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Authorities searching for 13-year-old accused in double murder

Wearing leg restraints and barefoot, he escaped from custody while returning from juvenile court in North Carolina, officials said.


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  1. Ah of course it’s my state

  2. Eyes are the windows to the soul, whatever this child has done, is the parents fault and I think they should be held accountable

  3. "Purely socioeconomic reasons"

  4. Parents making blame.. He forgot to give his child a can of woop ass the second the child said 'no' ..

  5. He's a nappy headed little peckerhead. Old-fashion ass whooping with a solve this problem long ago. Kids need a little fear in their life. That's done with the leather strap.

  6. When they find him trump will give him a cabinet post.

  7. The dad sounds like a bad actor! "You said you would pay my phone bill if I said those thangs on the camera "

  8. Ran away barefoot & shackled and the guards couldn’t catch him smh

  9. I’m trying to compare the two races and give you some insight on how your surroundings can affect you. If we really wanna get deep into it Mexicans have it way worse then any race hands down . Our president is a good business man but a horrible person. There’s Mexican children that are suffering because of him and being separated from their families.

  10. I don’t understand why situations like this are glorified . This young man is only 13 years of age , not even fully aware from what’s right or wrong yet . You can look at his face and tell there’s something wrong with his mental health. I don’t ever like seeing a child ( REGARDLESS TO RACE ) be put in this situation without a 2nd chance. What really makes this worse , people start to judge him for the color of his skin . Let me guess you probably think he’s another black kid from the streets and there’s no way of rehabilitation . But let’s compare the two ( Races) ; we all know about your school shooters and how they kill multiple people . All school shooters are white males from suburban area in the U.S . With that being said , usually there’s no bad influences around these young men . But mentally they go through things like bullying and etc . But bullying can be avoided or faced head on , or any other problem in suburban areas . In the hood will all know there’s drugs, gangs and etc . All of those things are easy to get into when that’s all you see throughout your life. For example, white male ( not all ) grow up with money , a house and a two parent home . Living in a neighborhood with good influences and etc . But for a black male ( majority) grows up in the hood with horrible things like murder, gangs and etc . Living in a neighborhood with bad influences . You can’t compare the two races because there’s a BIG difference on how each race grows up . If they were equal then it would be different but it’s not .

  11. He's just a baby. I need details. Self defense?

  12. His little ass in bear country might not be coming back.

  13. ok how did the boy get away after leaving juvenile court why wasn't a officer with the boy that police office needs to be investigated big time

  14. I must be missing something………..
    A 13yr old in leg restraints……outruns the cops…. barefoot.

  15. i hope this idiot gets caught

  16. Pillar of the community he is!

  17. This kid just Shawshank Redemptioned before he could even be put in prison

  18. This moron blaming the county for his failed parenting skill , this is the reason these people shouldn't have kids…

  19. Raise your kids right. " Love"

  20. its the dads fault. should have used a condom

  21. You ever notice how stupid people blame other people for their problems. That kid was never going to “return to you” he killed two people should and hopefully be in jail for the rest of his live. Oh and if you care so much why did you raise your kid to think it was ok to kill two people?!?

  22. shit parents. shit children lmao 😂

  23. Diversity is our strength! Lmao

  24. How impressive are those guards that let him escape?

  25. ABC searching for reasons not to address the #Epsteincoverup

  26. Gun wars episode VI: The Teens Strike Back

  27. No No. The child is a perfect angel. A church bible study leader. A helper of the homeless. Blah Blah Blah.

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