biden on us y'all will see you better wake up or the riots going to keep happening in the long run y'all is hurting all these innocent people that want to keep Donald Trump you only catching it

  26. I don't believe there will be any bombshell events between now and the inauguration, but man do I wish it would go down like all the Q folks are saying. I'm pretty sick of business as usual in D C.

  27. You stewart are also part of corrupt media

  28. Well just impeach him already and then send me my $2000 stimulus check and then just shut up ugh

  29. Wasted tax dollars for what….?

  30. What is to heal. The storming of the House was the logic end of the actions and inactions of a the Republican party. The lies spread about the Democrats being a world wide pedofile organisation, the Republicans did not tell their members it is a lie, Obama not being a US citizen but an African black Muslim that was going to forbid the celebration of Christmas. Lie after lie after lie for 5 years. After the safest election ever the Republican party lost but they did not accept it the lie of the stolen election was born. 60 times the courts rejected the attacks by the Republicans on merits on standing, the more outragues the lie was the more money they could get from their folowers. No one in the Republican party said a word, the Precident elect did not even get security breafings. After having lost in court the Republicans broke their Oath of Office, they had sworn to protect the Constitution now they attacked it in court where they lost, on the floor of the house where they lost finally the Oath Breaker commanded his dogs to attack, they did so they invaded the house they pillaged they killed 6 people died and more than 100 was wounded. They fought hard but lost the battle and retreated. The Republicans now swore at them, bad dog, bad bad dog, shame on you go home. Home they went to await their punishment. But the Oath Breaker and his decipels are honored by the Republican party they face no jail, they lead the attack on the Constitution on democracy itself and still they keep their benefits their place among Senators and Congressmen. The followers were deserted by their leaders the followers did what they were told. But no one of the leaders of the Insurrection in the Republican party is held responsible. The law is the same for rich and poor the Republican party boldly claimes, we are the party of law and order. Now the Republican party protects the leaders of the coup and claim that it is for the sake of national unity. The cowardness the falsehood of the Republicans have never been larger. There are more heart and honor among the dogs of the party than in any leader of the party. The dogs are truely evil and dagnerus and need to spend a long time in jail but the Republicans that protect the leaders of the coup and the Oath Breakers should for ever be shunned by al honorable patriots.

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