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Behind the scenes of Mariah Carey's summer camp for underprivileged kids I Nightline

For 25 years, the superstar has quietly been the main benefactor of a summer camp north of New York City that helps low income kids reach for the stars.



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  1. underprivileged sounds already wrong. Give it a Name of Hope and encouragement, but hm

  2. l love Mariah Carey. I wish I could see her in person. I will forever love her and her songs.

  3. This made me cry so so amazing


  5. I came just to tell you, Mariah, that I am very upset with you, because you saw me yesterday in Splish Splash and didn't recognize me😴😡😴😴😡😴

  6. People bash her for being someone who let fame get to her head and being a "bitch" yet here she is making a difference in people's lives and helping those in need. #Queen

  7. Love people like her!!!!

  8. i wish i went to camp mariah :< i love her so much omg X

  9. love her even more now

  10. you look beautiful without showing too much of the twins…… know which one!

  11. This is the Mariah we all love , not the diva Mariah . I hope that this is the new her , this was heart warming 🔥❤️

  12. I heard she's helping lot of charities all over the world

  13. that is the real kindness of Maria,, she helped without publicity…she'r really kind..

  14. Thank you @MariahCarey! You are forever my Queen, an Icon! Often imitated, but never duplicated!

  15. The interviewer is GORGEOUS!

  16. I don't know what my life would have been Like without her music Mariah has always sang a song of Hope for me & I have been a Fan ever since the very first vision

  17. So pathetic to have to pass the torch from One Sweet Day to Old Town Road

  18. Mariah is not a "black woman" lol… Directly after calling her biracial

  19. Oh it opened in 1994? So like 6 years ago? Never mind that was 25 years ago LOL

  20. ugh… such a wonderful woman extremely overlooked and underestimated nowadays. she could still singlehandedly dominate the industry but the f*cking tabloids are always on the ready to come up with "disastrous performance on NYE 2016", "mariah accused of sexual harassment", "mariah is fat", etc. what about the legacy, the philanthropy, the fact that she still can sing her ass off, the last album which is her best reviewed album ever? they always have something to talk about, but only bad things.


  22. Makes me extra proud to be a fan of Mariah!

  23. What does under-priviledged kid mean?

  24. I love her forever, she is my queen ever since I was young 💖👑 I'm so happy she is doing so well now, she got rid of toxic people in her life and I'm so proud of her.

  25. I love her no matter what but if you compare The Camp 25 years ago and this one, you can see that was purer and kinder than what we have in this video. All of this glamorous things in front of unprivileged kids? Cmon Mariah

  26. to me one sweet day always be number one

  27. She's really an amazing artist and person in general.

  28. Quietly conducting philanthropy, means you're seriously doing something great, without expecting the world to know about it.

  29. Ohhhhhhhhhh Pleasssssse, that MTF Transgendered Satanic Evil Sodom and Gormora. Can't Sing to Save His Life. NWO AGENDA.

  30. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌈🌈🌈just beautiful Mimi 😍

  31. Great story. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

  32. Mariah is so fake and phony. She won't even wear gym shoes. She is so out of touch. I am glad the kids are benefiting from her celebrity.

  33. You should give when you can AFFORD TOO!! Why do poor working class people give more then the ones making most of the money. Besides it is a tax write off anyway. That's how rich folks stay rich. Giving away free money and getting all the accolades that go with it. It's a win win situation. Everything is donated. So the Stars only put their name on these foundations.

  34. I think as adults should used better wording… THAT'S GREAT THAT CAMP MARIAH exists but no kid should carry the heavy burdens of knowing they are underprivileged so why rub it in their faces?

  35. jlo, demi, eminem and her haters can't relate to this.

  36. I saw her there I was there

  37. She deserves everything. She always had beef with J.Lo bc they kept giving her songs to J.Lo and she wouldn’t even put her own vocals on it. Mariah has been working, has been thrown under the bus, and compared to the most undeserving singers. They aren’t on her level.

  38. Wow i didn’t know about this. I just thought Mariah’s the obnoxious, pretentious bitch of a diva. Glad to see this other part of hers. Respect earned

  39. I wish I lived in New York and was younger!

  40. Haters that comments has a sad life….no they do…coz they don't donate to charity 😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Big up Mariah Carey Beautiful inside and out she really hasn’t changed at all #lambily 🦋🦋🦋

  42. Mariah is just everything !!!

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