Thursday , December 3 2020
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Appeals Court Rules Trump Must Turn Over Taxes, So What’s Next? | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Tom Winter details the ruling from a federal appeals court that says the Manhattan district attorney can obtain President Trump’s tax records as part of a larger investigation into Trump and his Business practices.
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Appeals Court Rules Trump Must Turn Over Taxes, So What’s Next? | NBC News NOW


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  1. That explains why they r rushing to appoint the new judge in the Supreme Court

  2. "When the poor make laws, the laws will no longer be needed."

  3. Russia didn't work out. may as well give this tax thing another shot hahahhaa. you guys are pathetic. creepy joe Biden as POS? 🤣

  4. Why is this taking so long?

  5. Joe Biden VERBATIM

    Near the end of Thursday night’s Democratic primary debate, moderator Linsey Davis asked former Vice President Joe Biden a question. Joe Biden then, according to the conventions of debate, was supposed to respond to that question.

    Here is that question:

    Linsey Davis: Mr. Vice President, I want to talk to you about inequality in schools and race. In a conversation about how to deal with segregation in schools back in 1975, you told a reporter, “I don’t feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather. I feel responsible for what the situation is today, for the sins of my own generation, and I’ll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago.” You said that some 40 years ago, but as you stand here tonight, what responsibility do you think that Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?

    And here is the leading Democratic presidential candidate’s answer, in full:

    Joe Biden: Well, they have to deal with the … Look, there is institutional segregation in this country. And from the time I got involved, I started dealing with that. Redlining, banks, making sure that we are in a position where—

    Look, we talk about education. I propose that what we take is those very poor schools, the Title 1 schools, triple the amount of money we spend from $15 to $45 billion a year. Give every single teacher a raise to the equal of … A raise of getting out of the $60,000 level.

    No. 2, make sure that we bring in to the help with the stud—the teachers deal with the problems that come from home. The problems that come from home, we need… We have one school psychologist for every 1,500 kids in America today. It’s crazy. The teachers are required—I’m married to a teacher. My deceased wife is a teacher. They have every problem coming to them.

    Make sure that every single child does, in fact, have three, four, and five-year-olds go to school. School! Not day care, school. We bring social workers into homes of parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not that they don’t want to help. They don’t know what— They don’t know what quite what to do. Play the radio. Make sure the television—excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. The phone—make sure the kids hear words. A kid coming from a very poor school—er, a very poor background will hear 4 million words fewer spoken by the time they get there.

    Davis: Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

    Biden: No, I’m going to go like the rest of them do, twice over, OK? Because here’s the deal. The deal is that we’ve got this a little backwards. And by the way, in Venezuela, we should be allowing people to come here from Venezuela. I know Maduro. I’ve confronted Maduro. No. 2, you talk about the need to do something in Latin America. I’m the guy that came up with $740 million to see to it those three countries, in fact, change their system so people don’t have to chance to leave. You’re all acting like we just discovered this yesterday! Thank you very much.

  6. LOL. When they compare his tax filings to the multiple bank loan applications and they don't match…. he is in DEEP S***

  7. Leader is row to his people
    Gave your tax
    I now any Mexican do more tax

  8. Theyve tired so hard to get this guy

  9. all should pay their fair share of taxes , no de duck ables,

  10. as a trump supporter, i think its great we all want to see them ,, it may show us all how broken our tax laws r , no de- duck – ables ,

  11. If Trump..does not want to show his Tax payment… the future.. the other president will folow😊🙃🙂

  12. This is all bull. I'm sure the government would not hire him as president if they did not know his entire business practices. I'm sure government actually knows more about trump than trump knows trump. While I hope there is some validity to this, we all know it's just another deceptive tactic that goes nowhere.

  13. Go SDNY we the people love you, and are behind you.

  14. Oh no he's just waiting for Amy to be a justice so she can rule in his favour. There must be a deal that he's made with her. Pack the courts, the law doesn't matter. I have a bad feeling about Amy.

  15. trump should change his family name to crook.

  16. Trumps Taxes

    We evolved past the stone age, bronze age, the first & second industrial ages and by the 1900's we were in the Age of Invention. The US Patent office had hundreds of thousands of new inventions & patents. The stock market grew and people invested money in new ideas. Sure the government could have backed new inventors but ours was a free-enterprise system and allowing investors to recoup losses via tax write-offs allowed the new ideas to be tested by those that matter the most-the American people. Long before the TV show "Shark Tank" people found money to develop their new ideas. Not all lost money, but for those like Trump who lost money on something new the government forgave them their debts & tax losses were subtracted from gains. The reality is new ideas were not all technologically based in new inventions, discoveries and innovations. Some people attempted to get rich simply by bottling and labeling with cute and attractive labeling & packaging. If you wanted to sell Milk for $100.00 per Gallon then you would have to package and deliver with more than gilded wrappings. President Trump simply took advantage of tax write-offs that even Shark Tank recipients have a right to use. Sarah Parker the author of "Uncle Sams Plantation" sums it up with "Hope is found in people exercising their God given talents in the marketplace unencumbered by excessive taxation & regulations. Hope is found in the free movement of capital," Biden plans on taxing the rich & eliminating write-offs for business losses like Trump had. If that happens invention and business development will suffer and shows like Shark Tank will never be seen again. Vote Trump/Pence for a Better America.

  17. he will Playing dead ~~~~~~

  18. This is the REAL reason why Trump is so desperate to stack the SC in his favor.

  19. We are witnessing the rise and fall of President Trump politically and personally.

  20. Right. How long are we going to hear this. It's been four years. You must know this crook is never going to give up his tax records. Ever. As usual he will do whatever he wants to do.

  21. MAGA = Mister "Apprentice" Gasping for Air
    MAGA = Melania At Gravesite Acting

  22. How do you "spell"—"Liar"—"Trump"!!

  23. Want a hilarious reminder of some of the MANY reasons why we need to dump Trump in November? This song/video absolutely NAILS IT:

  24. Trump is in serious trouble

  25. We could use some transparency

  26. Trump been hiding behind the court system all his life. Just lawyer up and keep justice at bay.

  27. What impresses me the most is that the Trump followers are about to start a civil war if the guy is not elected 😳😳😳😳

  28. so, why hasn't he? doesn't say much for the federal appeals courts.

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