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Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly spends $30K on Trump hotel holiday party l ABC News

Barr said he was paying for the 200-person party at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., with his own money, according to the Washington Post.

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  1. Washington post says lies a lot

  2. Secret wide-mouth-frog convention.

  3. $30,000, wow! LOL! Come on ABC, It's his family gathering. He can have it where ever he wants. Slow news day.

  4. After letting Comey off, I see Bill Barr as another Democrat plant, a complete fraud. Worse than Jeff Sessions. It’s a sad day when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi win because the whole government is a fraud.

  5. Good for bill barr he should have spent 50k cheap bastard .

  6. After all this drama with Jeff Epstein, William Barr wants to party at trumps property. Was Alex Acosta invited too ?

  7. $30,000 for over 200 people is only $150 each. In DC that's cheap. Dinner at Marcels is $170 without drinks.

  8. So what? Not public money, why do I care? Fake news.

  9. The rule is: only $10 can be spent from Barr to Trump on a gift, so he is breaking the law.

  10. Trump will not give discount rates. They may need a special card for parking and getting in.

  11. Dear America, This is called getting ahead of the IG report w slander and propaganda.

    This is the only reason this is "news"

  12. So much for Trump cleaning up the swamp!! He just changed it over to HIS swamp!! By the way that DOJ OLC Memo is illegal. It's a criminal act of obstruction!! It obstructs Article 2 Section 4 of the Constitution. It is also criminal evidence in the Nixon Watergate fiasco and should be removed from the DOJ regs.

  13. He paid with his own money who fking cares!!!

  14. This isn't even news worthy. Bill Barr can spend as much money as he wants to on any hotel that he wants to. Why don't you guys go after real news? Only the delusional left would even give a shit about this. NO ONE CARES!

  15. Fucking criminals and traitors


  17. This makes perfect sense in the age of Trump…..lying, corruption, greed is the order of the day.

  18. Barr…this guy….the same asshole who's supposedly in charge of "finding out the truth" about his fellow Jew Epstein. The links just get deeper and deeper….

  19. Trump is kicking all your ass is that’s why you’re grabbing straws dumb shits

  20. I want them dead this week. FBI, CIA or secret service agents need to take out your service revolver and shoot him right between the eyes. You will be pardoned later.

  21. This guy is also a lying cheating fraudulent racist commie loving pedophilic sack of shit, a traitor. A dead man. I want him dead for having ruined my country.

  22. Comrade president Donald-vich did drain the swamp…because the critters that were in the swamp weren't corrupt enough for him. He refilled the swamp with absolutely corrupt monsters like himself. 🇷🇺

  23. Wowow this is a bombshell………

  24. Drain the swamp my ASS !!! Trump is filling the swamp to the rim. The over flow are all ready in prison.

  25. He paid out of pocket after trying to book at the other hotels. Why is this even a story and people wonder why they don't trust the MSM.

  26. Imagine Obama being involve in 10% of the crap Trump has pulled.

  27. Can we please deport this entire trump regime back to where they came from? They obviously hate American values? God, that would be awesome. Barr too.

  28. If it's his own money then fine. But if it's taxpayers footing the bills then it's another proof of open corruption in this administration. Moscow Mitch should investigate this but I doubt if any Republicans would check on this.

  29. William Barr, while you're at the party maybe you'll see someone to discuss the best techniques in deceipt, school scamming, and how to separate the country. Then, after the drinks get flowing, you'll want to play Hug the Flag and take some selfies!

  30. Yup that swamp is clean & clear as mud! wickedness in high places, no wonder Epstein choked and re-dressed himself. Sickening!

  31. Wonder who in this media company was associated with Epstein ?

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