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Australian Health Care

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It’s been a while since we’ve done an international health care system episode. We thought you might need a break. That break ends now. Australia has the only continental, universal health care system, and it’s topic of this week’s Healthcare Triage.

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John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen — Graphics


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  1. 90% of GP's don't charge a co-payment

  2. The only thing that Australian Healthcare is short on is providing free or subsidized dental.

  3. I know Sweden healthcare system works also Canada , Canada has 22 million people Sweden 9.5 million people what is Australia's population 25.9 million 1/10 of Americas . America has 335 million people to insure ! Does Australia insure Illegals ? I know Sweden does not insure illegals ! Point here is a smaller population is easier to insure with taxed based insurance !

  4. Medicare and NHS . Best in world

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  6. I'm Australian, but, Morriscum and the Right Wing Nut Jobs wants to AMERICANISE OUR HEALTH CARE.

  7. This is the best healthcare system in the world.

  8. It is very natural to provide healthcare for everyone.. unless you think only rich people should survive.. lol

  9. This is utter nonsense.Australia isn't the only country 😂

  10. What? How is it? There are 30 countries with free healthcare..NHS in UK so why do you say this???

  11. America is the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare coverage 😔…There are 30 countries worldwide with free healthcare..God bless the NHS.

  12. Your comments regarding doctors fees have changed. They can charge what they like and plenty do. They don't like working in a bulk billing health centre because it really is run as a conveyor belt profit centre. Most young GPs start here.

    You do not mention specialists and ave all surgeons who are rolling in wealth.

  13. This is good but a bit outdated. The system in Oz is good with medicare.
    But private health insurance is a must, my wife and I pay $480 monthly. And that does not include any options like Reiki etc. Also it won't cover you overseas. Pretty useless.

    The problem is that specialists and surgeons fees are not regulated. A hip replacement left me $10 k to find even AFTER medicare and private insurance contributions.

    Certainly better than USA but it's heading towards your model. Medicine is a business, insurance companies listed on stock exchange.

    Yet the politicians do very well. Oh, and they are the most highly paid in the world.

  14. Make a vid on Israel's health care please

  15. United States Presidential Candidate, Tulsi Gabbard's healthcare proposall is basically the Australian model.

  16. Obesity is not low in Australia. Modern life makes people fat. Not the fault of the healthcare system though.

  17. Australian health is like Red Rooster on a public holiday.

    you really want KFC but it’s closed so you have to take the chicken and mayo roll and just enjoy it for what it is

  18. I’m Australian and 35 years old and and didn’t know a lot of this information, mainly because I know I can go to a hospital for a non-elective issue and it will be looked after for free. I can see a GP for free. My prescriptions are under $6. If referred to a specialist, that’s usually free too, including x-rays and blood tests.

  19. For some reason I hear Australia has a lot of epileptics lol. So if I was to move there I have retractable seizures and take meds that dont come in generic and tend to get the ambulance called frequently (Really dont want it, people just do it and I'm unconscious to say no)
    How is it seeing your specialist, not pcp due to them being intractable, and XR meds that arent generic because the chemical mix with different brands each month mess with the time release and induce even more seizure for me. I average about 3-7 a day. I take keppraXr, LamictalXR, Zonegran, and Aption

  20. And the liberal party wants to change this. VOTE LABOR

  21. Bro, you lost me, I have to watch this a few more times to get it.

  22. Andrew Yang is looking to implement this in the USA. While Bernie and Warren are trying to get the Canada model, Yang is pushing for something like this.

  23. apparently the U.S used to do something along the lines of this (it was obviously a bit different though) and the cost to healthcare was way cheaper. the system was something like if you dont make a certian amount of money a year you could go to the public hospital for free

  24. Broke my Foot. Didn’t have to pay a cent and I got free crutches and a free moonboot that I also got to keep after my foot healed. Also free X-ray appointments to see how my foot was going.

  25. “Yes that’s complicated. Thanks, Australia.” Basically sums up everything about Australia.

  26. We also get a thousand dollars for every child for dental before the age of 18

  27. Australians, you are lucky to have Medicare. Don't let the government to mess it up and push you to private health insurance. Private health insurance is a scam.

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  29. We don’t have a universal healthcare system. There isn’t even equal access for all citizens. If you’re indigenous and live remotely, you are unlikely to be able to access the health care system. This is why outcomes for indigenous people in Australia are so incredibly poor. Bulk billing is becoming increasingly more rare as the government have frozen the amount they’re prepared to pay the doctors. Waiting lists in hospitals can span decades in some states, for elective procedures.

    We have an excellent emergency care system, but we have a poor palliative care and pre-illness care system. We also have an incredibly poor public dental system and private dentists are often too expensive with the private health policies only paying out small amounts.

    Ambulances are also often not free, depending on the state you live in. If you have no private health insurance, the ambulance bill alone could bankrupt you.

  30. The obesity rates in Australia are probably low because the food is so expensive lol

  31. Australia has a big problem because all the muslims come here, interbreed and have major genetic disorders so the medical system is getting smashed. That’s coming from someone that is a doctor and works in a hospital. They thought in the 90’s it was the Lebanese, but realised it was actually the muslims.

  32. Australia is better than America in everything,particularly looking after its citizens.Americans who think they're the greatest free country in the world are sadly mistaken.

  33. Obesity is extremely low? 61% of the Australian population are overweight or obese.

  34. Yep Power Systems held together with duct tape and we'll wishes but it works and I am proud to say that I'm apart of it.

  35. The australian system is universal health insurance, not single payer…

  36. I'm a ex-Army aussie. Veterans get everything free(wounded ones) and everyone else pays 2% of there taxable income for medicare. What you pay out of pocket just clam it back at tax time. The rich pay more to pick up the slack from the poorer.

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