As Chinatowns struggle, a new push to preserve culture and community

Chinatowns across the United States are rich with culture and history, however, they have been struggling. Recently, the National Trust for Historic Preservation listed two Chinatowns in Philadelphia and Seattle among America’s most endangered places. NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen speaks to businesses and community leaders about trying to revitalize these communities.

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  1. Move to the suburbs. Newer generations don’t live in downtown.

  2. I support Chinese community They are all great

  3. As a Latino man I want these ChinaTowns to survive. ASIAN LIVES MATTER

  4. 🙏 Can we please separate how we might feel about Communist China from Chinese Americans and the Chinatowns that have been here for generations?

  5. Oh, so now preserving culture and community ISN'T racist?

  6. Are they gonna keep their police stations open?

  7. They can go back to China, get to your roots .

  8. Its the lords land not theirs.

  9. Perhaps this is anecdotal – I live in an urban setting, never have I witnessed any of this so called "asian hate". Anyone else?

  10. The american dream is dead.

  11. Why do Chinese men always cry?

  12. The lifeblood of america from early america that we have failed to reinvigorate and preserve

  13. Where are the rich beautiful Asians now?

  14. The illegal migrants will eventually run Chinatown as well as the entire city…

  15. I wish we would focus on space not war can we agree to forget about war and start focusing on getting all of us to space.

  16. Have talks and organize businesses. May be combine every two Chinatown into one. Have better business opportunities and security.

  17. I am chinese / asian studies in college. I see it as it is the way to be the new person in America. the way to earn that american dream is to sub-urbanized, live and eat like the white people, abandoned old culture, live in big houses. everyone done that, Italian, Amenian, Irish, pre-war era older chinese-American, everyone move up the society to be come a person and Americanized. BTW, if I don't speak and read the language,,,,,, how dare Iam , to call myself real chinese………

  18. All these Chinese people are owned by CCP! Even after they come here to America the CCP is still watching them and using them as spy’s!

  19. ALL CHINESE PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING IN AMERICA TODAY SHOULD BE DEPORTED BACK TO CHINA! The Chinese people are here watching for CCP China and they report back on America to CCP China! CCP is the number one enemy of Americans! Get the Deportations started today!

  20. The only answer to the race problem in cities is to integrate and become one with the collective.

  21. 90% of chinese owners were not born here…. and they send the majority of the profits back to china…. ive worked for many many many chinese owners all over the united states as a hibachi chef…. im no rasist but tbh im born here and want american money to stay in america not funneled out… great great people but i dont agree that its a way to profit china within american borders……

    Edit…. i was asked from the owners brother (my spots manager) to help western union like $4900 to china but i was red flagged and they refused to let me send money to my "friend" in china 😅😅😅 now when owners ask me i just say no…

  22. They are killing a magical place! Tragic

  23. Incredible how the media is protecting and promoting the fracturing of America along racial, ethnic, and cultural lines. As if preserving chinatowns is a good thing for America.

  24. "New York China Town he grew up in." No. New York does not belong to him. That man is not an American and never will be.

  25. It's happening in Boston too

  26. Houston Chinatown was near downtown but moved out towards the southwest suburbs. It didn't disappear.

  27. So only certain ethnicities can "preserve their culture" without being racist is that it?

  28. What about the culture in the bronx?

  29. im sure chinatowns would get more funding if they were black

  30. Support Chinatown businesses ❤

  31. What Do We, American citizens and the Republications in office need to do to KICK OUT/Sequester President Biden, VP Harris, WH Democrats, FBI, DOJ, CIA and the Military – ASAP!!! WHAT can we do as citizens, Americans of the USA to take back our country RIGHT NOW? Is there a BIGGER, BADDER GUY OR GROUP hidden, somewhere out there….like a “The Imperial Wizard,”that is tucked away somewhere for just this kind of Betrayal of our USA Government?!

    Again, I want to know where these 36% of Americans (a poll showed two weeks ago) that are still supporting President Biden and the WH Democrats. We know most of the 36% are in the “Blue States,”and am sure some are scattered throughout. We, true Americans that love our country for it’s freedom of speech, religion, education, and the select Americans that are farmers – that produce our food source, etc.

    FIND THAT Imperial Wizard; FIND those groups that are for the people like, The Muskeers and/or Robin Hoods that work behind the scene (I know they are in hiding, waiting for that command).