Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / News / Australian Student Pilot Lands Plane After His Instructor Passes Out | NBC Nightly News

Australian Student Pilot Lands Plane After His Instructor Passes Out | NBC Nightly News

It was Max Sylvester’s third lesson but his first time landing an aircraft — ever.
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Australian Student Pilot Lands Plane After His Instructor Passes Out | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Thanks Matt Bradley in London for telling us about the Australian flight instructors medical status.

  2. Great job! I almost always watch the videos coming out of Australia. That is where I learned how to speak. Sometimes I just miss hearing Australian voices. Usually no one can figure out where I am from. Ha ha ha ha

  3. I always wanted to get my private licences but it's to pricey.

  4. At one point when atc asked him what he was his transponder was squawking, he said "The reading is nose down." That's when I got concerned.

  5. Just btw, when max landed the plane the air traffic control guy said “ congratulations on your first solo” lmao

  6. He did the most important thing, fly the plane first!!
    Great job!

  7. Shouldn't be watching this. My son's next flight lesson is tomorrow. He has over 10 hours under his belt but still 😱

  8. Seems like the flight instructor did his job well

  9. Pilot: How Tough can this Be ?

    Instructor : Hold my Beer 😜…

  10. Ummmm….. Worst Pilot School…. EVER 😜!

  11. The company should give this guy the instruction for free. Excellent job by the "student" and the tower.

  12. Yea the landing is the fun part, it's like everything speeds up when hit that certain point of the runway. I love flying

  13. RULE #1 Don't stall the airplane(Watch your speed) ………….You are doomed depending on what altitude you stall the plane.

  14. Must be a diabetic why fly and he has a license WOW

  15. Australian people seem to handle anything well. They cool under pressure

  16. Lucky flight control talked him though it.

  17. He did pretty well with that jet. He landed the jet safely with help from air traffic control. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY

  18. Congratulations MAX👍🍻

  19. Well, we know who is getting an automatic graduation. Lol Rip the written test in front of his face is what I'd do.

  20. Lol if ur a man really thats all the leasons you need.

  21. Who else thought the Muslim looking dude hijacked the plane from the thumbnail? Be honest 😂

  22. It was a surprise final exam… he passed!

  23. That was a lie, first lesson, when u on ur 3rd lesson, this guy try hard to look guy but got exposed lol…

  24. It looks like a Cessna Skylane. Great job Max. I would fly with you any day!

  25. It's not incredible. It's totally credible. Incredible would be that the flight instructor was really an alien in disguise.

  26. Russia’s ‘Nuclear Titanic’ Floating Power Plant Is Setting Sail Toward Alaska.

  27. Ace Combat 8…. Life Edition

  28. I hope he got his money back for that Lesson.

    Knowing Bureaucracy these days, the student probably got charged extensive Air Services Fee's, and Fined for Piloting an Aircraft whilst unlicenced, and taking a passenger.

  29. Oh my God. I would die. 😳

  30. Huge thank you to the air traffic controllers and other first responders for helping save their lives – WELL DONE!

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