Asa Hutchinson: This is not a case that should be brought

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson discusses the disagreements over whether the House can call in D.A. Alvin Bragg over the Trump case on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. All thanks to Maskoffaid on YouTube I just got $7,000 from my flip cash thanks you

  2. All thanks to Maskoffaid on YouTube I just got $7,000 from my flip cash thanks you

  3. Trump should be arrested & imprisoned for aesthetic atrocities

  4. First president of the U.S.A.that I ever prayed for .God knows why I never prayed
    For past presidents & why I don't pray for our current president, but I am still praying for Trump. Oh lord ,yes daughter
    Gezzz he understands, do I? Humor on a Sunday, god bless Trump & the American
    People who r true Patriots. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. We the People are going to return the favor and get into the politician's business same way they got into government "health care" like fresh water, shelter and food that Main Street Business had taking care of its back, so to speak…everyone "serious" like professional engineers, scientists, and producers of "consumer goods" MUST NOW go get the form and fill it out, run for local office. It's obvious they need help, right? USA deserves a Professional Engineer Licensed person to take over the Department of Transportation from Pete instead of letting Chinese have it to "own" through computer "elections"….

  6. Globalist, part of the problem, please retire

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  8. So what .the democrats have gone after trump non stop. It's time to push back.

  9. Forensic Audit Elections. Clean up CROOKED voter rolls

  10. I am so fortunate that I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I am a single mum living in Melbourne Australia who bought my second home in September and is hoping to retire next year at 50 if things continue to go smoothly for me

  11. If local authority Bragg wants to overstep his own bounds and try to prosecute a federal crime, then he has stepped into the oversight range of Congress, or any other federal authority.

  12. He’s a huge RINO, get lost dirt bag

  13. Did anyone hear Asa say Trump did nothing wrong? A politician is above the law? A Manhattan DA has no rights to prosecute crimes in his or her jurisdiction? Listen to what these MAGA Cult members are saying.

  14. Dear Fox Network! I do not want to listen to a pro Biden Anchor or Guest on your program!! Or any anti Trump rhetoric! I'm a Maga!!!

  15. Congress can do anything they want!!! F*ck Bragg!! F*ck Biden!

  16. Who's worse Bidrn or Bragg!! Well Bragg is a complete pathetic worthless failure of a DA but can't hold a candle to how horrible Biden is as a president!! I HATE BIDEN WITH A PASSION!

  17. The House does have oversight of local D.A.'s who are involved with federal election interference, or if they are abusing federal grant money, or if Bragg is abusing Trump's civil rights.

  18. A general said US soldiers take an oath to protect our Constitution with their lives, we must elect people who are willing to protect the Constitution with their jobs. This MAGA Cult like Trump is a cancer.

  19. TRUMP & THE WRONGS OF MAN – 2023 ??

    As history persists nothing has changed

    Our days are more dangerous than before.

    Most never seek the true facts or answers

    They just follow the clowns they fear or adore.

    The falsehoods of life shadow man’s soul

    Testing our faith, temperament and resolve.

    Real heroes defend, unite and liberate

    Facing problems with a mandate to solve.

    Some gain wisdom by their own mistakes

    While too many agonize from conceit.

    Far greater are deeds achieved by the truth

    Than any practiced by lies and deceit.

    The words of the wise are heard in quiet

    More than the loud shouts of screaming fools.

    Wisdom and knowledge cause stability

    In the lives of those who use them as tools!

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

    George Bush Tom Zart

  20. Did Braggs office get/use any Federal funds ?

  21. What a POS political hack

  22. Wow interesting there's nothing there in there complain

  23. The only people behaving like Criminals are the people that keep suing Trump & charging him with bogus crimes.

  24. Free Campaigning for Trump. ALL of governments misuse money.

  25. Get back to truth people. Chaos chaos chaos it wouldn't be happening if everybody was one nation under God that's what America was that's what it's supposed to be!

  26. America one nation under God!

  27. Why are y'all not stopping that criminal da

  28. Hutchinson is so off the mark, it is pathetic.

  29. Just a distraction from the bank bailouts and 10% for the big guy

  30. Hutchinson should be complaining to Bragg and the DOJ about this bull crap

  31. I’m starting to think they open ridiculous “investigations” just so they can tell congress they “can’t answer on ongoing investigations”

  32. Randi Weingarten has the I.Q. of a toilet seat😮

  33. yeah take a long walk off of a short pier fox and whoever this old RINO is. MAGA Trump America first.