Saturday , July 31 2021
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Antonio Brown is a 'team destroyer', says former Raider Howie Long | FOX NFL

The FOX NFL Sunday crew share their thoughts on Antonio Brown’s move to the New England Patriots, with former Oakland Raiders defensive star Howie Long having a particularly strong perspective on Brown’s recent actions.

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Antonio Brown is a ‘team destroyer’, says former Raider Howie Long | FOX NFL

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  1. What are your thoughts on Antonio Brown ending up with the Patriots?

  2. Man the Raiders are still felt in LA 3:30

  3. not enough can be said about talent. but character is garbage. we are who we are, people don't change. but with age, talent fades away..

  4. John Carpenter presents Escape From Oakland starring Antonio Brown as Snake Plissken 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 coming soon to a Theature near you

  5. Not true, Raiders didn't love this garbage, they just been told what to say to reporters. It was a distraction, cancer and glad he is gone.
    I guess now Trash meets trash.

  6. A herd morality inverts the natural values of life. The individual who is strong and independent – who attains feelings of power spontaneously through their creative endeavors and “great health” – is deemed by herd morality to be “evil”. On the other hand, all those who belong to the herd: the mediocre last men, and the weak and impotent slaves – the “vengeful disguised as judges are deemed to be “good”.

  7. Antonio Brown makes himself the villain! This was all orchestrated because the Steelers would never trade him to Patriots. So he lied to Raider Nation another reason to hate the Patriots!

  8. They are saying what the public wants to hear. I agree with it, but Drew Rosenhaus and AB have been orchestrating this from the beginning. AB wants to get a ring this year and then sign a 9 figure deal with a team to finish out his career.

  9. People still look at these Guys. Wow

  10. Are you guys all serious? Murderers rapists wife beaters child abusers drug addicts cruelty to animals Etc drunks etc etc etc. This is your NFL Heroes. As long as they play well, all will be forgotten. When it comes to professional sports, America has truly lost its soul.

  11. They just mad asl he’s on the patriots 😭😭😭😭

  12. These guys spoke nothing but facts

  13. I agree with Howie for sure. That said, there was something very strange about Strahan earlier in this broadcast. It was almost like he took one too many pain killers right before the show…He was faaaaded. The cameras did their best to stay off him, but he spoke briefly and was inches away from nodding out.

  14. If Antonio is all over social media and his phone he should also be watching YouTube videos about himself. Stop being a problem for everyone and do what made you great to begin with. Play the game. Play the game well. At the end of the day, you are a ball catcher. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Athletes today man. Some guys need to be slapped a few hundred times….

  15. How is it possible that Michael Strahan acts like the oldest guy on the set

  16. Lets ask a former Raider and a former Steeler what they think….sure they won't be bias

  17. adult baby will be treated just like ocho, nobody’s untouchable

  18. Can't wait to see what these people are gonna say once he goes out and break records.

  19. I’m happy for AB. Steelers were a team he had beef with, and he didn’t feel like he belonged on the raiders. If he planned this from the start, then I am happy for him.

  20. Lmao they big mad cuz he gamed the system in order to get to the team he wanted to be on

  21. To Howie Long get over yourself he didnt destroy the Steelers and the Raiders were already trash

  22. Pittsburgh gets 3rd and 4th round picks from Oakland for Antonio Brown and Patriots get Antonio Brown after Antonio Brown intentionally sabotages his relationship with 0akland and the Raiders get 0, The NFL's dislike of the Oakland Raiders continues. 🧐😠😡😈🤬

  23. Salty boomers

    Patriots are winning 7

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