Tuesday , June 22 2021
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As Firearm Ownership Rises In The Black Community, Gun Store Ownership Remains Low | NBC News NOW

Since March 2020, the FBI has conducted over 46 million firearm background checks. The National Shooting Sports Foundation found that firearm purchases by Black Americans increased by any other race, up by 56%, but Black gun store ownership remains rare.
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  1. I hope most of these people who look like me aren’t still voting Democrat. Especially the store owners because that one lady in the “pro Trump neighborhood sounds like she’s still a Democrat.

  2. Regardless of race, gun ownership is the equalizer against oppressive powers.

  3. it's amazing to me how NBC manages to find a way to put a racist spin on increasing gun ownership in the USA. If you can't shove your anti-gun agenda down our throats, then just turn it into a race issue, am I right?

  4. Love the Soloman's!!!!
    They are professional and knowledgeable!

  5. Wow almost 18 million first time gun owners yeah people are against gun ….. not

  6. Good practice your second amendment right!💯

  7. People are waking up and seeing that it's not the Right or the NRA or other such organizations that have kept the black community from buying and owning firearms. It's always been the left. The NRA was founded partly on arming blacks against the KKK, an organization created by democrats to keep blacks out of the work force and unarmed. It's always been the left who have created more and more laws to keep the black community from owning firearms.

  8. It is about time that these people started arming themselves!

  9. are there any latino-owned gun stores?

  10. "I know I m more at risk if I call the police"

  11. It's cultural appropriation. Black people didn't invent the gun. Let's call it what it is, right? Driving a car, cultural appropriation. Flying in a plane, cultural appropriation. That's what it is.

  12. They are ready to storm into the White House very quickly . Very well trained

  13. These guns are dangerous for a country. They dont offer security but rather show how insecure people feel. The country should seek alternative values.

  14. Well, if some people are planning a race war, then ALL races need to be armed!!!

  15. They still want to be separated from other people.

  16. EVERYONE should own a firearm.

    Only, they need to train with that firearm and learn how to handle it safely.

    Not "learn" how to use it by watching movies or music videos and playing video games.

    We ALL should also push for the original meaning of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED…. Not what The Powers That Be have twisted it to mean.

  17. Gotta love the guys who cosplay MWF at gun ranges. Just Absolutely nothing cool about it at all. Nobody thinks you are cool, or in control of the situations. Never.

  18. Bravo to these legal American firearm enthusiasts for exercising their 2A Right. Colion Noir should open a gun store in AZ or on the Strip in Las Vegas.

  19. What's the point of buying guns from black-owned businesses — when in reality your funding white manufacturers of guns — making white gun manufacturers richer — we need black gun manufacturers to make it balanced economically speaking

  20. The End Time:
    My SON will destroy the multitude willing to fight.
    And he will gather around him the peaceable multitude.
    These are the ten tribes. (native)
    This is easy to see!

  21. Honestly I don’t blame them

  22. Always good to see more good people with guns. I just wish the instructor would not stand in front of the students while their barrels are aimed in his direction(ALL guns are always loaded)

  23. This statistic tells you there are a lot of black conservative folks out there that the media will never tell you about

  24. Great News! Grew up in a household with @ least 2 guns. Father was a WW2 vet. Home was safe.

  25. I thought we were all joking when we were talking about the race wars

  26. You want 10 on 1 , you want all the cheerleaders a 50 0oint head start . Still waiting BOYS

  27. Even if I give you every handicap in the world. Yous still be to scared to compete with me ….

  28. Is it me or that black dude gun instructor was teaching the student how to shoot positioning himself in front of a loaded gun??? The first rule in a shooting range is having your gun aiming to the ground away from people! WTF…..he doesn't care about his life?

  29. Excellent! I'm so happy to see new firearm enthusiasts learning safe handling, and having a great time. Every new gun owner is a pro gun voter once they feel what it's like to be persecuted by the anties.

  30. I don't like more guns it leads to more violence..at the same time it comes a time when you have to take a stand ,the easiest way to peace is to love one another… having said that Fal .308 Is my favorite , iron sights..no optics Another thing that's a shame , they easy to obtain legal or not , Make a new black panther party and let them work with the good officers, against domestic terrorist,for all americans,while building a bridge between law and community,then put the guns away and live in peace together #IronMadien

  31. This focusing on race is so off puting, but it's always nice to see people get over stigmata, and thier own mental barriers. Hopefully they can learn to apply such mental tactics elsewhere in life.

  32. Excellent! I open carry frequently and it is definitely a liberating and humbling experience. My wife and I both feel much safer when we're out.

  33. Corrupt, Dem run DOJ & FBI harass Americans Ethical, Law abiding citizen & give crackhead, pedophile Lawbreakers ie bidens complete immunity.

  34. A knife is also a weapon of war

  35. The hypocrisy is real haha!

  36. The 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed upon.

  37. Finally getting Democrats to understand personal protection and their rights!

  38. Black people will stand up to racist cops now

  39. I learned at age 6. Get on my level

  40. No MORE GUNS. I told my wife there will be a war against the racist cops. Until the racist cops are fired, there will be a fire fight.

  41. You're damned right we are arming ourselves! IN DEFENSE. There's over 74 million (Trump supporters & white supremacist) reasons why we WILL keep our family safe.

  42. White Nationalists should be aware… when I was an Army Drill Sergeant I found black Trainees are just as good marksman as white Trainees.

  43. We all know there's a certain group that doesn't need guns stop blaming the police and stop the black on black

  44. Society turn good person into gun person

  45. This was bound to happen again, people who are scared learning how to shoot, what can go wrong ???

  46. Good maybe it will help lift my stock.

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