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Australia unveil Indigenous uniform for England clash

Australia’s Meg Lanning and Ash Gardner explain the significance of the Aboriginal-inspired uniform for their T20 match against England next year, featuring the Walkabout Wickets artwork


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  1. Well, as the first team to tour England was Aboriginal, it is good to see Australia embracing the Indigenous Culture in this game. As an Aboriginal myself and aged 58 and knowing of the past injustices, I applaud this, and I follow the Girls as they are ALL good cricketers, regardless of their backgrounds.


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  3. Now you want honor the aborigines with this designed after centuries of treating them like sub humans .
    correct that you wouldn't treat animals like you did aborigines. we don't want it
    too late they don't need it.

  4. Wearing clothing they wouldn't have been able to develop ever. Its like wearing clothing designed by your disabled son- it feels like that the way you mention it too.

  5. As long as we beat the Brits I don't care what we are wearing but I like this outfit.

  6. Nice uniform for England clash

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