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Aussie centurions delighted but focused on Edgbaston win

Steve Smith – with centuries in both innings – and Matthew Wade reflect on their hundreds during the second innings at Edgbaston that have put Australia in the box seat to claim a win in the opening Test


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  1. One of the best come back
    Well done smithy and wade

  2. Motherfuckers selectors get bailey in to the national side

  3. obviously, Steve Smith is the best test batsmen in the world rn

  4. Everyone would like to have a comeback in life as smith did.
    Newland's capetwown to Edgbaston Birmingham. Been complicated journey but he nailed it.

  5. The sand paper kid is back , the cry baby cheater

  6. One of the greatest batting performances I've ever seen, probably the best.

  7. Smith is great batsman in the world.Luv uhh from Nepal💓

  8. Steve Smith and Arna are very good batsmen
    My hope was to be a good cricketer but I could not go to the stadium till now for lack of money on bat balls and admission fees.
    I would like help from Steve Smith for my cricketing future

  9. Virat is better batsmen but in pressure situation there is no comparison for Steve Smith

  10. Why he was crying in 2nd inning??

  11. They asking questions to know our secret don’t fall for it don’t tell them 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 xxx

  12. Australia should reinstate Steve Smith as Captain… yes he made a mistake and he's learnt from it. He's not a bad guy…

  13. Smith is now in the conversation for all time 11.
    Seriously…he is.
    I've had my 11 set for some time.
    But I'd want Smith in there somehow.

    And I'm English.

  14. Steve Smith is without doubt the best test batter in the world. Now let’s see if he can finish as the greatest test batter of all time.

  15. Lemme get this clear for once and for all, Sir Don Bradman is the greatest test batsman ever, Smith may be the closest to him; amongst the all time greats……

  16. Best batsman of the decade smith

  17. No one can be better than Bradman, but Steve is the best since Bradman.

  18. Smith is better than moron ever-abusive kohli & tondumal rohit

  19. Indomitable smith.what a come back.Hope u soon break the record of bradman

  20. Super smith is back.. Respect from pak

  21. Talk about sponsorship, New Balance

  22. this steve smith is really very dangerous batter in test cricket

  23. Best since bradman? time will tell😘…but surely a genius 😍…Awesome 100 by wade😍😍😍

  24. The guy is a legend. Well done Smithy! You are stronger than you most would think. The past is in the past and you’ve put it well behind you. You are a superstar

  25. Steve Smith literally hits twin tons in his first test match back in the Ashes playing an away game


  26. Steve Smith the greatest batsman.

  27. Steve Smith is next best current generation test batsmen after chateshwar pujara.. 👍

  28. Hes a disgrace and shouldn't be anywhere near top class cricket

  29. No Doubt Steve World class player … Steve Your Comeback Made Me So so Lovable and I Admire You Very very Much Steve….Well Played Wade…

  30. Honestly can’t wait till he’s captain again.

  31. Mat wade looks far more potent as a cricketer when he's not being a loud mouth stand over wannabe. Focus seems to be much better of late.

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