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Barr describes ‘serious irregularities’ around Epstein’s death l ABC News

Plus, the latest details on the FBI and NYPD raid of Little St. James, Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean.


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  1. Barr, didn't epstien bring little boys to you on a regular basis….. don't lie, because the creator of all things…has her eye on you…aaaaahhhhhhaaaahhahahaaaaaa

  2. Aww the LIPLESS LIAR ! he's worse than his inbred boss ! The Whole Damn administration is a waste of human flesh just A group of STUPID ASS backwoods RETARDS..

  3. Aww the LIPLESS LIAR ! he's worse than his inbred boss !

  4. Aww the LIPLESS LIAR ! he's worse than his inbred boss !

  5. It's over,no body no trial. There is 20 Epsteins out their, they'll show docs on how were over staffed, throw an actor in there, let it pass ,look if trump wanted them he has the videos, photos,footage ,so has the Israelis!??? The only thing that they fear is a well armed group of men, with well organised people to protest on all of them,time for honering themselves must come to an end!!!

  6. If you look at other deaths which would ordinarily be seriously doubted as suicide such as when a death helping the Clintons stay out of trouble, was determined to be "suicide". After all, it just happens all the time with suicides that the victim shoots themselves twice in the back of the head. To anyone else, it would look like an execution as, aren't you dead on the first bullet? Too bad that Epstein didn't have a gun to shoot himself twice.

    The term "conspiracy theory" is used like "racist" so that if you use either term, it is so emotionally charged, that it is impossible to truly take the matter of Epstein's suicide, seriously. No one will say that a "conspiracy theory" could actually be a reasonable explanation because the popular Left-wing group-think has pre-determined that unless you think like them, you are to be ridiculed.

    "These aren't the droids you are looking for… move along…. nothing to see here…" Do you feel controlled by the Force yet?

  7. Trump and Barr's FBI love child rape. Look at what the FBI let's the US Navy get away with. The Navy had a hellish child rape island (adak alaska) and the FBI did nothing. NCIS loves blaming child rape victims.

  8. Barr's going to get to the bottom of this, and i'm going to be the next President of the United States.

  9. " one of the guards was not a regular correctional officer". I thought "Hitman" on his resume would have raised a few eyebrows

  10. Understaffed?! Feel like I’m watching news for the Truman show. Phonies and pretenders all around. Thankful this kind of bs isn’t gonna be in my eternal home.

  11. Yeah right we’re going to trust the same New York criminals that ran the jail to do the autopsy?
    New York Mobster Mayor De Blasio and his crime associate Barbara Sampson can take that autopsy and that shit hole city and shove it up their fucking ass!
    If Trump doesn’t get on the Attorney General’s ass to intervene on this he’s done in 2020! And America is now a failed state!

  12. Jeeze this pevert is getting more news coverage than than potus now that the Russian collusion shit is non existent the demorats will be happy

  13. This motherfucker is still alive 100% pulled some prison break type shit

  14. Slick willie and crooked had Satan killed. Murder solved.

  15. Lots of color on Epsteins skin. Doesn't look like a dead body. If that's him?

  16. How "convenient"……LOL………WOW!!! Guess what, news media???…..we are "waking up" to your FAKE NEWS!!! Yeah, we are supposed to believe that on the day Epstein supposedly "died," the cameras weren't working, and a substitute guard was ON DUTY….YEAH RIGHT!!! That's a "good one"……this whole story is BEYOND "contrived." JUST MORE DRAMA, and once again the "real victims" are left to SUFFER ALONE……what a shame……

  17. Barr commenting on Epstein's death. Classic.

  18. When is ABC gonna confront the top suspects in his murder the Clinton's that would be never since ABC isn't involved in real reporting

  19. ABC News eh? Are you sure it wasn't President Trumps fault?
    Easy, Don't have Fredo and his dorks push me down the stairs !
    Well, ABC -you all have totally surprised me reporting on at least a portion of the truth ! To what do we owe the honor ? Careful, you might get booted from the fake media club !
    Oh, lastly- He is in Max, at Gitmo, singin like McCain at the Hanoi Hilton, you numb nuts !!
    Noone ever leaves the face uncovered of a corpse…A bit TOO certain that it was really him, eh ?
    "….when first we practice to deceive…."

  20. So the plot thickens…….

  21. Hey What happen with the 13 year-old who was raped by Trump at Epstein’s house?
    Who is going to investigate
    Barr? O nono?! His Father is a Zionist Jew involved with Epstein ( Fact!)

  22. HOW has she not been charged with any crime? Coercion!? Sex trafficking!?

  23. This is a joke. This dude was a Predator.. he use his wealth and contact to do these horrific deeds. This some made up crap. It’s like they care about this dude. The only thing they are worried about is what information he left behind! They think that the people are fool. The I don’t about this shit. This animal kill himself. Stop the Conspiracy crap! Lol

  24. Barr: " heheheheheheh….I'm hunteen wabbitz…hehehehehehe…" ( actual quote)

  25. What Barr was saying is…It wasn't Trump! No really it wasn't Trump! PLEASE BELIEVE ME IT WASN'T TRUMP!! WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME IT WASN'T!!! I'M TELLING YOU IT WASN'T HIM!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!!!

  26. Lets just face it…. The people will NEVER know the truth… 😞😞

  27. Someone somewhere will be writing a script – wonder how it will end… question is who would you cast as the star of this “ conspiracy movie” ?

  28. Why isn't G Maxwell in custody? She's had over a month to destroy evidence. "She should be really concerned right now" 🙄

  29. Man this get better as they go along. Just keep writing the book to cover your dum as barr. Your dad put u in this position, barr trump will soon toss you under the bus, when he get threw with you. Your hidden secrets will soon come out. Just a matter of time.

  30. what the hell is that officer doing with a fire arm inside a jail facility

  31. Yup the Clinton's did it again!!! Take out any one who can help lock them up.

  32. How can you kill your self with paper sheets? Someone please explain to me how!

  33. "Irregularities" Hmmm always surrounding the Clinton's. What is a "Regular" suicide?

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