Friday , November 27 2020
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Apple CEO Tim Cook faces criticism for pulling Hong Kong map app

River Twice Capital president Zachary Karabell, Wall Street Journal Editorial writer Jillian Melchior and Vision 4 Vice President Heather Zumarraga discuss why Apple CEO Tim Cook is under fire for meeting with China’s regulator after pulling a Hong Kong map app.

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  1. Yeah that's why we should use Huawei Phon- Oh wait. (Typing On Note 10+. Preferred this instead.)

  2. American don't deserve to have Steve job and Elon musk. Huawei is the new Apple but u decide to ban it lol

  3. Because Tim Cook is an enemy of freedom…. because its more profitable.

  4. Does this man from Apple know what he looks like? That hair is appallingly daft…get a hairdresser, you need it.

  5. Tim Cook is used to bending over, he's a fairy after all so any thrust he receives in the form of bloodstained Commie money is a welcome boost.


    We, the People of Hong Kong, hereby DECLARE that we are a FREE and as of right, a Sovereign PEOPLE.

    We are not now, nor have we ever been a part of the Communist Party of China. China, as an unfree, undemocratic, totalitarian, surveillance State, is not recognizable to anyone living in Hong Kong.

    We must state clearly the issue facing us: Communism, the political scourge of this planet, is at our doorstep and threatening everything we hold sacred. Freedom and democracy shall die in Hong Kong or it shall live forever.

    This is the great struggle of our time: Hong Kong "shall become all the one thing or all the other".

    History will record either that Hong Kong became like China or that China became like Hong Kong – no other outcome is possible. None.

    Never in history has an elder generation of its citizens bargained for their own freedom during their own time, by condemning their future offspring to live unfree under total communist rule. Such was the Devils bargain made by the UK and the Communist Party of China, and imposed upon our generation and the next, in perpetuity, forever.

    We are Hong Kongers and we utterly rejects this and call on all right minded nations to step up and end this nightmare. This is the time. This is the place. This is it. Now. Now. Now.

    On this issue we must be clear: no future generation of Hong Kongers shall be sacrificed and given over to Communist Rule. NOT ON OUR WATCH. We NEVER voted to approve Communist rule of Hong Kong and a Free People could never agree themselves into such a state of utter despotism.




  7. Time for the world to stop dealing with china.. send them back to the economic hell hole they would be in without stealing our money and inventions. Say NO to china or you will have your choice removed

  8. So the USA companies which gone to serve China getting their butts kicked by China communist ideologies and plucking their coins and bean's.

    USA companies betrayed Homeland and now they get kicked for treachery against own USA. Don't cry like babies and aks USA to help from China. You were told to comeback and you ignored till China put knife on your throat and knife on your privates.

  9. China make it's own fertility red apple. Next is China and will be next to pull out from Apple.

    I don't want Apples sold to China and China don't have it's own apple? Huawei stole apple hardware and kept electro ejaculation like China printing manipulation currency.

  10. Cannot afford to earn lesser ? Some /many American people like him spoiled living with A lot of money and wait to be swallowed by China very soon and they don’t mind thinks it is ok. Not ok no more freedom, law and order….CCP killed their own people eg now in HK

  11. Apple is a sellout for China apparently.

  12. The left for the people unless it interferes with profit.

  13. He is a candidate for the Chinese Communist Party. Do not forget to congratulate him when he becomes a member.

  14. Communism wins because American corps prefer GREED over Freedom!

  15. fire TIM COOK!!!!!!!!!! he should resign

  16. Somebody give this man a comb!

  17. Xi barks and Apple grabs its ankles!

  18. I will NEVER purchase another apple product ✅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. Uk protest need your support too

  20. Boycott every company that works with china. Simple

  21. Apple has no morals. Apple couldn't give a s__t about anything except bottom line.

  22. Xiphonie! iPonicomy. NoMoiPhoneFoMi. HuinoHuaniPhone.

  23. Zachary's argument makes a lot of sense, a smart man who understands how to do international business properly. Tim Cook made the right decision to pull the HK map app. Anything that can help the HK polices stop the rioters from further violence is very commendable and should be done.

  24. Cook should be fired but he will still be mega wealthy so it won’t matter.

  25. bet apple give DC maps to commies

  26. As long as it's about China, American just want it get worse and worse. No basic understanding, no equity, no impartiality. Americans, be proud how double standard you are, and that will make America NOT GREAT ANY MORE!

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