Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Antifa Members Talk Protest Tactics: ‘We Don’t Depend On Cops’ | NBC News

Anti-fascist protesters and members of Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon, faced off in a counter protest against the Proud Boys and other members of the far right. NBC News’ Dasha Burns talked with two members of a local antifa group to get an inside look at their tactics and their views on the protests.
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Antifa Members Talk Protest Tactics: ‘We Don’t Depend On Cops’ | NBC News


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  1. Did they know that Big Government is fascism? Politicians – yes, antifa members – it's hard to say.

    Motto of Italian Fascism: All within State, Nothing out of State, Nothing against State.

  2. ID LOVE TO SEE an Antifa member IN PRISON,,, OTFLMAO

  3. I love how nbc gives these litteral pieces of filth air time to spread their message.

  4. hahah I love that silence at the end. Antifa is a bad joke. I like this interview and the interviewer. She did a great job and it shows the ridiculousness of this Antifa. Should I be liking the video? or disliking the video because I disagree with the Antifa statements?

  5. These liars attacked Candace Owens, a black journalist, for her pro Trump conservative views. They called her a Nazi and White supremacist. This further supports the belief the deep state funds them. Congress is still slow about designating them as domestic terrorist organization- why ????

  6. These guys are the actual fascists

    When has a proud boy ever started a fight

    Link me a video I bet you can’t.

  7. This blonde girl dumb bro

  8. Take your mask off are you really that scared? There a terrorizing group and they need to be treated as such. Just a group of cowards getting together covering their face and beating people up.

  9. Antifa are Nazis Brownshirts that employ ironic circular logic to try and defend their own fascists tactics. Liberals don't support Antifa because liberals do not support fascism.

  10. The only good communist is a dead communist.

  11. If they were the good guys fighting on the right side, why wouldn't they want to be identified? Also, they are in favor of big government (socialists).

  12. That guy sounds like his spine and balls were removed and replaced with a soy based diet and a vagina.

  13. Only Good Communist Is A Dead Communist

  14. Such a soy-boy voice behind that mask. LOL

  15. Um… self defense isn't attacking those that aren't prepared to defend themselves.

  16. THOSE are the fascists. They are the aggressors. They are the HATE GROUP. Antifa is the violent idealogy. Keeping criminals and opportunists out of our contry is not genocide. If they were afraiid, all they have to do is stay home in their own countries. Again ANTIFA IS THE VIOLENT HATE GROUP… They hate any one who does not agree with their irrationality. No other country/race on earth is considered anything but reasonable when they monitor their borders & exclude people they believe will not be an asset to their life style. I think we should exile all Antifa. They are nothing but thugs. Evil thugs.

  17. Antifa is left wing communist. Screw you Antifa!

  18. this is what you get when you take a bunch of losers, mix them with cowards, add a spoon of stupidity and throw in a cup of terrorists.

    You are ILLIBERAL!!

  20. They are the fascists. Too stupid to show their faces!

  21. In 1957 my grandfather to avoid being beaten had to vote for the same candidate that the Ku Klan Klan voted for. Now 2019, 62 years later, to avoid being beaten, his grand children have to vote for the same candidate that their white friends voted for. Antifa, is the new Ku Klux Klan

  22. We welcome Antifa to the 21st Century the replacements for the older version of the Ku Klux Klan

  23. @ 0:46 So was it self defense while they were beating up the reporter / camera man? 1 Man against a crowd, hitting him from all angles, this is what they call self defense? just wondering.

  24. Antifa think it is ok to attack a man and his daughter. Disgusting.

  25. 😂😂😂 Why are u asking why they are wearing mask?
    Have u forgotten the #baltimoremom? 😂 😂 😂
    They dont want to get disciplined like that boy.
    Still makes me lol till this day.

  26. If you transplanted either one of their brains into a bird it will fly backwards.

  27. Notice how all the women are fat and all the boys are scrawny?

  28. Beavis and butthead 2.0 these LITTLE GIRLS wouldn't last 2 minutes in a Dallas bar room.

  29. Antifa and NBC serve the same Jewish masters.

  30. It's like a political cartoon came to life. They look like they belong in an SNL sketch.

  31. Why they both have their hands in their pockets?

  32. You can’t antagonise people and then claim self defense 🙄

  33. This has gone too far. Now even Snorlax and Captain Matchstick-Legs face fascist and state repression

  34. Republican: walks down the street minding his own business
    Antifa: beats up Republican

  35. I bet you a 100 dollars when she was done with the interview the blond walked back stage and fell down laughing at just how sad and pathetic those kids are. I bet she said hey guys y'all got to check these nerds out. They are such pathetic losers!

  36. We attack people we don’t agree with and call it self-defense. 🤔… Sounds full-blown stupid… It’s also really funny that they use the word fascist and obviously don’t have any idea of the definition because it’s exactly what they’re doing

  37. He sounds like a sissy wanker.

  38. Antifa are cowards who don't believe in what they stand for, if they did they would walk with out masks.

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