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AUTUMN BEAUTY UPDATES & Organising my Jewellery Collection // Fashion Mumblr

* Bonus Video! * Before the very final #FashionMumblrAutumnEdit video (tonight at 5pm) I have a bonus vlog! You guys have been asking about my jewellery collection + storage and Autumn Beauty Updates, so voila!
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Discover the Braun Silk-Epil 5 –

Brown Snake Dress –
Pink Blouse –
Suede Skirt –
Beige / Lilac Coat –
Mulberry Bayswater –
Estee Lauder Lipstick –
V Neck Cashmere Jumper –
MyStackers Jewellery Box –

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  1. Love the Jewerly part 😍

  2. Do hair removal with IPL light. You will never have to shave again later. And it's better for the skin.
    The lipsticks are a very nice idea!

  3. What's the name of the song (Estee Lauder lipstick store)? Thanks!

  4. Hello Josie ! I know Estée Lauder too … but, unfortunately, in Paris, there is not the production that you show in your video.
    Good job ! Amazing Estée Lauder !!! Congratulations for you and Sophie ! ^_^ Goods news : We bought the Estee Lauder Blockbuster Christmas Gift.

  5. Great video as aways! What size is your blouse please?thanks

  6. Do any of you beauties in the comments have tips for avoiding ingrown hairs after epilating? I dry brush but still getting lots on my calves ❤

  7. Loved watching you organize your jewelry! I want your Pandora Collections so bad!

  8. I used to work @ Lauder and wish we had had this customizable service !!

  9. I think that your vlogs are my favourite kind of videos, they are always so intresting, inspiring and high quality 😍 like your hauls too but they make me spend soooo much money 😅

  10. I'm a big fan of those jewelry boxes. I've had my eye on that style for a couple years now as Pottery Barn carries them in the US. Excellent choice! xo Jeanne-Marie

  11. Very interesting concept to create your own lipstick color. Wish I was in the UK to give it a try.

  12. Oh Josie! I fell in love with the jewelry boxes in light pink and immediately went to the website to order, however, they don't ship to the US. I think I need to schedule a UK trip soon! Lovely video as usual! Loved the autumnal videos and have watched them several times. I've purchased the snake print skirt, the lovely brownish colored pleated midi, and several of the sweaters and two coats – one from Reiss, and the other from River Island. I also picked up the lovely camisoles from Reiss and the white shirt with the ruffle neckline…i can't wait for their arrival. I also think I'm in deep for the new Pandora bracelets – they are beautiful and feminine! Oh, and the braun epilator is on my list to purchase soon. Once I saw you can do it in the shower, or bath, I was all in! Looking forward to your next adventure!!

  13. You've totally spoiled us, all the Autumn edit videos AND a vlog! Thank you Josie! 🙂 xx

  14. This was a super cool video, so fun for Soph to get those shots from you Josie, you are so kind. Your beauty and elegance surpasses what you normally think from a quick video. So stylish! Sophie’s snake skirt was insanely cute. Ha ha, Sophie can be you guinea pig for the epilator. Fun! Your lipstick shade came out gorgeous. That looked like so much fun. I really like that so many places in London have “instagrammable decor”. I need to do research to see if there are areas here.

    I mentioned it on another video, However wanted to ask on one of your more recent videos…

    I love your style, but my body type is thicker. I would love to see you collaborate with a plus sized blogger or youtuber in London to do “YOUR style” on HER body, I think it would be fun and a great challenge! Thanks in advance!

  15. Was the brown snake dress featured in any of your hauls? I may have missed it, but just wondering how it fits and did you get the petit version? I’m 5.5” so kind of in-between…

  16. No pearls? Sophie seems much calmer. She also seems very happy. I wish her good fortune !! I couldn't agree more when you said your dress was one giant picnic blanket. The print isn't the problem but its style is very marque (tent) despite the belt. Essentially shapeless. Nice blouse, not so nice bra. I like the skirt.

  17. Hi Josie,
    Does Sophie have a YouTube channel?

  18. That Estée Lauder service looks SO fun, but wish they would stop testing on animals! 🙁

  19. Oh my I love the jewellery stack, such a great idea, I have been looking for ideas for the exact reason.

  20. Looked like a fun day out. Is Sophie a blogger too? If so where can I find her? Love her graceful style too

  21. I looooved watching you ladies create your own lipsticks! Such a fun idea! I wish we had something like that here in the US!

  22. First Congratulations I wish her a happy life .
    I liked the idea of ​​making your own lipstick..
    I loved this vlog ..
    Everything is so amazing ..
    Thank you my dear..
    I wish all your days full of happiness 💖

  23. @fashion mumblrI love your videos. I watch all of them. Do you have the link for the white skirt you are wearing with the brown v jumper you are wearing? It looks like it is fuzzier than the other white skirt you've been showing. I'd love to buy the fuzzy one. Thank you =)

  24. hi do u think easy to get those tools for doing the mix ?

  25. Hi! Love your aesthetic & style! Noticed that someone's commenting throughout the comments from something called "Fact Station" with a link. No idea if that's legit or a hack but wanted to make you aware. It follows almost every comment YOU reply to FYI.

  26. When you showed the Braun epilator on your Instagram I commented I'm too scared to do it (I just remember it being so painful), but now you've convinced me to give it another try. Also, it's so lovely that you made photos and videos of Sophie's wedding day, you're a great friend and I'm sure she appreciates it a lot!

  27. It was a little bit hard to hear what you were saying because the background music was a tad too loud .

  28. I love your vlogs Josie, beautiful nail colour, so you and perfect for autumn! Loved both yours and Sophie's lipstick colour! And love your new jewellery box.x 😄

  29. Making your own lipstick is so cool! I didn't catch the price though, eighty-something?

  30. So beautiful jewellery collection. I really want your lipstick 🙂

  31. When you do vlogs would you mind posting where the cafes/nail bars are at? I’m moving to London and need all the recommendations I can get! Xo

  32. OMG my mom had a jewel box just like that, I guess the old things are coming back>>>

  33. Great video Josie, you and Sophie are so beautiful, I love it when you two do a video together🎃🐶

  34. Oh Josie i loved this video! you’ve inspired me to organise my stacker jewellery box, thanks darling!! Both yours and Sophie’s outfits for your pamper day were beautiful and so elegant, just gorgeous xxxx

  35. Hi Josie,
    Where is your mirror on your makeup table from? I'm looking for an affordable mirror for my new bedroom/dressing table?!
    Love you and your content as always xx

  36. Please do a handbag collection!

  37. Looks so fun to make your own lipstick. I don't wear lipstick but maybe I would if I could do that!

  38. So many beautiful pieces! I can't wait to try the custom lipstick!! I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your Autumn Edit videos. 💕😊

  39. thank you for all yours video
    what do you think about the new apple watch 4?

  40. Josie where are your earrings from?xx


  42. All your jewelry is absolutely beautiful !

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