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Autumn Basics // 10 Wardrobe Essentials // Fashion Mumblr

AUTUMN BASIC WARDROBE ESSENTIALS- Here are my top Autumn Winter essentials that every girl should have in their wardrobe -no matter what your style!


❤ What I wore ❤
Camel Jumper –
Lipstick –

❤ What I Featured ❤
Cream high neck jumper –
Black boots –
Burgundy Boots –
Grey OTK boots – (similar)
Beige OTK boots – (similar)
Khaki coat –
Camel coat –
Thermal –
Jeans –
Trench coat –
Topshop trench coat –
Camel jumper dress –
Balloon sleeve jumper dress –
Grey jumper dress –
Fur gilet –
Pink gilet -
Tan camera bag –
Tan box bag –
YSL sunset bag –


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Mirror :
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  1. You look lovely in these colors🤗

  2. Today’s curls are fun. A flirty addition to the autumn colours.

  3. The music in the background is very distracting. Love the video though!

  4. The way you got embarrassed when you said "underpants." hahaha. so cute. In my part of America (Central Florida) we typically say "underwear." I rather like "knickers" though. 😛

  5. how does someone wear a heal or boot with a heal and not feel over dressed?

  6. Knickers sounds odd. Underwear or panties is what I'd say in the US.

  7. I am so happy that I´ve found your videos. I have so many options to watch. Your style is impeccable. I LOVE coats, luckily, here in Lima, Peru you can find A1 tailors. Thank you!!!

  8. Would love to see a Fall '19 outfit ideas video 🙂 I'm going through all of your old fall and winter videos while shopping the Nordstrom sale!

  9. In Melbourne Australia I only need 2 coats, one beige trench for work/going out and one black raincoat for weekend walks. They last for years.

  10. I love 💕 everything about josie

  11. Your hairstyle is gorgeous 😍😍😍
    You are a beautiful girl, but this is my all time favourite casual look.
    Spending my weekend binging on your videos 😋
    Thanks for such awesome fashion advice

  12. Foi say ' I find myself wearing…'
    Try different expression. It would enrich your descriptions😉

  13. What purse are you wearing in your thumbnail? I was hoping that would be in your video, but I didn't see it.

  14. New subscriber here! 61 y.o. in Oregon. Great taste and good presentation.

  15. I enjoy your videos! Keep doing what you do! And that mirror ! Georgeous !!!! Thanks for sharing your tips

  16. Loved all the outfits! 🤗 So glad I came across your video! ❤️

  17. i noticed that you divide your wardrobe by color per season like you have cool muted colors in winter like greys and warm colors in fall.. is it a method u do or is it just for the aesthetic of the video ? 🙂

  18. This is such a great video many of your Autumn essentials are matching mine!!!! 🙂

  19. Is saying you look like Norah Batty thing in the UK? I say it too though I'm American but I love that show!

  20. Si en algún momento realizas una depuración de tu closet, yo encantada de recibir lo que tú no ocupes, me encantó todo, tú estás hermosa pareces muñequita, besitos 😘

  21. Josie, you always choose such beautiful hues that compliment the skin .

  22. Those metal hangers are killing me. Great items though!

  23. I'm still using these tips for this year and blending in the 'trends' for this AW18, I adore the animal print trend, and I love how each year I can reuse my basics and investment pieces by pairing them with a trend piece, you've really helped me to sort out my style and figure out what I like, and in turn you've helped me sort out my mess of a wardrobe 😅

  24. Still so relevant! Thank you for the over the knee boot trick – not sure Nora batty is who I'm looking to channel this AW Xx

  25. I would really like to see you wearing these pieces!

  26. You have a nice voice to listen to 😍

  27. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Hey,
    I'm from Sydney, great video.
    We say 'undies';)

  29. What is your fave fragrants, for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. I would absolutely love to know. I hope I am not asking to much, but would love to get them. Thank you so very very much. xoxoxo

  30. Good Morning!! I enjoy you so much. I love! Love! your style so amazing. I also really love your down to earth personality, but yet so elegant. Thank you so much for your lovely videos.

  31. Awwww i love your style ( and wish i was slim n tall like you 😍)

  32. Such a good video!! I'm obsessed with your style babe, keep it up <3

  33. I LOVE YOU HUN. You're style is amazing x

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