Monday , April 19 2021
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Art Laffer slams De Blasio for minimum wage hike

Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer on the $15 minimum wage in New York City and the U.S.-China trade war.

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  1. That’s what I told the President ….it’s not good for everybody out here job wise that’s Fake News….. the homeless are going around the country by the minute….look around…remember Baltimore…just saying

  2. “Alright Art!”

    “…& that will be a wonderful day!”

    Annnd cut!

  3. NYC is becoming… New Cuba. After all, minimum wage laws are used to tax the poor by bumping them into a higher tax bracket [and as always, the left is never honest about the program they run]. Did anyone vote for a deal where each dollar raise gets $1.04 increase in cost of living? Think hard… you might be that guy.
    Good job pointing out small businesses are hardest hit. This shows two things: dems are actually the party of big business [that donates to their campaigns], and beyond that…. they pretty much hate everybody. Remember the finger prints of communism, as Deblasio won't be boss forever: technology stalls, assets become illiquid, infrastructure decays, and the poor get stuck holding the bag after the middle class gets decimated. The wealthy? They become party members and jockey for their place in the pyramid scam. The amount of force needed to create this dislocation of human nature and markets is ghastly, and takes several tomes to catalog.

  4. We just had a neighborhood Pharmacy that was around for 40 years, just closed because of this. Between the raise in taxes and the minimum wage hike he couldn't afford to stay open and he owned the building.

  5. It will soon be time for the murders and drug sell's to sky rocket.. They need to buy protection….

  6. More lies on Fox. The push the agenda of the wealthy. There is mo evidence that raising the minimum wage has anything but a positive net effect both the local and national economy.
    Any short term economic pain is isolated to marginal, and or poorly managed businesses and does not reach beyond the very spotty, and isolated examples the protect the wealth of me and my masters republican party likes to put out there.

  7. New York City/State taxes will skyrocket as more people leave the state and greedy politicians will try and make up for the budget shortfall.

  8. The plan is to get rid of small businesses

  9. More robotics coming to a store near you… De"Blah"sicko..

  10. De Blasio should be fired or impeached… he is too far to the left…

  11. When have the Dems been supportive of the poor and people of color? These Dem controlled cities are becoming the likes of Chicago and Detroit. But keep voting them in city dwellers.

  12. Art its a trade war or a shooting war!

  13. de blasio is the WORST mayor NY has ever had

  14. Nyc is too liberal to be the business capital of the world

  15. No discussion of socialism necessary; people have voted with their feet and are leaving states like NY and Cali.


  17. I think that the taxes in new york , will lower the price of property , so i think we will see somebody , buying all these propertie's AFTER , they reduce in price , a place like new york , will alway's have ppl going there , so i think it's a scam and the mayor is in on it !!!

  18. Because don't forget: Trump is allowed to be President for two terms. So, even if he does get replaced in 2020 he can always come back – if he hasn't died from natural causes by then – in 2024, & every 4 years after that.

  19. China's waiting to see the results of the 2020 election. Trump gets re-elected & China will concede. If he's replaced – & why would you want to replace the guy, if you can just give him another 4 years & not have to deal with him ever after.

  20. Remember Dedumbos remarks at the debate. We will tax the hell out of the rich.

  21. I personally boycott all big fast food restaurants and only go to Mom and Pops

  22. 🤕 Democrats have planned this! They want to bring everyone down on their knees including this leader! They're laughing that every time businesses cut employees!

  23. Minimum wages typically increase about 50c every year. In LA city (metro) its 1 dollar, but it's done gradually so that companies and consumers can keep up with the rise in productivity costs.

  24. Art Laffer is a giant wacko! He’s quite the laugher! There are empty stores everywhere it’s called Amazon. The most prosperous time in America we had taxes at 70% this guy has no clue.

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