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Apple will be worth $2 trillion in next several years: Investor

Loup Ventures managing partner Gene Munster discusses Apple’s valuation and Tesla’s loss of tax incentives for buyers. #FoxBusiness

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  1. No wonder, why people are becoming so poor. And such a demand for communism in the west.

  2. 5G is population reduction.

  3. Apple is a giant rip off they want to be the only one's to be able to fix apple products so they can force people into buying new products or charging crazy amounts of money to fix their products. That is why Apple will not be seen ever again in my house or pocket because they are a rip off company

  4. I will never buy another Apple product again. I do not agree with "programmed obsolescence". Not to mention they are overpriced. And I heard they are going to China next year… no thanks!

  5. Stop buying their products. Problem solved.

  6. 👋Well folks Apple is not going to get any richer off of me . I am tired of the poor quality . And the one store that is always 100 miles away . And you have to have an appointment. Have had it . I quit and will never buy another Apple phone

  7. I think Lt. Dan paid back his debt to Forrest Gump by investing Gump’s money into that ”fruit company.”

  8. It's too high, correction coming

  9. Should put high tariff on apple products made in china or ban it like huawei.

  10. Communist sellout Scumbags against Americans 1st amendment rights, I’ll never own another Apple again.

  11. No. Apple will be destroyed by their own hands because of what they're doing with their products trying to control their customer

  12. Their products suck! Chinese made crap that they can break with updates. Just happened to me! Dont buy apple anything!

  13. Must be charging too much!!

  14. DemoCracks begged for Obama's UN Army ❗😂🤣😂❗
    Illegals with job's. 💀🇺🇸💀. People Control. 💀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💀

  15. Apple Revenue 2018: 265B
    Apple Revenue 2019: 259B

    Gross income 2018: 101B
    Gross income 2019: 97B

    2019 EBITDA y/y: -.7.2%
    2019 EPS growth: -0.2%

    Meanwhile, share price up roughly 89% YTD? LOL

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  17. And it's not even a good product. Lol wow.

  18. Apple grows fruits unimpeachable. But why peaches were sold as apples?🤔 who are peaches? Chinese have more peaches and also Japan, South Korea with South Asia agricultures more peaches. But it's NOT apple.

    Now summon Newton to explain what's apple falling and peaches falling from a tree 🤷🏻

  19. Apple will go to China next year.
    Parts cost too much in U$ & China has a pretty good turn base.

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