Art Laffer: It was just a perfect combination

Former Reagan economist Art Laffer and author Stephen Moore on what can be learned from Reagan’s economic policy on ‘Kudlow.’


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  1. "Do one thing every day that scares you." __Anonymous

  2. 3 American patriots SALUTE !

  3. Tax Cuts for the Rich create extra money for investments, Tax Cuts for the Middle-Class pays off Debts, Tax Cuts for the poor increase spending on basic items like food.

  4. theres never going to be tax cuts if Democrats are in charge

  5. Yes. *BUT Gov has even corrupted defense !! So we must roll back ALL aspects of Gov. duh

  6. Vouchers for Middle & Poor classes only. Otherwise the schools will just price them out

  7. i got 45,000 euro with my investment of 23,000 euro all thanks to MASKOFFAID

  8. If you believe this crap, I have some real estate for sale……

  9. Sounds great guys but the dems and a pecent of repubs are wanting a nuclear war

  10. Stop with the unfettered unrestrained spending. There is so much fraud happening it boggles the mind!!! Mandatory work for those receiving government assistance. Governments only know how to RULE BY DECEPTION (RBD). POLITICIANS and MSM are RBD!!!

  11. We don’t need tax cuts. We need income tax elimination. The IRS is a weapon that can be used ti eliminate rights because it is constitutionally protected.

  12. This group is the swamp epitomized…

  13. Smart Guys But Thomas Sowell is far Ahead!

  14. Better take these guys to the hill let them run it

  15. The only problem in my eyes . Military needs to operate with less very wastful too

  16. Fair taxes for the rich and poor same percentage

  17. i think higher taxes help tax deductable non-for-profit (TDNFP) donations. So put in more controls on those structures then lower taxes become the way. the larger these TDNF business structure become the truely less productive USA becomes.

  18. The government does not want the MASSES Educated, You can control the un-educated and one way is to distribute income.

  19. As a libertarian let me get this straight. Republicans want tax cuts, Democrat's want to keep spending at a rate never ever seen and Biden doesn't want to deal. Also Democrat's have the Presidency and Senate plus a minority in the house. Hmmm….Wonder what the outcome will be?
    Don't raise the spending limit!
    It's more spend spend spend if you do.
    Just pay the interest due on the debt. Force Demos to cut spending and cut government to a size we all can afford. Otherwise, all this stuff is just talk, talk, talk, and no action.