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White Roll Neck –

Coats Mentioned:

Wool Reiss Check Coat –
Reiss Lawson Coat –
Smart Camel River Island Coat –
Suede River Island Coat –
White Belted River Island Coat –
Down Coat –
Reiss Double Breasted Coat –
Reiss Occasion Coat –
Kate Spade Coat –
Karen Millen Grey Coat –
Reiss Wrap Coat –
Ted Baker Long Check Coat –
Majorette Faux Fur Coat –
Ted Baker Quilted Down Coat –
Reiss Light Pink Tie Coat –

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Brown Suede Boots –
Brown Patterned Dress –


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  1. can you use silicone spray on suede boots ?

  2. My toosies go with everything !!!!!

  3. Wow! Your clothes always look so nice. You've inspired me to try more light colors (I usually gravitate towards dark neutrals). By the way, where did you get that beautiful pink lace dress you're wearing in your channel icon?

  4. Hi Jose, great video, I'm 5'9" with large breasts and normal size waist 34DD, 28,39 with broad shoulders. I always like to have have a tie waist, not a masculine coats or anything masculine. I wish designers would stop with these trends for females. I live in Canada and coats are really important here. The dressier type of coats are harder to find here but parkas are not and they are everywhere and quite expensive. People need to donate coats, gently used or new coats to people in remote areas and First Nations/Native Reservations where people don't have much money or access to them. I really hope that designers pay attention to the wants and needs of women regarding their designs. We need more dressy coats here and thicker ones for the Spring here as well as winter and not such masculine rain coats because we'd like to wear them over pretty dresses. That rain coat belt needs to go. It's so useless just like the shoulder snaps, they need to have nothing on them. I'm crossing my fingers this year.

  5. Wat size river island camel coat ur wearing

  6. Josie this is rly helpful. thank youuu 😍
    Btw can you do a video on how to wash all of your winter coat?


  8. Are you only 5'2??? Unbelievable!!

  9. Omg I am envious. I live in the southern United States. It’s Never cold long enough for us to wear a winter coat. I think coatscoats add such a dignified classic touch to a wardrobe. Your selection complements your wardrobe so very well. If I could I would have one at Kate Spade coat and one Ted Baker because those are my favorite designers

  10. I love your style, your way of talking and just you in general. You’re an amazing person and you really know what you’re talking about and honestly the only stylist I actually trust and learn from. Love you and your videos so much. ❤️🌹

  11. bought the faris coat from riess in mocha

  12. thanks for sharing your coats. which kind of coat do you suggest to wear over longer skirts?

  13. Why did I think you had a purple Ted Baker one? Love the white furry one so much!

  14. I'm having such a hard time finding a coat that is both elegant and warm. On top of that I'm a H so the oversized fashion and the waist strap is not flattering on my body. Any coat suggestions for me? Help please 🙁

  15. I have been on the hunt for the perfect coat since early September, but so far the only one I've fallen in love with is this year's flagship Ted Baker coat. It's just SO much money though (especially since I'm in Canada and it's about 170$ (100 GBP) more than it is in the UK). Oh, the dilemma!
    (Wonderful video though – your collection is perfection xo)

  16. Hi Josie, love your style so much! Can you tell me if the river island coat fits true to size or is it oversized? On the website it looks oversized on the model? X

  17. I am in the USA. There is blogger, who lives in the same state as i, who has a huge and stunning collection of vintage coats. Reading the posts it seems a few others do too! How fun is that!?
    I am a bit older and have some health issues and weight fluctuation because of that. So, I have bought and sold several of my better coats, in more recent years. My favorite, that I lusted after for a long while is a classic Burberry, double breasted trench style done in wool and cashmere. Otherwise I do have many favorites I really like Reiss brand as well as Hobbs. I have a long brown cashmere, wrap and tie style, from the mid 90's and have not worn in a few years. Just today was looking at it thinking do I leave it as is, or maybe have it tailored a bit, (my ponder) In those years we wore things oversized, then over a suit. Maybe I should leave it as is, and think of it as my vintage coat, which I guess it is vintage or almost.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful coat collection with us. I admire your taste in clothing, even though I am a bit older.

  18. I wanna know what her husband does for her to be able to spend so much money on clothes and shoes, because there’s no way she makes enough in YouTube for that lol

  19. does reins always come back with a camel coat as i am on the hunt for 100% coat and camel is classic

  20. Love that new plaid coat! Excellent collection, subtle and fashionable.

  21. Your autum/winter videos are my favorite

  22. in 3,39 what brand are the glasses you wear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Lovely coat collection. I worried a bit that you had let the Ted Baker one go, but was relieved to hear that it was at the dry cleaners. That coat is my favourite and you look so smashing in it.

  24. I think you linked the incorrect faux fur coat. Should it have been the Tatiana one? I want to make sure I get the one you have.

  25. Hi, please what size is your majorelle?I'm 5.1 and 32b and wonder what size I should buy.

  26. Beautiful styling as usual 🙂

  27. Beautiful coats! I agree it’s a worthwhile investment in a cold climate as this is what you’re seen most in. My favourites are the camel Reiss coat and the pink coat. Are you planning to make an autumn dupes video like you did last year? It was so well done and really enjoyable.

  28. I recall a gorgeous trench coat that you had a season or so back from Ted Baker. Do you still have it?

  29. I'm 5ft 2 as well and look nothing like you😭😭😭

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