Saturday , January 22 2022
Home / News / Barstool Sports founder challenges AOC to debate over unions

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  1. Does anyone care to defend wanting to dismantle workers rights?

  2. I gave Alexandria Ocrazyo-Cotex a penny for her thoughts and got $5 change back …

    If you look into Alexandria Ocrazyo-Cotex's eyes, you can see the back of her head …

  3. She will nvr debate anyone coz her IQ is 0

  4. All of them r stupid and have nvr watched barstool… its all a troll 😂😂

  5. She will never debate. She has been offered millions of dollars by some of the brightest and refused. Most of them offered it towards her favorite charity which we know would be a terrorist group.

  6. Don't even know about labor laws and wants a debate with a champion in labor laws

  7. Can someone stomp on this dumb cunts face already.

  8. These morons have no idea how much of a joke they are.

  9. He has a comedy joint and he was making light.He has to actually fire someone to be in any trouble you dumb shits!!!!!

  10. What’s the difference between a Union and a Pyramid Scheme?


  11. You go girl ! SEMPER FI always and forever !

  12. I'd like to see her debate…in a low cut shirt, please.

  13. You have to be careful with what you say on social media whether you are joking or not.

  14. She epitomizes everything broken in my country.

  15. Barstool founder is the biggest coke head one sniff everybody

  16. A comedy site making a joke?? Go fuckin figure. Dave’s right, and he is that smart. You people are fuckin stupid.

  17. Ocasio-Cortez is little girl growing up and did not understand and have no experience at all, go home and do homemaker better

  18. Union workers are not allowed to work for non union employers!

  19. Alexandria Occasional-Rortez or A. Ocrazio C.

  20. The guy on the top left is stupid or something….
    Ancher: does aoc actually have a point here .
    Top left corner guy : yes she does
    Top left corner guy : ( moments later ) she probably does .
    Does she or doesn't she is the fn question not if probably

  21. I won't be buying a Barstool from some who threaten their worker from seeking Union rights. 
    I guess he forgot how American died to get Union in for safety reason.

  22. Fox news is getting as stupid as all the other news channels !!! it was a joke !!! No sense of humor ,wow gonna un subscribe .You guys are going down the toilet .Thank god for the other options for news out there!!!! Gonna miss Ingram and Tucker though!! Oh well .

  23. Well she wants 15$ min wage but she voted against 25,000 jobs at $150,000 each per year.

  24. What’s hilarious is these squids can’t figure out he’s making a joke. Get off the air idiots.

  25. What's with Fox disabling comments on so many videos? Or is it Google or YouTube doing it?

  26. I throw away rocks from my yard that is smarter than any one of the "squad."

  27. They can be fired not against the law sorry

  28. ffs the drama surrounding a comedy site is ridiculous!!

  29. It is a comedy site. He was joking. In America we have Freedom of Speech… You guys are almost as stupid as O'Crazio… She thinks a debate is when you buy something and they give you some money back in the mail, but she keeps checking her inbox 🙂

  30. aoc will never debate anyone she is all mouth no action

  31. AOC: *Cares about workers' rights*
    Conservatives: "Screw that stupid b****!"

  32. Fox really is going to the left. They're not doing research. These bozos are as bad as AOC.

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