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AUTUMN INVESTMENT PIECES // Premium Highstreet Haul // 🍂 #FashionMumblrAutumnEdit 🍂

A premium highstreet haul from my favourites; Reiss, Club Monaco, Kate Spade and more! These are the Investment Pieces I’ll be wearing on repeat this Autumn!
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What I’m Wearing //

Jumper –
Short Necklace –
Long Necklace –
Earrings :

Featured //
Club Monaco knit –
Kate Spade dress –
Dune knee high boots –
Dune faux fur mules –
Reiss cream knit –
Reiss snake skirt –
Reiss cami –
Reiss pink knit –
Reiss cigarette trousers –
Reiss coat –
Reiss cream skirt –

Styled With //
Leggings –
Jumper dress –
Mulberry bag –


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  1. I am not sure if you have ever made a video about cardigans – what do you think about them and how would you recommend to wear them? So they still look chic and elegant and not 'mumsy' as i have heard sometimes. I honestly love to wear them but just wondering about the best way.

  2. You look so much like the models on Reiss's lookbook!

  3. Hi Josie l have just bought the Reiss coat! I'm really excited! Thank you for such good suggestions. Ciao from Italy

  4. I couldn't stop staring at the jewelry you have on.

  5. how do u feel about wool and arylic mix jumpers will they last

  6. Thank you for the suggestions! I invested in a few pieces of "timeless knitwear" this week; now just waiting for cooler weather so I can work them into my outfits!

  7. Hey Josie! This is a little random, but can you reveal your secrets of how you keep your winter knitted jumpers in perfect condition?
    I find my knits no matter the price I paid, tend to pill after a few times of hand washing.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Josie. Your style is impeccable.

  9. Love love love💕💕💕😍😍😍👏👏👏

  10. ,very nice style that's how i dress too when occasion.. you dress modest but stylish and not boring

  11. do u think i could take that snakeskin print skirt into next year spring summer would that work

  12. I like your style. Very chic and glamour
    A new follower from morocco

  13. I remember last autumn you bought a wrap coat with a tie at the waist and large lapels in a muted neutral colour very similar to the one you just bought, also a French Connection white long jumper that's practically identical to your new Reiss one (I remember because I bought the same knit for myself after seeing your haul!). Why did you re-buy practically identical items this season and what happened to your items from last autumn, why don't you carry on wearing those?

  14. You are fabulus as always! The white skirt is perfect on you!

  15. New subscriber here just going through your lovely hauls,I am really loving the sweater that your wearing in the beginning of this video,what store did you get it from?

  16. Hi Josie. the Reiss Luna coat looks gorgeous on you! It is a versatile elegant statement coat that I selected online to to try on at my local store. Does it have a button closure at the neckline?

  17. Everything was beautiful but that skirt at the end is to die for. So lovely.

  18. How do you wear the white high collar jumpers/knits with out getting makeup on it and if you do how do you get the makeup off of it? your videos btw

  19. Love everything……just wait eagerly what are we gonna see in the next video…….

  20. It’s not the colour of the clothing that doesn’t last time. There will always be colour. It’s the shape of a clothing that goes out of fashion. You can buy all the pricy neutrals but if you have the frills or trumpet sleeves or cold shoulders, they don’t last time. Like that pink frill dress you bought. Frills will get old. I’m over 30 and have never worn beige in my life because it sucks the life out of me. And I have H&M knit that is yellow and ten years old and I still wear it. This month a bought one orange and one blue cashmere knit and you bet I will wear them still five years from now. So the idea that only neutrals last time is a myth.

  21. Love all the pieces. Timeless classic.

  22. 7:44 If it was a looser or floppier collar it'd qualify as a cowlneck, but for mine it's definitely a poloneck AKA rollneck AKA turtleneck 🙂

    Here's another one 🙂

    A skivvy in America is slang for underwear, but in Australia and New Zealand it's a long sleeved T-shirt ( or a lightweight knit ) usually with a poloneck or turtleneck collar.

  23. Gucci stopped using kangaroo fur. Now all the mules are made with lambs wool.

  24. More trousers and knits, please !!

  25. My 49 years old mom likes your style

  26. You have a very beautiful style. I'm compelled to ask. What on earth do you do that you can afford so many of these lovely, lovely pieces all at once? LOL. I can't even afford one. 🙂

  27. Lovely pieces! Kate spade dress and reiss coat are beaut 💕

  28. Fantastic video Josie! Very informative and incredibly valuable for us ladies whom want to invest wisely in our wardrobe. As usual, your styling is impeccable and always a joy to watch. 😁👍🏻🥂cheers

  29. Love this – need to get a few new pieces for the season, so this is perfect! x

  30. Hi Josie! The dress from Kate Spade is everything about my style in one piece! Once again your choice of investment pieces is impeccable 💗

  31. Your videos are unnecessarily long

  32. 🤩👍🏼love your style

  33. that checked coat on the rack towards the left side, so nice, anyone know where its from?

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