Monday , January 18 2021
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Arizona ICU Beds Reach 90 Percent Capacity As Covid Cases And Deaths Surge | NBC News NOW

“NBC News’ Steve Patterson reports on the efforts to re-open a Phoenix hospital as a “last resort” for Covid-19 patients as the state experiences a surge in virus cases and deaths.
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Arizona ICU Beds Reach 90 Percent Capacity As Covid Cases And Deaths Surge | NBC News NOW”


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  2. "if i were to tweet once every hour about someone who died from covid, it would take 33 years" well I think you need to tweet every minute, then you will actually be doing something for those people, rather than doing it every hour to drag it out.

  3. Where is the "Joe Biden won the election" banner? I thought anything that had to do with covid was completely related to him winning?

  4. ALL media employees participated in the 9/11 attacks. This includes no end in sight wars and the theft of all your freedoms.

  5. And yet Arizona hasn't even invoked a mask mandate…

    Immortal legend……….
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffering difficulty.

  7. 10 beds. 90% capacity. Stop lying to the people.

  8. No hospital is being over run with this fake pandemic. 98% that have died had underlying conditions and were seeing a 99% recovery rate. CDC numbers. And the masks do not prevent anything, they are worthless. Its an airborne virus. Wake the F up. Even Dr. Doom / Fauci says lock downs prevent nothing. Wake up America.

  9. Да вовка любит рекордный результат. 25 не за горами.

  10. What is up with that woman's book shelf? 3 trees died to hold 11 books, I hope she's read more than 11 books lol

  11. And no stimulus money for Americans so sad

  12. YOU NEED TO FACT CHECK TRUMP'S — FIRST STEP Act – Prison reform — The DOJ anti-reform Actions undermined all 31 steps of the FIRST STEP ACT. [ THE FIRST TEN UNDERMINED STEPS ARE LISTED HERE ] 1.Trump Jeopardized the FIRST STEP Act by underfunding its programs — 2. Attacked prosecutors who are pursuing criminal justice reform in their communities. — 3. Stopped assistance to police departments that voluntarily wanted reform — 4. Reinstated DOJ contracts with private prisons — 5. Left director of the Bureau of Prisons position vacant for more than a year —- 6. Restricted clemency to only those who are celebrities, well-connected individuals, or have a personal affiliation with the president. 7. Encouraged the use of excessive police force on peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors. 8. Argued in court against people eligible for sentence reductions under the FIRST STEP Act. 8.Threatened maximum sentences for vandalism of monuments. 9. Restarted federal executions after a 17-year informal moratorium on federal capital punishment. – 10. Prohibited federal investigations of patterns of unconstitutional policing.

  13. St. Luke's had just built that brand new addition in the background!
    Banner corporation got a billion dollars just here in Aridzona.
    Screw Banner, Screw Republican'ts under the Copper dome downtown.
    Open the damned brand new hospital!

  14. China – 87,000 Total Cases UK – 1,810,000 Total Cases United
    States of America – 16,000,000 And the Gold goes to USA…….USA #1
    USA #1 USA #1

  15. No wonder Trump lost Maricopa County…..

  16. That hospital is filled with MRSA

  17. None of this was necessary if only people took things seriously. Other countries have it under control already.

    Immortal legend……..
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffer difficult.

  19. 291,000 Deaths Across America 。。。😔

  20. USA should come up with an immigration plan to attract the best nurses and doctors around the world.

  21. No hospitals are being overrun. You are being lied to. CV19 is a scam. And wearing a mask and lock downs do not work on anything. Were playing football and basketball and were in a pandemic? ha ha ha ha ha If you get CV19 there is a 99% recovery rate. Wake up America. No hospitals are being overrun unless they are very small. You are sheep.

  22. Corona is the punishment for fornication & other sins its our payment from God Almighty who sent his son Jesus Christ to us

  23. So we found a way to depopulize the world . God sees, and it won't go unnoticed.

  24. Trump's 'do nothing' herd immunity policies quietly picked up by himself and state Republican leaders caused this crisis. The virus is near saturation in the US and nothing will stop the spread. With exponential spread, it WILL overwhelm the medical system. All you had to do was wear a mask, distance, wash your hands, and stay away from seniors. Too much?

  25. Having a Republican governor is a deadly matter.

  26. "I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.” Donald Trump

  27. Were are these drugs that they gave Moscow Mitch and Trump.? They go home and are fine yet these poor souls in the hospital die.

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