Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Belgian Police Clash With Crowds At Non-Existent Music Festival | NBC News NOW

Large numbers of young people broke virus restrictions to gather for an event which turned out to be an April Fools’ Day hoax. Police used tear gas and water cannons as they struggled to disperse the crowds.
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Belgian Police Clash With Crowds At Non-Existent Music Festival | NBC News NOW


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  1. According to the US biased media, if you breach the Covid restrictions and mask mandate, then you must be a Far Right white supremacist.

  2. First of all these people are just so self entitled and selfish. The eu has a massive issue with covid and some countries are entering their 5th lockdown. None of them should be gathering. That being said some of the actions by the cops like the one who punched that guy are appalling…… although doubtful what happens if the guy was just out for a walk and caught up in the melee. What happens if they already have a traumatic brain injury….. that punch to the head could have killed him….

  3. Yeah! Give them people their well deserved bath.

  4. Where's the part where the worses ran over two people ?! Another crap media!!

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  6. People are going insane

  7. Anyone else think this is insane?

  8. I guess the weed did good job 👏 lol

  9. playing cat and mouse with Robocops 😛

  10. BRAVOO la jeunesse tous contre des gouvernements potiches de dogme des conspirationnistes PSYCHOPATHES de l'eugénisme transhumanisme

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  13. This is not a Police, this is Gestapo in the NAZI state system. Such a shame burying democracy in a 21st century

  14. 腐った国家権力による市民弾圧

  15. They are partying with the police, lol.

  16. America is in danger I am ade Munandar American people fail products America face in the photo on the right that the men do not let it happen, many bad American things that are important to America, America continuation is better and so on, many important things are missing before if I Ade Munandar was not in America, the matter of American ham must be advanced, there are still many Americans who do not know, I am still making it difficult for me to have facilities in America, the right to drive car is also good in Indonesia America's failed product America needs to fire some governments that can't do the little things, and also advisors, this is for the sake of America's good that America's continuation is better too, there's nothing good in the American government. Good people are close to those who don't have power, good government if You can say that small problems are resolved, right now, the evidence is not resolved, right later if the government can't solve it k an this small thing, the big problem will not be resolved, right, whatever American complaints to me Ade Munandar, there is an explanation whatever it is. Ade Munandar Munandar's Facebook is diligent in reading on the Facebook wall Ade Munandar Munandar is very important to translate into English, and I have comments ade munandar before on the msnbc youtube nbc and abc news and other youtube american news.

  17. Now that was a nice day out with the guy's.smiling faces

  18. shhh…more restrictions = more unrest.
    Report to the bureau of information.

  19. Peak western civilization

  20. has to be the most white thing I saw this week

  21. Highlights…NBC you missed the images of the two policedogs trying to descalate the situation by attacking an aggressor with a big pepperspraycan… a crowd of dumb teenagers against the police… and the dogs choose to recognize the assailant … the policeman with a leash and pepperspray…

  22. Police: Stop partying! We need to save you from covid with batons to the skull

  23. Super 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
    Weiter machen nicht

  24. The chubby toast immediately punish because mustard retrospectively retire barring a needy employee. open, black-and-white metal

  25. Don't worry White people, there is always China is to blame if the covid rise again from your stupid action.

  26. Fascism was never destroyed peacefully

  27. Crowed seems to be enjoying it.


  29. Violence In Our Country In Our World 🌎

  30. Europe doesn't mess around.

  31. Reminds me of Woodstock.

  32. Europe has become a dictatorship. I’m ashamed.

  33. 🎵🎵🎵It's the end of the world as we know it🎵🎵🎵🤌

  34. People Gotta stop letting the government hold them back government works for you

  35. I want to drive the water cannon truck!

  36. People are fed up with these bogus lockdowns.

  37. Lovely, meanwhile l ordered a chocolate croissant and hot chocolate.

  38. This is how china will win.

  39. Why are they do stupeid there parents must be so proud 😏🙄🤔

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