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Art Laffer calls Biden's spending plans 'deliberately misleading'

Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer discusses Pete Buttigieg’s misreporting of job numbers related to President Biden’s infrastructure plan, and his outlook for the economy. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Dear Fox Business
    Listening to these 2 morons overall each other IS THE REASON I am unsubscribing for your vids…

  2. We do not trust Biden..we know how he got into office…might as well break down the WH door at gunpoint with the FBI to back him up.

  3. There is 8 recipes to make our country communist, the dumbocates have 6 of them being pushed.

  4. This is how you make a communist country. No. 3 debt- increase debt to unsustainable level, that way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.

  5. He lies, he lies so much. The Whitehouse is for the criminally insane now.

  6. You guys are stuffed. Accept the outcome. The Republicans failed to support Trump

  7. Billionaires have an interest in emigrating to Brussels than paying 28% tax and living happily . Being Belgian is not difficult for Billionaires , think about your children .The most beautiful house from around 1890 in Brussels costs only between 4 million dollars to 9 million dollars, the best area is Schuman rue archimède, you can see the information at Softeby's Agence Belgium Sotheby’s International Realty.

  8. The Biden regime has to go ASAP.

  9. Trickle down had it's problems, but if you believe Bidens phony tax the rich plan will solve our finances. Laffer knows it and reagan said it corporations don't pay taxes. People pay taxes and ordinary people are going to pay for any increases on the 200K income people. Higher medical bills. higher bills from lawyers. You are going to pay their fair share. Biden is too stupid to even be a good con man..

  10. Buttigieg admitted his mistake but then used word games in attempt at further deception of word games. Buttigieg is just like the rest of the Biden administration, he is a liar.

  11. Biden hopfuly have a heartattack and sane goes to Harrais because she is Kim Jong June but the female type will be Harris ..I'm not kidding

  12. Joe loves the crisis n chaos at the border. That's when Joe makes his moves

  13. Obama did this for eight years and this is his THIRD term after all! He will continue these crimes until he is stopped and he will only be stopped when the PUBLIC says enough. Transparency and Truth, Investigations done when will justice be seen for the evidence they gleaned? If the crimes of 2015/16 had been addressed the crimes of 2020 would have been less. There was a political coup and it was NOT a big lie, The confirmation of the truth was in the BIG DENY. Forensic examinations of the 2020 election would have proved the compromise. Now everyone had the answer to the question WHY. Why wasn't it done!

  14. He get idiots to work on his behalf

  15. We will have war with this joke of a president. ..

  16. Biden is a lifelong lying sack of crap. No surprise there

  17. What they will not tell you is that during Trump, I paid at the high point; $2.60 a gallon on car fuel. WTF? TAX, TAX. TAX.

  18. When will the Laffer curve take effect

  19. … in much the same way that the Georgia voting bill is misleading.

  20. Democrats are doing their green new deal

  21. Welcome to the United States of China!! JUST SAD!!!!

  22. You fools were deceived by 2 devils in the last12 years from the same administration so shut up

  23. Thanks to Michael Milken for that great growth.

  24. Complain for decades about infrastructure…now Biden wants to ACTUALLY fix it and still Republicans whine!!
    Go Joe Go!!!!
    Get 'er Done!!!!

  25. It's all because Joe Bond's trying to decide if he wants a boy or a girl for his next play time

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