Friday , November 27 2020
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'Ask The President Of Finland A Question': Trump Deflects Ukraine Questions | NBC News

President Trump got into a heated exchange with a reporter when he was pressed on what he had asked the president of Ukraine to do about former Vice President Biden and his son.
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‘Ask The President Of Finland A Question’: Trump Deflects Ukraine Questions | NBC News


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  1. wow, joffrey's in a pretty bad mood.

  2. Just needs some benny hill music and it’s good to go.


  4. Sooner or later This fool is going to have a heart attack on stage.

  5. “Libtard” is far too kind a title for you idiots. Just WOW

  6. Journalists acting like a bunch of rabid wolves that are scenting fresh blood. What else is new?
    I mean this meeting was about Finland and USA. And did single journalist ask about this relationship?
    No. Every reporter there had before hand decided to slam Trump with their shi*ty impeachment bs. They did not care a sh*t about the meeting, or about Finland, all they wanted was to bully President Trump so they could get few nice shots for the yellow press rags they work for. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting. Needless to say, NBC was with the pack, howling and licking their own balls. Have you no shame, or spine at all?

  7. Excellent reply by a true entrepreneur, and not a bureaucrat, as the USA have had for many, many years in office. Overwhelmingly, the media is one-sided, fake, and corrupt: That is the reality. And he will win again come 2020; both Democrats and media are persuading voters more and more to vote for him. So, baiting 'reporters' like this are only playing into the hands of Trump's political campaign. He deserves to be reelected because, currently, no one else out there has actually worked in the 'real world' for as long has he had. Of course, the liberals do not want him because he is too straightforward and business focused. Look at the economy…

  8. Very stable genius indeed.

  9. The President of the United States having a mental breakdown.

  10. Tim's been taking this political thing a bit too seriously lately.

  11. Snl skit for this saturday is just writing itself 😆

  12. It is obvious that most EU and American leaders and politicians see the ordinary citizen as fools, since we are seldom told the truth what goes on behind doors. Is this the world we want to live in? Where our representatives in Washington and Europe lie to us in a world dominated by a few repulsive, egotistical wealthy elites? Will we allow their unfathomable despotism to lord over our lives from crooked centers of power in Washington and Brussels? Is there not one patriot or honest man or politician left who will stand up against this terrible injustice being forced on mankind?

    The only solution remains at the ballot box. That is one answer, but we must be vigilant who we are electing because today in both the EU and America most mainstream parties have proven they are all basically the same, with the same agendas, and rigged party platforms used to get their candidates elected. And they all take money campaign donations from the same wealthy shady donors and lobbyists who happily provide funds in return for political favors.

    Most people in the mainstream news media and know this and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump, and I do as well, but where were those same people when George W. Bush was elected President? No one said a thing when he started the phony War in Iraq. George W was probably the worst war-mongering president we ever had with his lies about Saddam having Weapons of Mass Destruction, yet most of our news media in the EU and U.S. backed Bush and sold us that phony WMD story. What kind of responsible news media is that?

  13. Media asking stupid questions again. Trump 2020 Boys!

  14. It's the janitorial crew they should be interviewing you would be surprised at what they know

  15. Trump's scandal containment strategy:

    Deflect- Project- Gaslight- Cry victim- Repeat

  16. what do you think , Trump will win in 2020?

  17. Stupid mindless journalist!!

  18. SING "Snakes and alligators and long neck fences , shooting immigrations and not telling Pence . just goes to show you Trump has no sense, bone spurs and windmills give Cancer is just afence ,Mexico is not paying for the fence , now Trump is being Impeached for favors and has no defence ……___


  19. C'Mon America your President is a nutcase, what is going on?

  20. jajajajajajajaja the dictator

  21. The Finish reporter asked their president what favors Trump asked of him. HAHAHA !!!!

  22. NBC news is corrupt and the enemy of America.

  23. Omg he is f *********'. Hopefully some REAL republican beats him and will be republican nominee instead of this f hoax guy

  24. You are lying and giving people disinformation. He did not deflect the question, he gave his answer twice, the reporter then asked him again and he said, ‘are you talking to me?’ Because the media want an answer that is NOT the truth. The MSM is complicit in ruining this country by allowing the news to be owned and manipulated by the Deep State.
    I have done hours and hours of independent research for many years and the truth is never the way it is delivered to the public. You are a disgrace.
    And the general public who believe the MSM are only showing their naivety and stupidity for taking their word as truth without doing independent research.
    EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT ABOUT RELIGION, SCIENCE, POLITICS, HISTORY IS A DELIBERATE LIE TO CONTROL HUMANITY. This has been going on for hundreds of years and it’s time for people to wake up.

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