Backcountry Skier Rescues Snowboarder Buried Upside Down | ABC News

We’ll get you out of here in a second. A snowboarder trapped face up in a tree hole is lucky to be alive after being rescued by a backcountry skier in Washington state. #rescue #skiing #snowboarding #backcountryskiing SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: /3bzvQQn

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  2. I used to snowboard in backcountry, and those tree wells are no joke. You fall in one of those, and you won't get out alive

  3. Damn Skippy!!!
    I Still Love Humans!

  4. Thank God you were there, Amen this shall pass

  5. There is always one person that will save you ❤

  6. He’s one lucky dude. 🍀

  7. So glad that they were someone there to even tell them are consider saving him. I think some people might have just kept skin by maybe? And also I’m glad he’s been saying she doesn’t look upside down. He looks like he’s just laying on his back but I could be wrong.?

  8. Watch the full video… It took him a minute just to get to this point. Scary stuff, what a hero

  9. Wow. More shocked that the snowboarder didn't have a buddy with him… in areas that are prone to tree wells (where the snow falls too fast around the tree that it leaves a hole) and especially with the winter we are having, you gotta have a partner in sight at all times!

    He was INCREDIBLY lucky that this is the person who stumbled upon him. The person understood avalanche and snow rescue as you can see with the tunnel to the head before anything else to prevent suffocation. A lot of folks may not know this or may even panic in this situation… He's luckier than the recent $2.4b lottery winner.

    Impressive rescue / hats off to that hero in goggles!

  10. 😱😥😢😥😱😢😥😱😢😥😱 oh God.. next time let them know, snowboarders, they need to use snow on the top above instead of trying the snow underneath, this is not a good idea…thanks God he was found just in time…never forget to stay connected as salvation security system, in order to be found right away, in such extreme cases of .. bad luck

  11. GOD BLESS this person who saw the buried person. Skiing ALONE NOT SMART. I still do not understand going near trees, or cliffs.

  12. A young snowboarder died on our local Ski Hill here in a tree well well near the side of a blue run. Tree Wells are no joke people. If it's deep do not go off piste or in any trees by yourself.

  13. So much anxiety watching this video

  14. Learn about tree wells I wish I knew about it when I went to Colorado…I walked out but I'm lucky to not go by any trees I was in middle of a tree run …got so tired the I knew there was a solid run to my west so I eales that way and I found it … I am a newbie back in 2007 you need to teach people about it even if they are deaf and like to explore

  15. Life and death, all set from above. A man who's time is not up will not die. We are nothing but pawns. Good luck to all

  16. Dang tree wells. Scary.

  17. Hey man, how you doing ? “Im dying” OK no worries let me just fix my camera. Give me a few minutes to just adjust this….
    💀 ☠️

  18. What mountain was this?

  19. Thank you to the Man who was there to save that snow boarder! What a Blessing….✨🙏✨

  20. Where is the results 😢omg!!!

  21. O my goodness 😅 our God Jehovah was with him and if don’t realize this and give his life to Jesus Christ then 😮I’m not sure .. times are close for his return 😊

  22. Props to the guy for being so chill.

  23. That man should be arrested for trespassing. 🏂

  24. He's A Hero Thank GOD He's a Survivalist💖🙏🙏🙏💖

  25. Are you gonna help him or film him dieing covered in snow

  26. Beware of TREE WELLS!!