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AUTUMN BASICS HAUL // & Other Stories Try On // 🍂 #FashionMumblrAutumnEdit 🍂

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What I’m Wearing:
Coin choker –
(US) Coin choker –
Pearl necklace –
Pearl hoop earrings (similar) –
Top –
(US) Top –

Horsebit belt –
(US) Horsebit belt –
White midi skirt (similar) –
(US) White midi skirt (similar) –
Gilet –
(US) Gilet –
Cream rollneck –
(US) Cream rollneck –
Pink cardigan –
(US) Pink cardigan –
Lilac jumper –
(US) Lilac jumper –
White alpaca rollneck –
(US) White alpaca rollneck (similar) –
Cream wrap coat –
(US) Cream wrap coat –
Prada tote bag –
Faux snake skin boots (similar) –
Pink rollneck –
(US) Pink rollneck –
Cream quilted jacket –
(US) Cream quilted jacket –
Leather leggings –
White knitted v neck –
(US) White knitted v neck –
Floral quilted jacket –
(US) Floral quilted jacket –
Zip top –
(US) Zip top –
Pink cable knit cardigan –
(US) Pink cable knit cardigan –

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  1. where is the jacket at 12:43 from? thanks 😉

  2. Just love cardigan got to find

  3. Oooh…the first jumper…I picked up similar last season in a light green. no cuffs. I love it.

  4. what size do you buy the jumpers in x

  5. Hello dearest Josie, I absolutely agree with you for The Fuzzy Zip Collar Knit Top (Green for me) by &Other Stories website. Now, I just bought it.
    Thank you for sharing. Great Job, so lovely friend ! ^_^

  6. I loved this haul! Thank you very much 🙂 could you do a video about Zimmermann pieces you would invest on? I love your taste and the brand is so expensive it would be nice to get some advice! <3 <3

  7. Good choices, very chic snd cute and classy.

  8. Hi Josie , I discovered your channel March this year and haven’t stopped watching since. Thank you for your inspiring videos on clothing and footwear. I’d like to order a pair of knee length boots you wore and talked about by a British company sometime ago. They had tassels on the side and were flat. You wore it going for one of your walks. What was the brand? Please let me know the name of e brand. Thank you!

  9. Great picks! I love And Other Stories 😀. Getting back to that jacket you tried on in, yikes! It really doesn't blend with your collection. In giving it a 👎

  10. Love that floral jacket it is so cute and different from what we've been seeing!!

  11. Love your beautiful wardrobe! what size do you usually wear for sweaters at & Other Stories?

  12. I absolutely love your content. Please do a Zara haul 🙂

  13. 'This is Gardening-Josie. This is who I am now.' – it made me stop the video and laugh out loud.
    You are great. 🤩

  14. Hi Josie – just working my way through your Autumn Haul videos now – and noticed there are no links. Not sure if this is a temporary glitch or not.

  15. The neckline on your brown top is exactly the same as the neckline on my wedding dress from 37 years ago. Fashion goes round and around. ❤️

  16. I dont live in the UK but howcome NOT A SINGLE UK influencer ever does M&S ??? From their website, they also have some stunning knitwear ! Is it that they dont do PR to youtubers ??

  17. I wish you would do a business haul put on your business hat because woman in the industry don’t have influence to go by! I know you don’t need to but imagine if you were a Laywer or a realtor like me where do woman like me get inspiration? Or even know where to shop for things and etc. please consider it! Would be fun different but so helpful!

  18. Love each piece ☁️☁️🍁🍂

  19. The quilted coats are a hard pass I think

  20. I have loved the way your dressing room has turned out. You are inspiring me with great fashion and closet organizing ideas. Thank you

  21. Girl you are on fire. I loved your haul video and you are just so positive and joyous to watch. Off now to sort out my winter knitwear.

  22. I am really loving your autumn haul. Sad that the brown/rust top you’re wearing is not yet available here in the US. Can’t wait for more fashion videos and vlogs from you. ❤️

  23. Please put a US link for the leggings (UK) and prada tote (no longer available). Love to know what you do to keep the prada tote clean when it gets dirt on it or wet from the rain.

  24. Is anyone else having a problem with the apprl links opening? No matter which link I click on, i just get the spinning loading circle of death.

  25. I ordered that Prada bag. It's not my style to wear the designer name so boldly but this particular bag catches my eye. I'm so glad Fall is finally here! Sweater weather with Josie! I'm looking forward to more updates!!

  26. Josie going from city chic to cottage core effortlessly! ♥️

  27. I don't owe anybody anything now with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  28. Josie! Not only am I so eager to wake up and see the next fall edits but THANK YOU over and over for linking the US links in the description below. Your attention to detail and knowing your audience doesn’t go unnoticed and I endlessly thank you ❤️

  29. That quilted coat! Literally something my great granny would wear!!!

  30. I prefer much more V neck jumpers then roll necks or round necks…. I think they are much more flattering. That jumpers are so gorgeous all of them and they look amazing on You but it' s pity that they are all so short, I am tall so they will be like crop tops for me =( but I hate that boxy quilted jacket, it' s like cheerleader' s boyfriend jacket from American movies…. too short and weird shape….and that flowery jacket I imagine over 60 grannies wear, don't get this…. not fan of robe style coats….they literally look like bathrobes….and so expensive especially that has no lining…..

  31. Were you barefoot but standing on your toes? 😛😛

  32. Everything looks beautiful on you!

  33. Where are the boots from? Xx

  34. Can you make an autumnal idea outfits where you combine different outfits together as inspirations on how to wear several clothes to us

  35. I love how postive you always are! Keep the good vibes going! Xoxo

  36. Floral jacket is pretty, but too boxy and too large. If you want a slimmer cut in quilted floral, I would look elsewhere.

  37. Gorgeous! Can't wait for winter now

  38. Loved everything in this haul! Would love to see an Abercrombie and Fitch haul! Xx

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