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  1. What would you ask Michael and Charissa?

  2. Mick: Do you feel like you lived up to your potential/exceeded your expectations? Are you satisfied with your NFL career?

    Charissa: Can I clone you, or better yet brainwash you to give someone who ISN'T in the 1%a shot?

  3. Michael Vick is a dog 🐕 killer…what can he bring to the table…how many puppies 🐶 did he throw in the dog fighting pit to get them riled up?????? You can put lipstick 💄 on a pig 🐷 and it’s still a pig 🐖!!!!

  4. No disrespect but Charissa has some A1 nudes ✊🏽👌🏽

  5. F*** Michael Vick Throw him in cage of pit bulls and let them eat him

  6. How many wins did mikes best dog have? Are PiTBuLLs and rots the only good fighting dogs?

  7. Who do you think is the best team in the nfl.

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