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AOC says the Electoral College is a ‘scam’ that hurts minorities

GOP congressional candidate Scherie Murray reacts to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) claim that the Electoral College is a “scam.”

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  1. Letting what liberals call the "flyover states" have a voice is a "scam" says AOC. We should just have a popularity contest every year where we have to vote with new york and california for everything or lose the popularity contest. That would be the fair thing yes?

  2. I must say allowing people to vote in general is truly the most efficient way to decide a leader it's not like 2 million of us signed a petition to storm a military base. Still, need to be persuaded let's go a little more mundane liking ice cream tubs that you haven't bought. So please oh women of 29 years and only a bachelors in economics tell me how some of the smartest men in the history of the human race, who feared government oppression more than anything made an unfair system of government.

  3. AOC's voice hurts everyone's forehead. We be slapping it shouting .. WTF????? Can something that stupid come out of someone's mouth?

  4. I'm a North California long time resident. State of Jefferson. I know I can't vote for aoc or not…but my god. 🤣 An actual woman of color that knows what is really going on. *Chuckles inside*. Now how can the left spin this as "racist"🤔😁🤣

  5. I guess we citizens in the “flyover states” don’t deserve any parity in national politics. Alexandria, just wait and see what happens if ever we were made into serfs and slaves. Coastal commies like yourself would not fare well.

  6. I sure hope this woman is given the chance to debate that idiot AOC. Ms. Murray will mop the floor with the bimbo.

  7. The Electoral College is an antiquated system that does not give the actual majorities choice for their representatives. When the founding fathers created it I'm sure they didn't think people like the current Republicans would misuse the system they created for their own benefit. Media that reports stories like this without giving the entire backstory bias free can easily mislead people especially if they are not educated

  8. If less populated states did not have a voice they would not want to be part of the union, and there would be no United States.

  9. Playing every little race card she can get her hands on

  10. It’s hurts everyone. The first time we Republicans lose because of the electoral college we will be up arms over it.

  11. hey ding-bat, what kind of fuel are you wasting in the vehicle you are riding in just to make your stupid little sarcastic video? p.s. who paid for the fuel?

  12. Try this on for size CuntTard.

    You shouldn't even be allowed to vote unless you own property and actually pay taxes.

  13. She's playing, "This Is America" 😂😂😂😂

    and if you focus on the song, you can tell she just started playing that song 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I heard AOC once talked into an envelope to create a voicemail 😂

  15. Congratulations !….President Trump! The Four Stooges👒👒👒👒 just got you re-elected in 2020! Of course they hand help from a truck load of Democrats! They are all headed to the unemployment line in 2020 and Grand jury indictments! Shàlom🇺🇸

  16. A full investigation into Boston University with AOC 👒…academic years? Something is not Right! Shàlom🇺🇸

  17. Bye! Bye! Your gone!! American voter's will remove you in 2020!👒 Future indictments? Shàlom🇺🇸

  18. the world will end in 12yrs so hell cant we all get along lmao good luck Murray for your run in Congress

  19. The electoral college has two purposes. One to help preserve freedom and one that keeps it away from the masses.
    The first and helpful aspect is to stop ballot stuffing of any given state throwing a Federal election.
    The second allows those in power to ignore the desires of the people if they do not match their own.
    Is protecting the election against ballot stuffing worth having the risk of the leadership going against the popular vote?
    This is what it's all about and will decide where anyone falls on the issue.
    Many states currently have no way to track if ballot stuffing has occurred and looks to be this way on purpose.
    Best of luck to all those fighting to keep America based on the principles it was founded on.


  21. The only college that is a scam is tuition college.

  22. Racist discrimination racial profiling black people white people yellow people brown people women should be in the kitchen and men should work everyday why can't everyone just Respect one another Respect the laws I mean seriously I'm friends with all colors no lie and we are tight as hell so why cant we all come together as people like family

  23. Ironically, AOC doesn't think at all yet she begins every sentence with "I think".

  24. The Electoral College would be a good proportional representation system but for one glaring problem. The Electoral College voter can IGNORE the State's majority VOTED candidate and cast their vote for WHOEVER THEY WANT!!! The State can vote majority Democrat, but that State's Electoral College representative can LEGALLY vote Republican. Lou Dobbs conveniently omits this information but points out whose office answers the phone…. top notch reporting Dobbs… keep the electorate truly informed…

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