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Authorities suspect Russian hack went undetected for 6 months

Russian agents are suspected of spying on emails and the communications of government officials, and there is fear they might be able to control or manipulate networks in an ongoing attack.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Russia is planning to move on eastern Europe. They didn't hack those systems to gain access to communications. They hacked them to get access to critical systems so that when they do start their actions they can cripple our ability to respond. Putin is not stupid. He knows that he cannot defeat America in a war. But take away the ability to respond and he will be able to do whatever he wants

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  4. I was asking a question if we are going through something like this and have a threat of war just saying does that mean trump stays in office till it’s over?

  5. Every minute of every day the US is trying to hack some country, China does it, Germany the Brits the Iranians do it, every nation that is capable do it. And look at this miserable news service screeching in indignation. Pathetic.

  6. I see the US is backing away from Russia and now pointing at China … meaning, they haven't a clue just like this Joseph Goebbels news site.

  7. The ignorance of US citizens today is absolutely astounding. All I see in these comments is parroting of US mainstream media outlet talking points. Please expand your worldview and perception of what is happening in the world and not solely the US. Try watching other countries media coverage as well. I will tell you now china is a much bigger threat than Russia. You can NOT find any chinese state media on YouTube but there IS russian media outlets available. Also United nations has their own youtube channel where you can see what every world leader has to say. Right or left dont seem to realize the US government has been dominating other countries and their democratic policies for decades, not to mention lying to the people of the US. Dont talk about about other countries and "their propaganda" and blindly believe our own government is not also actively participating in lying to its people

  8. The thumbnail just looks spectacular, I want to visit Moscow

  9. Where is the evidence tying this incident to the Russians? Or are we just supposed to trust the fake news media just like the Iraq weapons of mass destruction?

  10. Undetected? Shocking who was president in charge??? Ohhhh explains it. So did Covid…

  11. Trump knew about the attack because he allowed it…That's why he slow in meeting with Biden…..Trump and that administration need to be in jail!!!

  12. For 3 years the Democrats have been trying to pass cyber security laws and more money to prevent this from happening. Guess who refused to address the bill in the senate? Guess who refused to sign an executive order to improve election security?

  13. Omg! But, what about Hillary’s emails?! 🙄 This country voted in the traitor and chief. Now we’ll suffer the consequences. As will the Biden/Harris admin.

  14. Putin knew he had an easy scapegoat in trump…lazy buffoon…


  16. Well they must have anything they want by now. So now what ? Bet no one is able to answer…

  17. Trump=Cheater+Liar+Grifter=Loser
    Shame On Trump😜😜😜😜😜😁
    You are fired 😂😂😜😜😜😜😜
    Jail is waiting for you 😜😜😜😜
    You are a rot 😂😂😂😜😜😜😜

  18. Well maybe they determined the American election lol

  19. Maybe 1 agency would be believable but 18 agencies??? Seems like Trump gave russia all the passwords

  20. It’s it true that the State of Kentucky is doing business with a Russian gas Company? If that’s is the case: Could this espoused the Department of Energy to a Cyber Attack?.

  21. People, People!!!!! Please stop listening to this Beast-Like media. They are guiding this country into a global mania while they receives bonuses for every fiction- reality they can create. Can't you see they work by which ever the pendulum is swinging…

  22. When will people realize Trump is a Russian plant? How is this not clear to people? He was raised with and has been friends with wealthy Russians HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Russia is not his enemy, y'all. He has been SO CLEAR about this. Putin is his friend and colleague behind the scenes.

  23. All this hacking is Trump doing. He planned this and has working with Putin for years to take over US… why do you think Trump has been firing expert in the pentagon and cyber security and replacing them with his friends who have no expertise. Trump is a Traitor

  24. What a bunch of horseshit I mean it's so one-sided propaganda that comes out of this station we need to flush every news Outlet in this country down the drain and start fresh with real reporters that can stay in the middle of the road and get both sides of a story and not tell their own propaganda

  25. Russia must be punished! Yeah, right after you figure out how to keep them from hacking you. Instead of using the economy or military, how about using your brains and fight the hackers on their own ground? Turn off Putin's electricity and send a message.

  26. Amazing how you only see one sided news on this what used to be a great news channel but now it turned into I guess a propaganda Channel you don't see the real videos of people in the middle of the night in Georgia running through ballots you don't see the middle of the road news anymore tell it right down the center what what you did say was two and a half years of a dossier and how they ran the new news organization or propaganda station under a Republican president regardless of who the president is yes they ought to be held responsible so maybe someone should write up a dossier about Biden and have an investigation into that see if this station runs it for two and a half years somehow I don't think they will because this propaganda station is nothing like what it used to be back when you had real journalist and they stuck right down the middle of the road and you never knew what side they were on they told you to straight facts to straight news shame how news organizations have changed especially this once great news organization now turn propaganda station

  27. You know the sad thing about all this world bs is the people of the world aren't bad I love Russian recipes and other countries cooking, love watching about the peoples world and the beauty of their countries. You know, we love ANY THING that has to do with space ships, traveling to other worlds, meeting other beings, you know like Star Wars… yet we can't seem to not accept those of our own planet. Why is that? Is that WHY we haven't been contacted? They wish us, the people of this world, to hate. mistrust. they have been programming it into us for
    years. TIME to put a virus in THAT program.

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