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Barneys files for bankruptcy for second time

FBN’s Susan Li on luxury clothing retailer Barneys’ decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and close some stores.

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  1. Real rich people are dying and the pretend rich youth desire cheap alternatives to looking expensive

  2. The United States should file bankruptcy make deficit 0

  3. The biggest downfall was the design of this store, often it felt like a weird ikea store.

    The second biggest downfall was way way overpriced products from “ niche “ brands with no history and even worse no real quality.

    They tried overhyping this store with faked modern concepts often tacky, and overrated.

    This store should have stayed the way it was in the 80’s a humble simple store with realistic prices and solid brands with long proved history.

  4. Love Barney’s! The Beverly Hills store is so elegant. Seattle?!? I can’t imagine those cheap tree huggers spending money there! Too bad about Las Vegas, beautiful store in the Venetian.

  5. NY NY failing…… another democrat run SANCTUARY CITY & STATE,
    What do u expect?

  6. If $250 for a scarf won't pay their bills, how are they going to stay open when Rashida Tlaib raises the minimum wage to $20 an hour?

  7. Rich people are moving from NYC because of extremely high taxes so of course Barney's is closing….

  8. Barneys? What about K-Mart? …Gold Circle? You rich folks boo hooing about Barneys is too funny! Remember when you could get canvas tennis shoes at K-Mart for $2? nah! You probably pay BIG bucks for cheap shoes…

  9. Lots more luxury brands are going to go bankrupt when the big recession hits. This is just the beginning.

  10. You'd think that with all of the corporate tax cuts that tRump handed out, the wealthy who became wealthier could have supported them. 30 years since regular people saw a significant raise.

  11. i was in wall-mart today for new glasses , store looked empty, ?

  12. all these stores closing due to internet, now the building owners are going to have to files bankruptcy also, internet & Jeff Bazos bringing down america, buy a plot of land & grow your own food, the end of United (not) States is near, enjoy your new democratic socialism.

  13. If Barney’s had any clue on how long to stay afloat it would easily tap into the e-commerce side and open up an account with Amazon so they can for fill orders at a much higher rate with better policies. They should downsize retail space and elevate productivity

  14. 2nd time… time to close it down


  16. Barneys is over expensive for nothing.

  17. Trust me no one in NYC is buying $200 ties anymore – the billionaire down my block is wearing cargo shorts and flip flops

  18. I guess Donald Trump isn't the only one who files for bankruptcy laws to protect his businesses from totally failing.

  19. this is fake news. trump says the economy is the strongest it has every been in the history of the united states

  20. The truth bankruptcy is to gain benefit of country their wealthy lifestyles keeping going forward with their own rich and luxuries famous…..

  21. I'm SHOCKED, Dems are NOT shopping at Barney's to support higher costs they so love? What a bunch of ungrateful rats! Shopping online will never be the same experience as musing from store to store, stop for coffee, enjoy the city walking by. Are Americans gonna end up staying home eating delivery pizzas while shopping online. This is VERY SAD. If Barney's management/staff ever contributed to Dem politicians campaigns they are probably vomiting right now.

  22. Business is booming! The economy has never been better. More people are working than ever except in places with 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. The stock market is doing awesome. MAGA 2020!!

  23. Over price merchandise.Everybody buys,,China including Trump.

  24. high taxes on land/buildings i am sure is not helping

  25. Snobby high end New York store. Don't care.

  26. The Democratic Party is failing so horribly it’s sad how they think there normal or something there evil and socialist and have no clue of reality and what we want .. we want TRUMP

  27. Part of a retailers job is to keep up with the market and make responsible choices. The CEO failed on both parts.

  28. Made in China overpriced garbage.

  29. Why did Fox News here on YouTube take away the comments?

  30. War, war, war is coming. Be preparated.. Jesus is coming back.

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