Apple unveils new mixed-reality headset, its first new product in years

The Apple Vision Pro is set to retail for $3,500 and will be available to U.S. customers in early 2024. NBC News’ Jacob Ward reports on the mixed-reality headset’s features and Apple’s new rivalry with Google and Meta.

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  1. I'm not sure I see the practicality in this device especially one that would justify a 3.5k price tag. Have you worn a headset for a long period of time? Even that thing will eventually get annoying and heavy like all headsets do. Apple is just trying to Zuck with their logo on. At any rate, good thing we have a phones that does all the stuff the fancy shmancy headset does

  2. This would be great for home-schooling. With all the violence being committed by students towards their teachers, and with all of the bullying and fighting in schools, now students can be taught by their teachers in the comfort of their homes. Teachers will be safe. Students will be safe. No more fights. A win-win for all and they can still engage each other – virtually – without the fear of being physically attacked and still get an education.

  3. Let's talk about apple vision pro, instead of saving humanity! 🤔

  4. I can image the rich people buying this Augmented Reality (AR) using the pass-thru cameras overlaying the real world image with the digital overlay like the AR iPhone and playing the Pokemon Go will start walking into traffic, falling down stairs, and not paying attention to the real world; at least with AR iPhone you could look away from the i-Phone and not be immerse in the AR with the headset.

  5. Suddenly everyone is a rep for Amazon, now that’s weird.

  6. My bet is with GabeN at Valve…
    Totally think Apple continually falls short of actual innovation.

  7. Can we go to work on there?

  8. 3500$? 🤦‍♀️ Steve Jobs doing jumping jacks in his grave

  9. If I get on a video call while wearing it, what is the other person actually going to see?

  10. I'll pass. I'm waiting for the implant- The I-BRAIN…

  11. I’m hesitant to try it. Not just because it’s $3500 but I put on my nieces oculus once and it messed up my eyes for an hour. I couldn’t get them to stop watering. It was really weird

  12. Which means Samsung will unveil their revolutionary headset next year, Google in 2025…

  13. This is BAD REPORTING…. Quest alone sold 20 million and counting , if you gonna try to talk about this get your actual FACTS right .

  14. The wait is over😂😂😂…. because everyone sits around thinking about Apple

  15. $3,500. Good luck selling that thing.

  16. Playstation has one. Lame

  17. Blade Runner. Thats all im going to say

  18. We need this but in glasses.

  19. It won't get popular as long as the price is still $1000+

  20. REVOLUTIONARY!!! ohh wait hold on microsoft released their second hololens 4 years ago. uhh isn't that like… apples wait late to the game?

  21. This is just the beginning can you imagine 10 years from now?

  22. Yay! I was waiting for the next season of black mirror to come back😂