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Basic Diet & Weight Loss Tips for Runners!

How about some basic diet and weight loss tips for runners? ‘Diet’ is a complicated and often confusing word to many runners. Today’s video starts with some nutrition basics and goes on to highlight FIVE (5) simple, science-backed strategies for losing weight while running.

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  1. How come such an interesting and attractive girl as yourself isn't married?
    I guess Mr Right can't keep up with your pace .
    Or a better title could be , ' shed massive kilos overnight ' lose a husband.

  2. I agree with most of this. Yes, more whole foods, cut processed sugars, hidden sugars, exercise, protein etc. As far as fiber though, there are other ways to get the fiber you need for digestion. It's not just legumes, oats, bread etc. You can get fiber from Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc. Unfortunately oats, bread, etc. nowadays have a lot of processed sugars. I have lost 54 lbs in 4 months with intermittent fasting, whole foods, protein, healthy fats, cut sugars, and exercise. Got another 15 to 20 to get to my goal!

  3. A lot of this video is simply spoofing on the creator's part and they are giving out inaccurate information. The number one factor for long-term weight change is calories in vs calories out and this fact has been confirmed time and time again by proper scientific research. Given its sensitive and potentially problematic nature,I feel that if a channel is going to be speaking about weight loss then there is a responsibility to be accurate with the information that they are giving to their audience. If you're going to spoof or just rely on your own personal opinion you should make it clear that that is the case.

  4. Sleep is an emotion like happiness or total disgust or pain did I mention pain, pain is an emotion.

  5. As a truck driver and a runner I have a HARD TIME getting enough sleep! I'm lucky to get 6-7 hours at night, but I do get a nap in at lunch. Somehow I make it, but feel tired often.

  6. It’s all so confusing thank you for your video! It’s awesome and helpful! Thank you!

  7. Where you mention the strength training you are missing something important: Muscle weighs more than fat. Depending on how much strength training you do, your weight might increase even while losing fat. That can discourage a lot of people if they don't know what's going on.

    One thing which I think is important and you just mention it in passing. Ketosis is probably the best and safest way to quickly lose weight. You can stick with a keto diet or switch back to a carb diet once all that excess fat is gone (and keep a healthy diet to keep the weight down). I only met one person who used a keto diet and he said he lost 30 kgs in almost no time using keto. I didn't ask how long it actually took, but afaik switching to ketosis starts burning your body fat for fuel, which is good.

    I have a full-time job and I'm studying for a degree, so for now I am only doing running. No time for strength training. I also have way too much fat in my paunch so I'm doing intermittent fasting (12 hours two or three days a week when I'm not running) to try and bring my fat weight down.

  8. Fantastic video, just a little correction: Keto/ no-carb does not mean no veggies and therfore no fiber. What you're thinking of is the carnivore diet.

  9. So, common sense, stay active and don’t eat sugar.

  10. Hey Coach Elizabeth are they videoing you with different cameras? 4K perhaps? Great advice as always. Are we having a Coach Elizabeth blooper fills for Christmas 🎄 this year? Park Run tomorrow and a 10k on Sunday. 2 weeks to the half marathon 😱

  11. This video was so helpful oh my gosh.. thank you so much for all those tips! Definitely need to work a little bit more on the sugar intake, and fiber since I was trying out a Keto diet, but honestly it sucks lol. SO THANK yOU! You’re the absolute best, and sweetest💕

  12. Examples of strength training?

  13. My problem is I train long distance running and want to gain weight. Not so easy to do :/

  14. Good advice… Thank you very much… I wish alcohol was slimming I'd be as skinny as a rake..

  15. Quick question: How does eating too little calories cause weight gain? Where does the matter come from? It doesn't make a lot of sense. Sure, not eating enough may cause binging down the road. But its really really hard to eat so little that we start breaking the laws of thermodynamics 😉 Keep it real! Good tipps otherwise and love your chanel!

  16. Really nice video, thanks for sharing

  17. Huh. I actually never thought of it like that. This is really helpful!

  18. would you mind to put caption/subtitles (English) in the next videos?

  19. Agree 100% to the 5 suggestions. Your body is going to perform better if you fuel it correctly and stop worrying about calorie intake so much. Just say no to processed foods and grow and cook your own if you can.

  20. Well i see that you have a very strict and good meal plans and diet but that's not the only thing to loosing weight. Many people misunderstand weight loss to only having to eat less calories, fat or carbs but that's not it, it's about understanding how your body works and each individual person has a body mechanism like no other person, meaning you'll have to understand better how your metabolism and hormones work to burn and lose fat efficiently, we made a video specific to this subject:

  21. Alcohol consumption can really add to your weight also. Most Runners love their beer. Beer equals weight gain

  22. Or just go to a deititian mic drop

  23. Coach Elizabeth is sooo adorable! 🤗 Thank you! 🧡

  24. She is so right about weight training!! 👍Useful tips

  25. I've always believed that dieting is a temporary fix to a life long problem. I love these "lifelong" habits that you give Elizabeth. They are simple adjustments that produce sustainable results. I am right on your page. Thank you for hitting the mark every time.

  26. The outtakes are hilarious. Great video.

  27. This is all total bullshit. Energy balance is how you lose weight.

  28. You are SO spot on with that advise

  29. I cant find a reference to 1 pound equals 4200 cals?

  30. Is "cut down your alcohol intake" too obvious? Especially that beer we drink here in the UK!

  31. hahaha Love you, super useful tips as always, thank you!

  32. I could do better in the sleep dept. also, what if you WANT something sweet and sugary!!

  33. What are you referring to when you mention “cold pressed oils”?

  34. love the bloopers!! haha

  35. So great and informational! Thank you!

  36. Calories matter less than food quality for weight loss? No

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