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Answering your questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine l ABC News

Addressing the grim record-breaking COVID-19 numbers as well as questions and concerns related to the upcoming vaccine.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Can you believe it that in South Africa christian pastors are distributing messages on social media that the vaccine is contaminated with the mark of the Antichris and that people must not take it any longer. People are so afraid and don't want to take it anymore

  2. Why aren't there any personal videos of people talking about the vaccine they took. It's all news/produced stuff.

  3. CDC – Masks Study Shows (85%) of people who always wore a mask and followed social distancing guidelines "became ill" vs only (7%) of people who never wore a mask.

  4. (FACT) CV19 only has 0.1386 Fatality Rate, 99.997% Survival Rate, Not Life-Threatening to 99.999% of young people (yet Fauci refuses to say a word about the ScamDemic LIEs) The PCR Test Numbers are FAKE –

  5. BREAKING NEWS > International Lawyers Suing over the FAKE Covid-19 PCR Test Numbers and ScamDemic FRAUD > Over 20 cycles give false positives (the CDC says over 33 cycles are useless, and Dr. Fauci says over 34 is useless) > PCR Tests in the US are set "mostly at 40-45 cycles" – meaning (Most if not all Cases based on this test are meaningless and useless) 100% FRAUD ~Yet, Fauci has not said a word about the FAKE PCR Tests driving the Numbers.

  6. Immunity after second dose?????
    You're doing it WRONG!!!

  7. What's MRC5…??????
    It's a medium used to create a new vaccine in, and is made of aborted babies part's….no trouble.
    What's m-RNA…?..vaccines.
    It's never been approved for a vaccine, but is rush applying for emergency application… use with the FDA …..
    It's a DNA changer… device. A vaccine that has within it's formula… the ability to remove a normal DNA strand, replaced with a synthetic strand a "new" permanently placed strand. Within your normal DNA, not temporarily as they say, but permanently altering your normal DNA structure.
    Nothing going on, right?

  8. Congress granted complete and total immunity to vaccine makers for ANY AND ALL: harm caused by vaccines!

  9. About 8000 Americans die every day, many of which are in the vulnerable category to be targeted for the covid-19 vaccine i.e. aged and having multiple underlying illnesses. After the vaccine rollout in the US, how many will die with “covid-19 vaccine” mention on their death certificate as opposed to just “covid-19”? I wonder if the CDC and the media will report these deaths with the same voracity as they reported covid-19 virus deaths.

  10. 10 Reasons I will not take the vaccine:

    1. Up until Nov 2020, no mRNA vaccine had ever been approved for use in humans. As a result, there are zero long term studies about the possible dangers and side effects of this brand new technology.

    2. There have been many attempts to formulate a vaccine against various strains of coronavirus with no success. One attempt to produce a vaccine for a feline variety of coronavirus ended up making the test subject MORE likely to contract the virus than its non inoculated counterpart.

    3. Covid 19 first appeared in December 2019 and companies were conducting clinical trials (human trials) as early as March 2020. That’s only THREE MONTHS from the discovery of the virus when the average length of time needed to produce a viable vaccine is 10.7 years. The record is 4 years (mumps vaccine in 1960’s).

    4. Companies that produce these vaccines have complete liability immunity meaning if there are adverse effects that injure, permanently disable or kill recipients, no legal action can be brought against these companies.

    5. Not only that, but these companies and government funded programs own the patents to these vaccines which means they have a significant financial incentive (potentially 10’s of billions of dollars in 2021 alone) to produce a vaccine combined with no legal incentive for it to be 100% safe due to their indemnity. It does not bode well for those with safety concerns regarding longer term unknowns of the vaccine.

    6. It is known that genetic vaccines (mRNA & DNA) could lead to an immune reaction against nucleic acids which could cause autoimmune reactions. An example of these are results from preclinical (animal testing) vaccination trials against SARS-CoV (a precursor of the coronavirus) in which serious cases of altered lung tissue became evident. The pulmonary inflammations (swelling of lung tissue) were a result of an over reaction caused by the vaccine (eg. autoimmune response).

    7. Another risk is the generation of tolerance against the antigen (the substance that produces an immune response) which can cause the immune system to not react appropriately toward similar viruses putting you at a higher risk of contracting similar viruses.

    8. COVID-19 survival rates:
    1. Ages 0-19: 99.997%
    2. Ages 20-49: 99.98%
    3. Ages 50-69: 99.5%
    4. Ages 70+: 94.6%.

    9. The big pharmaceutical companies have applied for ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’ (EUA) from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US which means it does not approve of the drug in the full statutory meaning of the term, but instead authorises FDA to facilitate availability of an unapproved product. It is impossible to shorten the clinical phases without increasing the risk.

    10. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), in the UK where the AstraZeneca vaccine is being developed, have posted a request on a tender website with the following description: “The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed.” Meaning they are expecting so many reactions that their current system may not handle the number of adverse drug reactions.

    Yeah, no thanks.

  11. Come on, people! Where did you ever get the RIDICULOUS idea that your immune system could protect you and that you could be healthy on your own. Listen to the EXPERTS with big titles and medical degrees!! These new Emperors and Empresses says that none of us are safe and we need a vaccine! And you thought you knew something about how to stay healthy…silly people.

    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins. 4

  13. The dumbed down dummies of the MSM …believing the lie…going unto their own death…….The elites want you GONE……hence the planned CV hoax and the planned "vaccine" ….. WAKE UP PEOPLE….. It's a big AGENDA…..

  14. Yknow, if somehow these idiot antivaxxers ended up being right about being chipped then I feel sorry for the loser who has to watch my boring antisocial life

  15. +Very disappointed in Attorney General Barr. He did not work for people. He did not look into vote fraud before he made the statement. People are feeling betrayed and investigating for themself to find out the truth. Not hard to find out. NO EVIDENT?? One of many – Vote fraud got caught on camera at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA:

  16. x. ..x. End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  17. Everybody should take this experimental vaccine that utilizes our own RNA and DNA as a platform to administer and activate permanent and ongoing alterations in every single cell of our bodies. People are unsuspecting idiots full of partisan hatred and ignorance. "Be ye not conformed to this world". The scriptures make far more sense than they ever did before.

  18. Hi, sorry if you don't mind me sharing URGENT S.O.S REQUEST FOR COVID-19

    The pandemic has affected people all over the world. At this time where unity and solidarity is needed more than any other times, there are parts of the world that are suffering due to ongoing oppression of human rights. In South Korea, there's a severe violation of human rights and have resulted to the deaths of two women because of COVID-19..

    I'm leaving this comment here, in hope that we can support this urgent situation and can stand united in this trying times.

  19. Don’t take the vaccine!

  20. We get our freedom back when the Media starts to tell the people in the world the truth of what is REALLY GOING ON ……. WHEN THE truth comes out THE MEDIA REPORTERS all over the world will be done for Aiding and abetting the governments in the genocide of the people in their countries for covering it up.. There is NO C*VID… IT IS ALL ABOUT THE TOXIC VACCINE
    BREAKING: Major Investigative Report by Association of French Reserve Army Officers Finds COVID-19 “Pandemic” to Have a Hidden Agenda for Global Totalitarianism, Nanotech Chipping of All, 5G Irradiation,….. & Genocide……, on a global scale. THE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP

  21. My simple question is has all the proper protocols developing this vaccine been followed yes or no and if so I want to see the proof


    Trump's Warp speed is an example of the US taking 10 months to remain earth's worst example in the pandemic.

    The world feels safer that MAGATS and half of America are insular patriots that do not travel overseas to spread their stupidity.

    On the bright side, without a vaccine, Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and China have not had a Covid fatality in over 3 months.

  23. The craziest thing about this pandemic is that the US has learnt nothing after 10 months.

    WHO simple 3 point plan: Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

    US Covid = 282,829+ Taiwan = 7 (x40,404) New Zealand = 25 (x11,313) China = 4,634 (x61).

    Warp speed? 61 times more deaths than China. Trump is to blame but Americans allow it to continue. Idiots!

  24. Come Lord Jesus, Lion of Judah, and take us home. May all the lost souls of this world come to salvation in Christ Jesus before it’s too late. Wake up people we are living the end times prophecy!!

  25. American centric world sucks. So does most of the corporate social media – filled with oppressive fascists, bots and actual fake news – like trumpf. Get a political clue people – or die – real simple. CONspiracy goons are growing – stay safe.

  26. We all know the long term effects of COVID-19, however as yet we do not know the long term effects of this new ‘miracle vaccine”!

  27. Here is a vulture a Doctor

  28. How do we control this By?
    By traveling and Trump gatherings people suing the Govt for lockdowns

  29. Evil people. You shall all be consumed by 🔥.

  30. Of course the CONS won't take the Vaccine because their Hero won't be here in the Spring to tell them what to do.

  31. Economy crashed, check. Biden elected, check. “Cure” has arrived, check.

  32. 1918 THEY CLOSED MOVIE THEATRES and some large gathgerigs .. the sokdiers that came back were given shots on way home .. they made 10 yrs or more worth of vaccines . back then eigenics was huge.. they told u were getting sterilized . usa 30 states for 40 yrs .. The vaccines were poison then and there poisin now .. snap out of it !! clean water , sanitation antibotics . vaccines have nevvere ever ever ertadivcated smallpox .. in fact read the cia op dark winter . they admit te vaccines we had were worthless ! herd immunity is another lie .. u people r tooo trusting .. MESSENGER RNA .. WHOS THE MESSENGER ? Sounds like the fallen ones coming to make chimeras again and start another war .. rna delivery is reogamed dna they insert into your muscle .. then the dna starts to make copies til its complee .. wen finihed they CAN SYNC U TO ANY SMART DEVICE W OUT YOUR CONSENT .. THIS WILL READ YOUR THOUGHTS , WAVE PASTTERNS . SEE WAT U SEE // AND IF 2 BILL GET IT , THEY R FEEDING AI , THE IDEA IS TO GET AI TO SPARK DIVINE .. IF 1 AI LEARNS SOMETHING , IT TEACHES EVERY SMART DEVICE , BOT BRG ON PLANET AT SAME TIME !! LOOK . U DONT BELIEVE ME .. SEE DR CARRIE MADEJ , DR JAUFFMAN .. THERES TENS OG HOUSABDS OF OTHERS .. REMEBER THE INTERNET YOUTUB E FB ETC IS BEING CENSORED SO INSANELY .. EVERYBODYS GONE . THEY WIPED EVERYONE THAT WAS SMART .. OR HAD ENOUGH CLIPS AND QUOTES HESRING WAT THESDE PP[LE R DOING .. U THINK THEY CARE ABOUT YOU ? U THINK THEY WANT YOU TO TRAVEL EVER AGAIN ? THEY DOINT CARE BOUT MONEY .. THEY GOT ALL MO EY IN WORLD .

  33. “In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the PIERCING SERPENT, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭27:1‬ ‭

    Vaccines were designed in the image of piercing snake fangs delivering poisonous venom to the whole world? 🤔 And we know that serpents are cold blooded, double-tongued experts of deception. I’m not saying the vaccine is the mark of the beast but it’s definitely a precursor to it and conditioning for it.

    “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
    ‭‭2 Thessalonians‬ ‭2:11-12‬ ‭

    The “Gates” of hell will not prevail against the church. Turn to Jesus and put your trust in Him. Believe in the Gospel: Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose on the third day so that you would have eternal life in Him. It’s the only way to escape what’s coming!!!!

  34. Are there any ingredients in the vaccine that are healthy for the human body?

  35. This nigga is laughing butch of actors

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