Thursday , December 3 2020
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ASOS Haul, Unboxing & Try On! | Fashion Mumblr Vlogtober

An autumnal ASOS haul, Unboxing & Try On!

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❤ What I Bought ❤

Channing Tatum Calendar :
Black Boots :
Pink Chunky Knit Jumper :
Mango Metallic Shoes :
Snake Belt :
Fluffy Socks :
Boohoo Satin Top :
Dark Jeans :
Ripped Knee Jeans :
Buckle Jeans :
Carvela Shoes :
Fluffy Dressing Gown :
Warehouse Jumper :
Boohoo Blouse :


❤ What I Wore ❤

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Necklace :
Rings :


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  1. I'd love to hear your conclusions after you try your outfits. Did the shoe fit? Did you keep the victorian blouse?
    It'd be nice to have that feedback too ^^

  2. Love the mango shoes more than the carvella. Hate the 3rd pair of jeans, the first two pairs are nicer. I think the white boohoo shirt is actually really nice! Great video xx

  3. Loved the mom jeans and gold metallic shoes on you.

  4. you remind me soo much of freddy my love here on youtube

  5. Number 2 jeans for sure!! Love the pink boohoo top, the boots and belt! X

  6. Love your videos but not true about non leather shoes. Please see how many poor defenceless, animals die every year just for the fashion industry. They are skinned alive for their hide!

  7. I just love how you are able to find pieces identical to designer items. Especially gucci from this haul and Valentinos from misguided… Loved them ❤❤❤

  8. Jeans No 1 & the black snake belt & black boots = keepers! 💕

  9. "If anyone knows about topless Channing tatum calendars…" HAHAHAHHA

  10. So cute!! I love the pink chunky knit petite sweater from ASOS, may I ask you which size you got? 🙂 Thankyou!!

  11. Nice haul! I usually choose plain jeans but from the three you ordered I would pick #1 or #2.

  12. Are those Mango boots comfy?

  13. You are my favorite YouTuber! I love you're videos so much! Your style is amazing❤️❤️

  14. Josie you are amazing! I love all of your video's and I especially enjoy your clothing hauls. Please do a closet tour, I'm dying to see the all the items you have collected overtime! 🙂

  15. What you are wearing in the bigining ofor the video (not what you show what you bought from asos)?

  16. do you always keep all the items? Because it usually seems like everything fits and you approve all the clothes 🙂

  17. Ohhh the Mango boots…gorgeous! Warm here but still love all the snugglies esp the dressing gown…they are life in the chilly weather. Can't wait to see the gold shoes on! x

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