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At least 5 people stabbed at Hanukkah celebration

Police have one person in custody after the man burst inside of a Rabbi’s home just outside of New York City and stabbed several people


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  1. What the absolute fuck⁉️ seriously…

  2. Thank you TRUMP and Stephen Miller !!!!

  3. Time to ban knifes since it was the knife that did the stabbings … yikes

  4. You can't even pray without worrying about getting your schmeckle cut off these days! What a pain in the Tookus!

  5. Well what's the suspects name?

  6. If one person had a gun this would have ended quickly.

  7. You mean. You dont have to use a gun to commit mass murder?

  8. Damn now they gonna take away our knives👎

  9. We know what the victims had in common, but what about the suspects?

  10. *sarcastically puts hands on cheeks
    Wow, it almost seems like you don't need a "scary assault rifle" like you leftist cucks call it, to kill and/or maim other human beings. Wow, oh man, who would have fuckin thought right?

  11. Can they conceal carry in New York?

  12. ANOTHER STABBING IN NEW YORK HUH….WELL LETS SEE IF THESE FUCKING LIBERAL POLITICIANS WILL BAN KNIFES TOO…. the victims in this senseless stabbing have the Governor of New York to blame and the state legislature and the Attorney General as well…. these liberal politicians have made New York City a gun-free zone and it's really funny because by disarming law-abiding citizens those politicians leave them defenseless against would-be attackers such as in this case…. the state of New York and specifically the city of New York have violated the people's 2nd amendment rights for decades and the people have accepted it…… the citizens of New York have proven that they can care less about the 2nd Amendment by the way they vote….. it's also funny is that the same politicians who took their gun rights away enjoy a lavish lifestyle with armed security…..😂😂😂😂😂…..get the fuck outta here man….NEW YORKERS NEED TO VOTE FOR POLITIANS WHO WILL RESTORE THEIR GUN RIGHTS BACK…..But.. if they don't care about the 2nd Amendment but all I have to say is enjoy the stabbings…..

  13. Diversity is our strength?

  14. Please put cameras on places of worship and lock the front doors

  15. in france a disgruntled rabbi defaced a jewish graveyard.

  16. Middle age black male,used a machete,not knife.wonder if he is a follower of the black hebrew israelites?if he is watch how media will keep it low keyed.

  17. What the hell is wrong with people!

  18. Knife Reform! Ban Them! Come On Congress Do Your Job!

  19. It's a good thing they cut the horns off the gazelle to protect it from the Lion.
    I got friends in safe spaces they might get stabbed at least we're not shot in the face so it's okay in my safe space.

  20. Just another hate crime in THE USA. Hate crimes that have risen since Trump took office.

  21. Well I guess we can rule out any "white supremacists." If it were a white suspect, that would be all they talked about. Instead, not a mention of WHO did it. You're fooling no one.

  22. Uh oh. Government gonna try and ban knives

  23. Ilhan Omar is happy. She’s the one who pushes anti-Semitic propaganda.

  24. Maybe if people were allowed to criticize Jews without being labeled anti-Semitic things like this wouldn’t happen! After all, there are plenty of legitimate issues to criticize Jews for — but to do so one is unfairly labeled a bigot.

  25. these people wouldn't have happened if there was stricter gun control ya know…….

  26. They ( the progressives) flood our country with radicals then cry crocodile tiers when these senseless attacks occur . Yet , they want to take honest Americans ability to defend themselves away.

  27. Common sense knife control!!!

  28. He used an assault knife

  29. we need to ban weapons just like New Zealand did

  30. You mean to tell me he stabbed 5 people and then got away? He would have stabbed one person in my home, after that, the only other person getting stabbed would be him. 🤷‍♂️

    The last 4 deaths are on who ever sat there and pooped their pants and watched as this person continued on their stabbing spree and then got away.

  31. This is a time for prayers not a time to infringe on my second amendment rights and take away my guns.

  32. The people who run New York City and New York State openly abhor Jews…expect to see more of this

  33. Yo I swear ever since that shooting in Jersey shit went left on some next shit

  34. Time to pass laws to take away all knives. Isn't that the leftist way? Oh that's right they only have a phobia when a crime is committed with a gun. And then they only report it if it's a white guy. And they call it a hate crime. The old Soviet Union would be proud of you ABC!

  35. knife free zone sign should had been posted.

  36. The reason this is happening is because our House of Representatives especially Talib and Omar and Cortez spewing their anti-semitic hate all over the United States of America and their little liberal nut jobs that back them are hurting our Jewish Community Jewish Community this time to get yourself an armed security guard Lock and Load time to Lock and Load Jewish communities the Jews and Christians are under attack Jesus Christ says defend yourself defend yourself!

  37. If the suspect has ties to the right this will be big. If the suspect is tied to the left the story will die.

  38. Stephen Miller couldn't be reached due to him being in the big KKK rally at the Trumpfest 2019 Bohemian Grope closed-door meetings this weekend

  39. How’s that gun control working out for you New York?

  40. Ilhan Omar hates Jewish people. She has spoken against them. This is a result of her anti-Semitism. She needs to get voted out with 99 of her Democrat friends. Vote out 100 Democrats. #byebye100 And let me say I am deeply saddened that the Jewish people are being attacked again. Hitler is dead. Time to stop the hate.

  41. enough is enough! When can we ban guns! Oh wait….

  42. Liberal socialist democrats have brought a lot of hate to America

  43. Was a Popeye's Chicken sandwich involved?

  44. Determine if he's related or affiliated with I. Omar

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