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At least 14 accusers file lawsuit against Lyft

They claim the company knowingly allows sexual predators to transport vulnerable passengers, while Lyft said it has designed safety policies for drivers and passengers.




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  1. I don’t get why there are no cameras in the car anyway. Protects the passengers AND the drivers.

  2. Frivolous! Crisis actors and tragedy profiteers are at gold mining mission again. America is really pitiful. Rideshare cos already get rid of poor dtivers on minute matters, and these kinds of "victim play" will make these rideshare cos use even more heavy handed approach towards even good drivers for minor something

  3. Funny how all of these lawsuits, complaints, and scandals are all over the news now that election season is around the corner 🧐

  4. There are 2 sides to every story but that fucking media destroys the truth.

  5. This will f it up, because they will scrutinize drivers that been to prison yet are not sexual preditors.
    A fucked up world because I wouldn't so much as flirt with a passenger and simply keep it 100% professional.

  6. Rideshare uber and lyft do not care about anything or anyone the government needs to get involved

  7. 103 Uber drivers and 18 Lyft drivers were accused in 2018.
    In 2016, a Kalamazoo, MI Uber driver ended up killing six people.
    His attorney planned insanity but Dalton plead guilty to spare families of trials, the one good thing he did.

  8. “I’m a victim, I’m a victim, pay me” that’s what I here

  9. No names, just the company who makes the money, OF COURSE M'LADY!

  10. On most cases its the passenger who we have no background checks on

  11. The deal about pretty scary about to know that women's would find that type of situation..😨😵😫😠👿💩

  12. I don't know why people would still use services like this, common sense would tell you not to do it, but fuck me for thinking like that, right? Either get a car yourself, take public transportation, or walk, but don't pay to get in some stranger's car. Taxi cabs maybe shit service, but I never heard of a cab driver who wanted to rape his customer.

  13. well, take responsibility for yourself… dont leave yourself vulnerable … remember, people WILL committ a crime or actions they believe they CAN get away with.

    I wouldnt ride in a car with ANY stranger, PERIOD> I cant say that I feel sorry for anyone else, just that I feel bad they didnt know better.

  14. I watched a Lyft driver get the shit beat out of him the other day it was funny because he was a toad

  15. DRIVER: "That's it… LYFT your skirt up and drop those panties!"

  16. Bus. Train. Taxi. All are good. Uber/Lyft intent money scam. Taxi driver paid fairly. Uber/Lyft by design takes the portion of money Taxi drivers get to be profitable. So who is going to be your Taxi? Someone with ulterior motives

  17. Ladies, times have changed no one is going to protect you except yourself. If you have to kill a motherfucker you kill a motherfucker. Get a pocket knife get pepper spray take a boxing class protect yourselves because no one will! It is ridiculous how lenient the laws are for rapist sometimes. They let them out after 7 to 15 years. Hello a rapist will always be a rapist! Protect yourselves people at all means if you have to kill them to protect yourself fucking do it! Don’t let yourself submit to any situation!

  18. There are just to many bad actors in America.

  19. Lol it's funny. Predators get hired by them but if you have a weed charge it's a big no

  20. Not adequate background checks ? I don't understand how this happens because they are basically hiring strangers. Can someone explain this to me?

  21. What you spect from this people who drive lift and Uber you get what you pay for.. y’all don’t hear this about taxi 🚖 I won’t never let my wife or my family use this crap 💩…UBER AND LIFT ARE NOT SAFE TRANSPORTATION..specially for women

  22. Anytime you have men and women alone things are gna happen I'm sure regular cabs have the same issues from time to time I mean look at the white house!!!..The President grabs women by the pussy!!! Another President had oral sex inside the oval office with an intern!!!!!How about Hollywood and what Matt Lauer banging women at work over his table and he works for a major news network!!!!

  23. Seth McFarland you beast you did it again lol

  24. That's funny not the situation but I have two tickets on my record and I can't drive with Lyft but they letting sex offenders on bro y'all dead ass. I only got two tickets for spending and one got dropped so Lyft where you at.

  25. So tolerant. It can't be existed.

    I think it's kind of a trend. Corporations are lazy and seem to be empty minded. Individuals are subject to strict rules or manners and "oppressed". Or is such a trend almost over now? (My words are not really correct 🙁 )

  26. I just never got around to using Lyft because I have Uber.
    But, the amount of crazy drivers I've met is enough for a lawsuit.
    3 fender bender, 1 hit and run, sexual comments and flirtations left to right. Oh, one drunk driver!

    I'm so used to it. It's like taking the bus, you get what you get 🙎


  28. California should once again lead by example, and put the 22,000 currently incarcerated sex offenders in prison onto Pedo Island. It will save us $1.5 billion in prison costs and keep our communities safe

  29. I'm tired of these false allegations by these women!

  30. A lyft driver touched my weiner

  31. Could be a $ grab golddiggers cry wolf when #metoo is involved !
    Sue for $ how is that fix the crime instead of prosecution ⁉️

  32. It’s sad but how much they want?

  33. The proper way to say it is that there are some sick people out there, don't blame men in general.

  34. I work for a vending machine co. Have to fill the victim card machines in womens' bathrooms at the bars twice a week.

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