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At least 5 police officers wounded in Philadelphia shootout

Dozens of police officers faced off against a gunman barricaded inside a home on a residential Philadelphia street, with at least five sustaining non-life-threatening wounds.




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  1. 5 shot that’s a massacre mass shooting could Jesse lee Peterson be rite 🤔

  2. Welcome to multi-cultural & multi-racial neighborhoods.

  3. Staged hoax just like all the other mass shootings hoaxes we've been seeing.

  4. America loved when cops die. someday every citizen is going to rise up and destroy every disgusting entity of the government that currently enslave America. good job dude.

  5. It's like GTA in real life

  6. Fake News all those cops shoot none dead? Yeahhhh right

  7. And I thought Fortnite was bad.

  8. Looked staged, how do you shoot hundreds of gun shots and cars are not even being hit? DON`T TRUST IT!!!

  9. Proof this was staged:

    Helicopter footage shows a cop squirting fake blood on the other cop's arms. The cop being sprayed had no blood or wounds on his arms prior to being sprayed with a red substance. You can clearly see this in the clips.

    6 cops reportedly shot, all of them were released from the hospital hours later. I can't find footage of cops being put into ambulances, only squad cars.

    Suspect is still alive, despite cops claiming he shot dozens of rounds at them. US cops kill unarmed ppl every day, but not a black man who was shooting at them?

    Neighbors were reportedly laughing and taunting the police, most likely because it was staged. No one would laugh if dozens of rounds were actually being shot at police.

    A man who lives nearby said he heard no gunshots at all.

    FBI was right on the scene and were seen standing outside of the hospital. They're always right there during these hoaxes.

  10. This was already proven to be staged by the helicopter footage. This country is so corrupt it's sickening. I'm assuming they'll be pushing for even more militarized police now.

  11. What would archie Bunker say ?

  12. BS!! We don't trust your "News"! Just look over here! Nothing to see elsewhere! Who buys this shit!

  13. A staged shootout, Tariq Nasheed broke this shit down, this is bull shit, a FAKE shootout… all of that shooting and he grazes people, no body dies!? Nobody gets killed accidentally from an AK spraying no stray death shots or fatal shots!?


  14. Everyone go to 0:57 you can see they sprayed blood on each other, if you don’t believe me go to it. Spiritual So also saw that it was a fake shooting just so they can blame video games and take away everyone’s guns. #FAKENEWS

  15. I thought they served warrants early morning when the perp would be sleeping?

  16. Y dont yalll show the video of the cops putting fake blood on his arm???
    False flag

  17. more senseless violence caused by the failed war on drugs

  18. If you slow it down to most you can on here at 0:57 it almost looks like the officer puts fake blood on him 🇮🇱

  19. Just more bullshit from the left to distract from the Epstien "suicide" and push their bullshit gun control agenda.

  20. You edited it. Now they are going to believe whatever the hell they want.

  21. Names and races of the injured officers?

  22. Moral of the story is white men are better shooters.

  23. Piece of shit Ghetto THUG!!

  24. This is fake. They just want to paint the black man as the worst terroist threat in America again. Even the people being interviewed look suspicious. How the hell does 1 guy take on trained professional's for 2 HOURS in a standoff, injure 6 policemen by gunfire, and get TAKEN INTO CUSTODY ALIVE AND HE'S BLACK?????!! FAKE NEWS!!

  25. Dustin Nemo's channel has footage of police spreading fake blood around the crime scene……

  26. Look like a False Flag situation to me and I been watching these "News" reports for almost a 1/2 century.

  27. Didn't he know this was illegal?

  28. Only good cop is a dead cop

  29. People are getting TIRED Of the Police. Y'all dont see that yet?

  30. Enough with this Epstein BS , he killed himself .

  31. Damn Trump supporters! Oh what’s that, media didn’t want to identify the shooter, a violent Terrorist, known felon from a known sh*thole city, just another day in Wakanda? Too bad he isn’t with Epstein now! No, we will not let PEDO Epstein go MSM.

  32. The hoodlums in the neighborhood were also harassing the police when they arrested the criminal it says a lot about those people. Also, the guy should've been shot but he wasn't which also goes against the false narrative that police are killing blacks like hillbillies portrayed by the fake news media.

  33. This is a great distraction from Epstein, true enough. But why were they there in the first place? Who the fuck gave a random ass judge the authority to send armed thugs to kidnap and rob people so long as he signs a little piece of paper first?

  34. gun control laws would not have prevented this.

  35. At 0:48 u can see they added FAKE blood

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