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At least 2 people killed near German synagogue on Yom Kippur l ABC News

One person is under arrest after a shooting in the German city of Halle left two people dead on one of the holiest Jewish days. READ MORE:

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  1. No big deal since he is not Muslim just similar to New Zealand shooting
    Did French president aware of this?

  2. Seriously didn’t this clown test let alone train with his DIY weapons?

  3. Why would jews be living in Germany? Says it all really.

  4. Anyone want me to post his FPV video?

  5. Israeli false flag..lavon affair

  6. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaarright anitsemite – kills an arab and a german 😀 try better to falseflag it next time good luck.

  7. I thought you guys have gun laws

  8. I saw the video. Absolutely dreadful. Also, EVERYBODY was a retard, even the victims. Here's why;
    The shooter constantly missed and misfired, and had to reload after EVERY SHOT. It was like a musket, so slow.

    The Police were slower than the shooter.

    The victims were slower than the police and stupider than the shooter. The first victim literally turned her back on the shooter and slowly tried to walk away, no hurry, even though he was clearly struggling to aim and shoot at her.

    The second victim, wounded, hid behind a soda machine with a 'friend'. After the shooter spent 30 SECONDS reloading, the friend abandoned his wounded buddy to save himself when he could have tackled the shooter easily and saved a life.

    But no. And the wounded man stayed behind the soda machine when he could have at least crawled into the secure room his friend had hid in.

    I wish this tragedy had never happened, but fuck, so much stupidity. Do people really die like scared lemmings to a weapon that functions worse than a muzzleloader?

  9. This guy built all his guns and explosives to show the rest of you cucks who lost your balls and guns that you can still wage war. He failed in his plans, but succeeded in keeping the ball rolling. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

  10. Another Mossad False Flag… anytime SITE intelligence reports…. Rita Katz and her fellow Mossad Husband are involved..

  11. It was a horrific mistake to take in the Muslim migrants.

  12. No surprise! The Koran says to kill non Muslims. It's the only religion doing it in large numbers – 3000 in the U.S, 800 in Russia, recently 50 in Sri Lanka….

  13. People love to joyfully talk about nazis and there mediocre rise to power in Europe. Fuck these Nazi shits

  14. Ain’t nobody surprised this happen. Somebody bring back the Soviets because these Germans are acting up again

  15. Are they considering it a “ religious “ attack… hmmm Yom Kippur- the Holiest in Jewish Callander- a scumbag Is shooting and trying to break into a synagogue to murder Jews… but it’s “ not decided” yet??? Bunch of prejudice politically imbecile fucks- !’ Name it!!

  16. When will we address The
    Jewísh Question?

  17. Aren't guns banned in Germany? Wonder why gun bans didn't stop this?

  18. Why didn't the MSM cover this? Hmm –Germany: Knife-wielding Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” enters synagogue, is released, cops unsure of motive

    OCT 7, 2019

  19. When people want to hurt someone, it doesn’t matter how many restrictions you put on deadly weapons, they will find a way to get a hold of them, and all the restrictions do is make it near impossible for normal citizens to get those weapons to defend themselves. Plus this could even be a gun he made himself, because most guns these days are not single-shot.

  20. I stand with the people whose loved ones were murdered in this horrible hate attack. RIP! 🥀

  21. Hey, why isn't this labeled as an act of terrorism? Oh that's right, the dude didn't claim to be Muslim. Doesn't fit the narrative. Now I'm not saying 2 lives list is nothing but wayyyyy more Muslims are being targeted and killed in mosques. That's not in the news though.

  22. Wth ABC news couldn't even show Halle correct on a map… Quality journalism…

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